BaoFeng GT-3TP Reviewed | Is It Worth It?

There are numerous types of walkie talkies to choose from. As such, it may be challenging to find the best two-way radio suitable for your needs. After a quick-glance research, we found out that the BaoFeng GT-3TP is one of the best walkie talkies in the market. It comes with excellent features and is considerate of your budget.

BaoFeng GT-3TP

If you are conducting a search with different groups of people or planning for a hike, it is easy to use a two-way radio than personal smartphones. Smartphones are prone to network loss if you are in an interior location and high power consumption than walkie-talkies. Are you considering buying a walkie talkie? BaoFeng products and especially BaoFeng GT-3TP is the best alternative that you can ever want. Let’s now dive into what makes this BaoFeng GT3TP an excellent choice.

Features of BaoFeng GT-3TP

The GT-3TP walkie talkie features an excellent audio quality and long-term battery. The high watt output and great overall build quality mean improved audio quality on both receiving and transmitting end. The battery life saver that comes with it ensures that you remain connected for a justifiable about of time.

The ability of the device to withstand all weathers makes it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Besides, the large antenna allows one to communicate with others over a considerable distance of about 11 kilometres.

Here is a summary of specifications and various features the GT-3TP has to offer:

Features and Specs:
  • Fitted with tri-power: High/Mid/ Low (8w/5w/1w)
  • Two power settings: Broad (wide) and narrowband (narrow)
  • High-frequency range of 1750Hz burst tone enhances anti-interference ability
  • Wide range of frequency set up of 5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25 kHz to choose from
  • Extra car changer which enables you to charge it from the car when the original battery is at its critical
  • CE license
  • Warranty of 18 months and sixty days return window for no reason
  • Extended antenna of 21cm, allowing you to transmit within a range of about 11kms
  • Improves the receiver AVG by switching noise when signal strength reduces
  • Frequency modulated receiver chip RDA 1846S that performs an elimination function
  • 128 channels to choose from
  • Equipped with busy channels lock
  • Optimal SQL setting
  • Siren and LED flashlight
  • Works well with the latest CHIRP version and various UV-5R programming cables
  • Water and dustproof
  • FM receiver chip: the powerful low- IF digital audio processor makes it have an optimum sound quality with different reception conditions.
  • Large buttons and a knob in which the PTT key, Call key, and MONI key is inbuilt on the left side of the device
  • Voltage output of 10V AC

What Do Users Say?

Generally, owners of the GT-3TP have affirmed that the quality and other features are as described in the order description. Accordingly, the BaoFeng GT3TP is among the top of BaoFeng range walkie talkie family.

Also, it is easily programmable within a short time. With such a product, you feel and enjoy the full value of your money. When it comes to voice transmission, it does not fail you; it has high-quality audio, ensuring that you receive clear information and on both ends.

If you are interested in a quick programming guide, check out the video below.

However, it is undeniable that there exists a manufacturer’s fault when it comes to battery lifespan. Most of the users have complained of the battery lifespan being a bit disappointing. Although, BaoFeng has equipped the GT-3TP with a battery life saver’s back-up plan, ensuring it gives you ample time during your outdoor activities without worries. Also, it requires one to be knowledgeable about amateur radio; otherwise, you may find it challenging to find a channel that you can listen to. While this is not the manufacturers’ fault, it limits those with no prior knowledge from enjoying the extensive list of this product’s available channel.

One of the best rated walkie talkies on the market, it is the go product that you would want for your outdoor activities. Despite its shortcomings, users have attested to the excellent customer service. If you are worried about having trouble operating it, worry less as their excellent customer service will offer all the assistance you need.

Pros and Cons

Now that we armed with the knowledge from above, let’s check out the pros and cons.

  • Channel power regulations settings of 8W/4W/1W
  • High frequency ensuring the user enjoy a maximum communication range of about 11Kms
  • Ability to adapt to various complex conditions: Equipped with a cluster network transmission pilot and scrambling function.
  • Strong signal: each channel can set different DCS/DTMF signalling and reject receiving redundant calls from other stations that could be annoying and misleading.
  • Water and dustproof as it comes with outstanding capabilities and quality, ensuring that it is suitable for all weathers.
  • Offers excellent audio quality on both transmitting and receiving end.
  • Back-up power saver that allows you to save power for maximum usage of the device.
  • Included extra car charger allowing the user to charge it from the car while on the field.
  • Portability: easy to carry around as it weighs about 850g.
  • Provides the user with a wide variety of channels to choose from hence avoiding boredom.
  • Quite poor battery lifespan, something that the manufacturers have acknowledged and promised to improve.
  • The antenna material is very standard, thus can be affected by excessive heating, causing the plastic to deform.
  • The programming software is of poor quality and may require a Chirp substitute for effective performance.
  • It’s not a grab and use device. It may require skills or prior knowledge to operate it effectively and efficiently.


Our rating: 4.5 / 5

The BaoFeng GT-3Tp is a great example of an excellent walkie talkie. Its description perfectly fits the actual performance. Its high-frequency range, strong signal, and ability to perform under harsh weather are just a few benefits and advantages of using this product.

While this product’s primary shortcoming is low battery power storage, the overall users seem to like the device. If you are considering getting yourself an outdoor walkie talkie, this just might be your winner.

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