Ailunce HD1 Review | Is It Worth It?

Ailunce HD1 is a dual-band DMR digital two-way radio. It is both analogue and digital. If you are searching for a radio capable of saving as many contacts as possible and offers a wide range of channels, this is the best gadget for you. It provides about 3000 channels to choose from and about 200000 contacts.

Ailunce HD1

Programming is made easy, as almost all functions can be programmed using the keyboard, channel names or numbers, and 32 radios ID, among others. The direct mode receiver (DMR) is a dual-slot communication receiver capable of achieving two groups of calls simultaneously and is compatible with Motorola tier I & II.

It has a 3200mAh battery, which lasts for about 16 hours and, while on standby mode, can go for seven days. It can withstand all climatic hazards as it is both waterproof and dustproof. If you are planning for outdoor activity, this is a great communication tool as it has a maximum call distance of about 8kms.

This review is designed to assist you in making the right decision when purchasing Walkie Talkie. It will summarize features, user experience pros, and cons to give you a better understanding of this radio.

Distinctive Features of Ailunce HD1:

  • Dual-band direct mode receiver radio: The receiver sensitivity is excellent with a 500mW audio amp, which makes it loud and clear.
  • Long-lasting battery: It has one lithium 3200mAh battery that can last for 16 hours in use and seven days while on standby mode.
  • It has both analogue and digital modes. Users can switch from digital to analogue mode on the keyboard.
  • Large contact storage capacity: This radio allows the user to save up to 200000 contacts.
  • Many channels to choose from: The radio has over 3000 channels that users can listen to.
  • Has an SMS function: The radio supports text messages in that users can send message text to their colleagues whose radio has the same DNA protocol.
  • All-weather radio: It is dustproof and waterproof at the same time and hence suitable for use during winter and summertime.
  • CPS function that supports mass contacts IDs and channel editing and importing or exporting them with CSV format.
  • Dual time slot for repeater
  • Small in size with a dimension of 150x64x40mm, making it easy for users to hold by a single hand.
  • Light as it weighs about 360g inclusive of the battery.
  • Long-range communication: This radio allows the users to communicate with each other at a distance of up to 8kms apart.
  • Fair dual-band antenna of about 6.75 inches.
  • Multicolour display on the screen: The background is sky blue accompanied by multicolour icons.
  • Firmware upgradable: This radio firmware can easily be upgraded to develop advances and more options for the latest version.
  • Comes with a programming cable: It has an automatic programming connector similar to that found on Motorola.
  • Tri group call model: supports single and group calls.
  • A dual time slot for point-to-point support supports two group calls under a single direct model.

What Do Users Say About Ailunce HD1?

This radio comes with a charger, and a programming code is one of the many things that users are excited about. With this feature, it is possible to program it via a pc or a laptop. The battery life is excellent. Users are pleased by the fact that when fully charged, it can last up to several days.

It comes with several upgrades of firmware and CPS, allowing the users to enjoy the latest version and ability to edit various channels and caller ID. Also, the inbuilt qualities are similar to those of TYT MD380/390 and Motorola styling.


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The transceivers are also excellent for social operations and emergencies while you are about 15 feet away from other operators. Users observed that if you are using RX mode and your neighbour is on TX mode, you will be blocked or hear their transmission despite being on different frequencies.

The fact that users can program the entire Ailunce HD1 radio from the keyboard is just but excellent. Despite the backlight remaining on, it is not high-power energy consumer thus does not drain the battery easily. With the right software, it is easy to setup.

The looks and small size is something users are happy about. More so, the speaker is audible enough.

The customer service is something that has not gone unnoticed. Users are happy with the after-sale services they received to assist them in setting up their devices.

Despite these positive feedbacks, users also have some recommendation for the manufacture.  Some users complain that the belt clip is small and is not designed for a regular or large-sized belt. They find it annoying that even after answering a call the missed call pop up keeps on showing.

LED works only when there is a valid signal received. The LED and signal do not show if there is a signal on the frequency. It is necessary for automatic detection of the signal.

Here you can check a great overview video by HAM RADIO DUDE:

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight: It weighs about 360g inclusive of the battery making it easier for the user to carry it around.
  • Portability: It is small in size. This makes it possible to fit in the user’s hand.
  • Long battery lifespan: The radio has a single lithium battery with 3200mAh which makes it last for days after a single charge.
  • Ease of programming: The device comes with a programmable cable similar to that found on Motorola GP328. Also, one can program right from the radios keyboard.
  • Plenty of storage space: The device hosts over three thousand channels and 200,000 contacts.
  • All-weather radio: With this radio, the user is not afraid of using it while it is dusty of raining as it is both waterproof and dustproof.
  • Long-distance communication: With this Walkie Talkie, the user can call their colleagues who are up to 8kms apart.
  • Wide range of channels: The radio has about 3000 channels users can choose from for entertainment.
  • The radio is equipped with a firmware upgrade: Users can easily upgrade to the latest version with this feature. This also allows the user to mix channel mode and VFO mode.
  • SMS function: This function allows the users to send and receive message texts between users.
  • High-quality sound volume.
  • Small belt clip: Users have ascertained that the belt clip is small to support a standard or large-sized belt.
  • Call log keeps on popping up even after answering. This is a very annoying aspect that manufacturers need to review.
  • The inability of LED and signal to automatically detect available signal frequencies.


Our rating: 4.8 / 5

Despite all the shortcomings, it is clear that Ailunce HD1 is one of the best Walkie Talkie available in the market. It has a lot of incredible things that users stand to benefit from by choosing this radio. It has 3000 channel list and 200000 contacts.

Programming is easy not only because it comes with a programming code, but also it is possible to program it from its keyboard.

The size and lightweight make it even more attractive as users can easily carry around. From all-round, this radio sounds like what you might be looking for.

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