AmazonBasics 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkies Reviewed

AmazonBasics 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkies

There continues to be many reasons why the average person should have a two-way radio walkie-talkie. With a two-way walkie talkie, a user will be able to communicate with someone on the other end. This can be a great tool for emergency preparedness, when going on a group outing in an unfamiliar territory or simply for fun and entertainment. When looking for a walkie-talkie, a great option to consider is the AmazonBasics Walkie Talkies.

What Does the AmazonBasics 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkie Offer?

The AmazonBasics Walkie Talkie is a handheld and lightweight walkie-talkie that comes in a package of two when it is sold. The device can connect on up to eight different radio frequencies and has a distance of up to 5 kilometres. This can make it an extremely useful tool when someone is going on a camping, skiing or other outdoor trip where standard cell phone reception may not be possible.

The backlit display can also make them easy to see and use when in darkness. The AmazonBasics walkie talkies only weigh about 230 grams each, which makes them easy to carry around and the AAA batteries needed to power it will work for quite a while. This can make it a great tool to use on a trip or to keep around the home in case of an emergency.

What Do Owners Say?

The overall user experience of the AmazonBasics Walkie Talkie has been quite positive. Those that have used the walkie-talkie continue to rave about the durability and reliability. When it comes to a walkie-talkie, it is something that needs to be functional when it is needed the most. The battery life of the device is strong and a user can continue to get a clear reception to connect with people on the other end when using the same frequency.

Another advantage of the walkie-talkies is that they are easy to carry around. When going on a trip, you will not want to be weighed down by unnecessary supplies. With the walkie-talkie, you will enjoy the fact that it only weighs 230 grams. This can make it much easier to transport when you already have a bag full of other supplies.

Pros and Cons

When you are shopping for a walkie-talkie, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option. The AmazonBasics Walkie Talkies have a variety of pros and cons to consider.

  • The range of the walkie-talkie is up to 5 kilometres. This can make it a great option if you are taking a trip with multiple people that will be spread out during the excursion.
  • There are eight different channels that can be accessed. There is also a channel scan function that can help you find other channels that are in use within the range. This can make it easy to find someone else if necessary.
  • The talkies provide clear and crisp communication to users. The 2-watt sound output works very well even when you are in a remote location and near the edge of the range. The lit digital display also makes it easy to see and adjust the walkie-talkie once it is turned on.

While there are some clear benefits of the walkie-talkie, there are disadvantages as well. Most of these are quite common and shared with other walkie-talkies available in the market today.

  • The AmazonBasics walkie talkies are not waterproof and have electrical functions. Therefore, you should avoid using them in the rain unless you are under cover.
  • Similar to other walkie-talkies, the devices use an open radio frequency. This means that any communication you do have will not be secure.
  • The range that you receive could be reduced is you are in a heavily built-up area.


Our rating: 4.2 / 5

Overall, the AmazonBasics 2-way walkie-talkie is a great product for anyone that is looking for a device that can be used for quick and immediate communication. Its long-distance range, durability and light-weight materials are ideal for those that are taking a camping, hiking or skiing trip and want to have a device for communication and emergency purposes. Overall, the AmazonBasics 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkie is a great product that people are highly recommended to purchase.

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