6 Best Camping Kettles Available Today

Is there anything better than sitting around a fire on a crisp morning and enjoying a nice hot cup of tea? Or sitting down to relax with a cup to warm your hands after a long day of hiking?

If you are going to have hot tea or coffee while on a camping trip, you will need a great kettle that will hold up to all of the rough use a camping kettle will inevitably get. Not only that, but you’ll need something that will be compact and lightweight so you can carry it with you anywhere while also saving space for your other gear. Nothing is more frustrating than packing your camping bag only to find out you don’t have enough room for all your gear!

Most importantly, the best camping kettle will be durable and conduct heat well to get you the perfect temperature water whether you’ve got it sitting over an open campfire or camping stove.

What to Look for in a Camping Kettle

Whether you’re backpacking or enjoying a casual camping trip, a quality teapot is an essential piece of your camping gear. However, it is essential to know what you need out of your teapot before selecting one.


If you’re camping with family or friends, you might want a slightly larger pot to accommodate more liquid, whereas if you mainly go on solo trips something smaller will do the trick. A camping teapot that is more compact and lightweight is also better for backpacking trips, but traditional camping gives you more room for a larger or heavier kettle.


No matter the type of trip you are going on, keeping your gear to a minimum will help simplify your journey, so having multi-use equipment is ideal. The need for multipurpose gear goes doubly for cookware. The cooking tools you decide to bring along will make all the difference in available space and the weight you’re carrying, so a kettle that doubles as a cooking pot is perfect for any outing.

A great multi use kettle will have a wide opening to accommodate stirring, and a locking handle will allow you to heat your teapot over stoves or campfires without getting the handle too hot to touch. Finally, a kettle that is made of an easy to clean material means you can cook just about anything in it without worrying about residual food flavours when you just want a cup of tea.


The last but most important quality to look for in a camping tea kettle is the material. The material of your teapot will make all the difference when it comes to durability, efficiency, and portability. Aluminium alloy kettles are cost-effective and lightweight for easy carrying in a rucksack, and they are durable enough for frequent use. However, aluminium is inherently softer and can dent and wear over time.

For a little higher price, stainless steel is a robust and non-stick option that has exceptional conductivity while still maintaining a lightweight for transport. Titanium is another extremely durable material, but these kettles will run on the expensive side. That being said, titanium will last a lifetime and will quickly heat water for that perfect cup of tea.

Best Camping Tea Kettles

We have put together a list of our favourite camping tea kettles based on their exceptional design and functionality for any type of camping trip. From backpacking through the wilderness to taking the family on a relaxing weekend getaway in the woods, these teapots will be a valuable companion to create the picture-perfect trip!

1) Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Cook Set

The Stanley Adventure Cook Set hits all the marks for a great camping tea kettle, which puts it at the top of our list. Its compact design makes it perfect for any camping trip from backpacking to a casual weekend in the woods. The pot has a locking handle for portability and safety when heating, and it comes with two nesting cups that fit right inside for easy transport!

Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Cook Set

Stanley’s steel is next to none in durability and heat conduction, so it is ideal for camping stoves, alcohol stoves, or any other compact stove you have. You can even pop this kettle right into the embers of your campfire to boil water fast for that perfect cup of tea.

One of the most important aspects of any camping gear is versatility. Stanley has created a cook set that will work as a camping teapot, a cooking pot, or even an extra cup! The vented lid and locking handle also make cooking on a fire, camp stove, or grill a breeze. The one major downside is that Stanley products all ship from the USA, making shipping times a bit longer than some of the other products on the list.

  • Made with BPA-free stainless steel
  • Compact design
  • Insulated cups fit inside the kettle for portability
  • Locking handle extends for cooking and folds in for travel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for any heat source
  • International products can take longer to ship
  • Plastic lid handle wears over time

2) Tentock Outdoor Aluminum Camping Kettle

The Tentock Outdoor Kettle is specially designed with a heat exchanger base, making it one of the most efficient camping teapots on the list!

Tentock Outdoor Aluminum Camping Kettle

This kettle is made from an anodized aluminium alloy so it’s lightweight as well as wear and corrosion-resistant. The pot and lid handles are also coated in a heat resistant silicone so you can easily lift and pour the pot without burning yourself. Additionally, Tentock offers their camping teapots in two sizes, giving you a choice between an ultra-compact or larger kettle to meet your camping needs.

The Tentock Outdoor Kettle is ideal for any camping stove, and the heat exchanger allows you to boil water fast, helping you save on fuel for those longer camping trips. However, the design doesn’t work well over a fire, as the heat must concentrate under the base of the kettle to work efficiently.

  • Ultralight scratch-resistant aluminium alloy
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger
  • Heat resistant silicone handles
  • Two size options – 1.1L and 1.6L
  • Mesh pocket for easy carrying
  • Not suitable for campfire heating
  • The lid can be loose and fall off while pouring

3) Trangia Camping Kettle

The Trangia Camping Kettle has the classic camping teapot design with a wide, flat base allowing for stability over camping stoves and campfires. Made with aluminium, this is a low profile, lightweight kettle that will fit perfectly in your backpack or camping bag. Additionally, the handle is aluminium wrapped in rubber, and the lid comes with a plastic knob for safe pouring.

Trangia Camping Kettle

Trangia offers a small camping teapot that is perfect for personal use and will hold up to well to heavy wear over time. Our recommendation when using this kettle is to ensure the handle is upright while heating, as the plastic coating can melt with repeated heating over larger fires.

  • Classic, lightweight aluminium design
  • The low profile is easy to fit into any camping bag
  • Flat base for stability over any heat source
  • Three different sizes – 0.6L, 0.9L & 1.4L
  • Low-cost
  • Builds up soot quickly
  • Rubber handle grip can melt if exposed to high heat

4) Redcamp Camping Kettle

Redcamp offers a camping tea kettle that will meet all of your camping tea and coffee needs! Like the Tentock kettle, the Redcamp Camping Kettle is made with hard anodized aluminium and is highly scratch resistant. The durable aluminium alloy material also gives this teapot exceptional stability when in use and travelling. The vented anti-scald design of the lid and silicon-coated handle also makes it easy to pour without worrying about burning your hands.

Redcamp Camping Kettle

Our favourite aspect of the Redcamp camping kettle is the low, no-drip spout design which gives it a lower profile and makes pouring smooth. That being said, the design could be improved with a locking lid, as the current lid design is prone to falling out while pouring.

  • Anti-scald lid and handle design
  • Low profile, no-drip spout
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Hard anodized aluminium
  • Comes with mesh carrying bag
  • Non-locking lid
  • Not ideal for heating over a campfire

5) Snow Peak Stainless Steel Kettle

Snow Peak offers another multi-use camping teapot design in their Stainless Steel Kettle. Despite its simple appearance, this kettle is strong and heats water efficiently with high-quality stainless steel. The open pot design also allows you to use this camping kettle for boiling water for tea or cooking an easy one-pot meal over the fire. You can even fit your compact camping stove and fuel inside the kettle for easy travel and storage in your rucksack!

Snow Peak Stainless Steel Kettle

While the double folding handles make the Snow Peak Kettle easy to use and store, the stainless steel material gets hot quickly when used over a large flame. Additionally, the top handle does not lock in the upright position, so it is difficult to grab once the teapot heats up.

  • Exceptionally durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Compact for easy travel
  • Multi-use design cooks and heats water
  • Easy to clean
  • Double folding handle
  • Non-locking top handle can get hot
  • Pricier than most aluminium options

6) GSI Outdoor Halulite Camping Tea Kettle

The GSI Outdoor Halulite Camping Tea Kettle is the largest on our list but definitely worth the extra size! Made with GSI’s proprietary Halulite aluminium alloy this camping kettle conducts heat better than titanium while still being lightweight and durable. The material is also scratch and corrosion resistant, and GSI backs its kettle with a lifetime guarantee.

GSI Outdoor Halulite Camping Tea Kettle

With a 1.8L capacity, GSI’s camping teapot is large enough for multiple cups of tea or coffee, while still being lightweight and compact enough to fit in a backpack. You can even make the most of your space by packing your compact stove, fuel, and tea inside the pot during travel. Additionally, the locking silicone handle allows for safe pouring once your water’s hot.

  • Durable, lightweight Halulite alloy
  • Large enough for multiple cups of water, but compact for backpacking
  • Locking silicone handle
  • Superior heating design
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Takes up more space than other, more compact options
  • Non-locking lid easily falls out

7) Esbit Aluminum Camping Kettle

As the smallest camping teapot on the list, the Esbit Aluminum Kettle is perfect for a solo camping trip. The low-profile design makes it stable on full-sized and compact camping stoves. The anodized aluminium is lightweight and highly conductive, and the small size means it will heat your cup of tea quickly. Most importantly, the sturdy design holds up well to heavy use and being packed away in a rucksack.

Esbit Aluminum Camping Kettle

While the small size of this kettle makes it easy for transport, that also means it is ideal for camping stoves that can concentrate heat on the base of the pot rather than an open campfire. However, if you are looking for a simple camping tea kettle that will give you a quick cup of tea before embarking on the day’s solo adventure, Esbit’s kettle is a perfect choice!

  • Lightweight and fast heating
  • Extra small and compact size is perfect for solo trips
  • Locking lid and handle
  • Ideal for compact camping stoves
  • Quality design at a low price
  • Too small for multiple cups of tea
  • Not for use over an open campfire

Final Thoughts

As with all camping gear, it is imperative to know what type of camping trips you will be going on before you select your equipment. Different camping trips will require other gear, but if you like a wide range of rugged to relaxed camping trips, you can still find a camping teapot that will meet your needs. An excellent camping kettle will be easy to use while being compact and lightweight to accommodate backpacking or more glamorous outdoors adventures.

The best camping tea kettles are great for a variety of camping styles and will work for heating water, soup, or cooking a hearty meal to keep you going after a day of hiking. Most importantly, our favourite camping kettles are affordable and durable enough to last through years of adventures!

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