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In order to relax after a day of walking trails, grilling at the campsite, or hanging out for a few drinks having a good, comfortable camping chair will make your day.

To pick out the best camping chair, it will take some time and some research. Thankfully, we have done some of the research for you. The purpose of this article is to walk through some of the things we do like and things you should consider before purchasing.

We will also recommend a few top-rated camp chairs, so when you’re ready, you will know exactly which camping chair is right for you!

6 Best Choices on the Market

So without further ado, let’s jump into the list.

1) Kelty Low Loveseat Chair

If you are looking for a super-comfy folding chair for your camping adventures that can accommodate for two, then your search should stop here. The Low-Love Seat by Kelty is a cosy icon in the wilderness to backyard parties. This is the perfect chair for almost every situation. It supposedly can fit two people, snacks, and a possible dog (or a cat if you prefer). This seat is also perfect for an outdoor date if you like music in the park.

Kelty Low Loveseat Chair

This adjustable, multi-position recliner is an excellent choice if you want to stay closer to your loved one and gaze out into the stars while camping. Connecting with your love and nature shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

  • Cup holders big enough to fit a large mug. It can comfortably accommodate a Thermacell Radius and a Hydroflask.
  • Very sturdy compared to similar designs by other companies
  • Carry Straps
  • Padded roll tote storage’ no need to labor over lugging this thing around
  • If you have bad knees or struggle to get up – the seat can be very low down
  • Might be too big for concerts
  • Could be a bit heavy to carry for some

2) Sun Leisure Folding Alloy Sports Directors Chair

This sturdy yet light folding chair is perfect for gardening and camping. The Sun Leisure Folding Alloy Sports Director Chair is the ideal classic camping chair. Comes with a side table (right side of chair) and holds various sized pocket covers (left side of chair). Seat width is 50cm, with a height of 45cm when the chair is opened. Fabric covers made of 1200 Denier polyester with black polyester fibre “herringbone” pattern

Sun Leisure Folding Alloy Sports Directors Chair

  • Sturdy but classic design
  • Easy to get in and out of if mobility is limited
  • No front bar that tends to dig into your legs
  • The back fabric joins the seat so that any cushions you put behind your back does not fall out.
  • Excellent value
  • It does take up a bit more room than the standard camping chair when folded.

3) TREKOLOGY YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair

Strictly for high comfort seekers, TREKOLOGY created a brand new design with a couple of upgrades. The new design is 1cm higher and 15% lighter than the prior version. You’ll experience a superior lower back support from the new, more in-depth seat fabric. Good breathable side mesh panels allow for increased airflow in hot and humid environments to help keep you cool.

TREKOLOGY YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair

The design is small enough to pack two chairs into a backpack for convenience. This is a perfect chair for limited space camping or festivals!

  • Lower back support
  • Breathable side mesh panels for airflow
  • Machine washable
  • Weight capacity of up to 300lbs
  • 15% lighter than the prior version
  • Easy setup
  • Not a lot of head support
  • Legs sink into the ground in softer foundations
  • Can be a little uncomfortable to get in and out

4) Qeedo Johnny Relax Reclining Camping Chair

The Johnny Relax by Queedo is set up for success with a very innovative seat extension. Simply just need to lean back with subtle energy, and the footing will move upward for recline. There’s no need to dismantle anything to support the recline. Folds out quickly at ease, and when it is time to pack up, the packing bag is effortlessly supported with a wrist strap. The surface is effortless to clean, which makes it very suitable for families.

Qeedo Johnny Relax Reclining Camping Chair

The chair is also very comfortable for the older generations who like to feel like they are at home watching the game. It’s like sitting in your home recliner; just add a few drinks and some snacks, and you are set!

  • Recliner with seat extension, suitable for those who need more support and more extended, lounging
  • Easy fold out
  • Comfortable
  • Good chair for taller people
  • Padded headrest, seating area, and backrest
  • Cup holder and cooling pocket integrated into the padded armrest
  • Larger frame, making it slightly heavier
  • Does not come with a bag but does include a carry strap
  • Some reviews have stated that it did not last as long as they thought it would for the price they paid.

5) Helinox Sunset Chair – High-back, Compact, Folding Camping Chair

Helinox is an excellent company. They pride themselves on being innovators, creating new ways to enjoy your camping experience. Helinox has made a couple of different versions of this design, but we will be focusing on the Sunset chair. This chair is praised for its ability to be used on uneven or soft foundations. It does come with ground sheets that snap into each of the four legs. This gives the chair the support it needs to prevent your chair’s legs from sinking into the ground.

Helinox Sunset Chair - High-back, Compact, Folding Camping Chair

This is a very sturdy camping chair that comes with a very modern design while exhibiting some of our beloved classics’ characteristics. Some of the issues with this chair are that it does not have storage for drinks or entertainment like some of the other chairs we have listed. For quick seating to relax, this is perfect. But if you are looking for something with a longer lounge time, this may not work for you and your needs.

  • Lightweight
  • Greater ground clearance for easy in and out
  • Proprietary aluminium alloy ensures maximum strength with minimum weight and holds up to 145kg
  • Removable seat and zippered carrying case
  • Setup is easy and fast with a single internal bungee cord that self assembles the poles
  • 5-year warranty
  • Heavier than most
  • The seating is a bit narrow
  • Zero storage space for drinks, snacks, entertainment
  • Might be harder to get in and out of
  • No armrest support

6) KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Chair

KingCamp deluxe folding camping chair is perfect for your indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you are going camping, heading to the beach, a lovely park picnic, fishing with family, or patio parties, this chair will bring ultimate comfort. The chair is stocked with a drink holder, cooler bag, and side pocket; this chair is sturdy with powdered coated steel to frame the 600D Oxford fabric. The tube brackets are structured to distribute your weight evenly.

KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Chair

Design-wise, it’s drink savvy – giving you the comfort you need to enjoy your drinks on the go. Although it’s easily foldable and compact on size, it is made of a heavy-duty steel frame for added strength and stability.

  • Durable mesh cup holder and armrest at a good height to allow comfort
  • Insulated cooler bag that can hold up to 3 cans of coke
  • Side/back stash pocket convenient for magazines and other supplies
  • High back support
  • Weight capacity up to 160kg
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Carry bag a little tight, making it difficult to quickly
  • Not the best option to have in the weather for too long

What to Look For In a Camping Chair

Picking up any random chair for your camping trip will certainly not work and can leave you and your company uncomfortable. Let’s face it: you are going to spend a good part of your camping trip sitting with friends, fishing, cooking together, listening to music, and observing nature around. After all, would you want to stand for hours once you have spent your day hiking or exploring?

This is where a sturdy, comfy, and portable camping chair comes into the picture. However, with such a large number of options available, finding the best camping chair can be a little overwhelming. Looking for a camping chair can be an all-day ordeal. Instead of wasting the whole day, we have compiled a guide on what to look for when you’re shopping, styles of chairs for the right moment, and a couple of our favourites from our research.

Features to Consider

When choosing a camping chair, there are some things you need to consider before just adding one to your cart and waiting to see the big reveal when it arrives at your home.

Think about the following foundational questions when shopping around for your new favourite camping chair:

End-use: What will be its sole purpose in your life? Strictly for camping, or do you plan to use it to go to the beach?

Size/Height: Some people like a roomy fit while others feel more secure in something a little form-fitting. Looking at the height and weight requirements is a must when choosing a chair.

Design Preference: There are so many options in designs now. So how do you choose the right one? The best option is to test it out and if you cannot test it, think about your end-use.

Types of Camping Chairs

There are so many different camping chairs out there. What’s the difference between a high or a low chair? Will you be able to get in and out of a scoop chair comfortably? And what’s going on with those suspension chairs? What’s the difference between a camping chair and a backpacking chair?

The following will showcase some of the more popular options for those just getting started in the camping lifestyle or veterans who are looking to add to their collection.

Chair Styles

Chairs come in various styles, sizes, and colours. Camping chairs are no different, and why should they? Campers deserve variation and style when it comes to their gear, including their chairs.

Whether you’re looking for a classic camp chair or something a little bit more adventurous like a suspended chair, whether you’re looking to be close to the tides in a low chair or reclined back in a rocker, there is a camping chair for any situation and moment. Below we have listed some styles that we have discovered.

Classic Camp Chair

Normally, four legs or a design that is similar to a broad, stable base. They are structured with a straight back and flat seat. These chairs tend to be more affordable, durable, and high enough for you to get up and down with ease.

Low Chair

Low chairs are suitable for uneven grounds, like sand or muddy areas. They are less likely to tip than higher chairs. These tend to be great options for concerts that have height limits.

Scoop Chair

These are tricky because they tend not to have a distinctive back and seat. Scoop chairs are suitable for lightweight carrying and comfortable for those who like an excellent free structure. Not the right choice for those who have limited mobility.

Rockers and Gliders

Everyone loves a rocking chair, especially the fidgety folks. These styles work best on even ground.

Suspended Chairs

These can be a little pricey and don’t have many reviews. You pay a little more for this newer design where the chair hangs down from the frame so you can swing above ground.

Three-legged Chairs

It’s like a stool but for camping; some do offer both a seat and a back. This will weigh less than the four-legged chairs but might lack in stability.

Two-legged Chairs

Chairs like this are not for casual campers and definitely are an acquired taste. Your feet act as a stabilizer, which will save weight and allows you to rock a little. This chair is more likely to cause you to call back if you tilt too far.

Other Things to Consider


The first thing you need to check in a camping chair is the material it is made of. Often price reflects the quality of the material in both the frame and the fabrics; backpacking chairs might include ultralight components. While steel or aluminium frames are preferred more than other materials, polyester or ripstop nylon are great fabric choices.


Buyers need to consider the size of a camping chair and the max weight it can support. Not all chairs support the same value, so double-check requirements to make the best choice.


There are several other features that play an essential role in the selection of the right camp chair. From cup holders, footrests, head, and lumbar pads, breathable mesh panels, adjustable armrest – understand what you need a go-to for a chair that has it all!


How frequently are you going to carry the chair up and down that hill? The answer will help you decide whether you need to give due importance to the portability factor or not if you will lug around the chair quite often and for long, considering buying a lightweight and easily portable camping chair.


How long do you want to set up your campsite? With some chairs, you simply pop em open and plunk yourself down; others, often ones with multiple hubs, might take a little time to set up. Thinking about the complexity of the construction should have a say when buying any camping gear.

Final Thoughts

Campers deserve style and choices when it comes to their gear, and chairs are no exception. Choosing the perfect chair does not need to be stressful and does not require you to go to stores these days. We are here to do the necessary research for you.

Picking out the ideal camping chair is dependent on knowing your terrain. If you plan on camping in areas with soft covered foundations, you’ll need something that will not sink inches into the dirt. In areas with more rigid footing, you’ll need something that supports itself and you while continually holding steady. Campers, event goers, and barbeques alike should review all their options for their adventure.

The best chair is strictly up to your preference and needs. Not one chair fits all, and that’s okay! If you like something with comfort that can be used for camps and festivals alike, the TREKOLOGY YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair might be the best choice since you could probably fit two inside your backpack.

Looking for a chair for someone a little bit older who might need assistance while getting up, the KingCamp or the Qeedo Johnny Relax Reclining Camping Chair might be your best option.

If you plan on curling up with your significant other or just want more room to relax, the Low-Love Seat by Kelty is perfect! More space for you, a partner, and even a dog in between, you cannot go wrong with double seating.

Shopping for a camping chair should not be stressful, and we are here to help you in the process.

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