6 Best Camping Shovels on the Market

When people go camping, a camping shovel can come in handy. It is a multipurpose tool that you can use to turn your embers over in the fire, bury organic waste, hammer, dig a latrine, and more. It can perform so many different functions and allow you to leave a few other tools at home. A folding shovel can dig, bury, chop, cut, and hammer.

What to Look for When Choosing a Camping Shovel

When you are looking for the perfect foldable shovel to take camping, there are a number of qualities that you need to consider. You need to look at the size, the weight, and how you can use the shovel. The size is important because you need something you can take with you when you are camping. You can bring a collapsible shovel that you can easily store in your camping gear, and it is lightweight and easy to use.

You can find a camping shovel with extra features such as a hammer or a fire starter, and this tool can serve multiple purposes. Naturally, you also want a folding shovel that is durable and strong, and the blade should be made with metal that is light and sturdy. Alloys are good materials for a foldable shovel because alloys are rust resistant, which is important when you are camping. You want to find a collapsible shovel that is lightweight, well-made, comfortable to use, and portable.

The Very Best

Armed with the knowledge from above, let’s jum into the list.

1) Redcamp Military Folding Camping Shovel

This is an ultra-light yet strong camping shovel that weighs only 1.15 kg and is made of carbon steel, which is very strong. It has a handle extension with a unique design that allows it to easily cut through trees, wood, and anything else you come across while you are camping. You can fold it into a small package when it is not in use.

Redcamp Military Folding Camping Shovel

The shovel is double sided, so you can dig with either end. You can cut through roots and remove rocks with the narrow end, or you can use it as a spare tent stake. It is a folding shovel that is very easy for anyone to use. This is a simple and functional shovel that will be a great addition when you go camping.

  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to use
  • Small and compact
  • Carrying case
  • Can be folded into a pickaxe
  • Not many features / addons to choose from

2) MOSFiATA Military Camping Shovel

This is a multipurpose shovel that you will enjoy taking with you when you go camping.

MOSFiATA Military Camping Shovel

It adjusts between 45 cm, 56.5 cm, and 76 cm long and is lightweight. It is made of high-quality carbon steel, and it has over 15 uses, including the following:

  • Shovel head
  • Emergency hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Magnesium whistle
  • Sharp blade knife
  • Saw edge
  • Cutting edge
  • Wrench
  • Extension rod
  • Shovel and hoe

It comes with a sturdy handle and an anti-slip design, and it is very strong. You also get a carrying case, so you can keep it stored when you aren’t using it. It will easily fit in your backpack while you are camping, and it is small enough to keep in the car. This provides all of the tools you need.

You can do anything you need to do with this versatile tool, from shovelling and chopping trees to survival and descaling fish. It is easy to use and has many different features. You can use it, protect yourself, and find help in an emergency. This multipurpose tool offers everything you need and more for camping.

  • More than 15 different features
  • Durable and portable
  • Made of high-quality carbon steel
  • Comes with bag and shovel head cover
  • Heavier than other camping shovels (but still portable)

3) Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

This collapsible shovel by Gerber is easy to use with its push button slide mechanism. It includes a nylon drawstring bag and folds to a compact and portable design. It is just 47.5 cm long, and it weighs a mere 760 grams, so you will have no trouble taking it with you when you go camping. This tool is a great choice for people who want some versatility at an affordable price.

Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

The shovel has a hammer mode that you can use when you are hammering in your tent stakes, and you can keep it in your car for emergencies when you aren’t camping. It is made of carbon steel, so it is very durable and should last a long time. It also has a blade that can be easily sharpened if it grows dull. Gerber Gorge doesn’t have a lot of extra features, but it has everything you need in a camping shovel.

  • Has a hammer
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Push-button slide mechanism
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comes with carrying case
  • It doesn’t have a lot of extra features

4) Bacoeng Military Folding Shovel

This foldable shovel comes with some great features that will make your camping trip easier. You can customize the length with four spliced sections of handle extensions, and it has a number of extra tools such as a bottle opener, two wrench sizes, a very sharp knife, a saw, and a ruler. It comes with an adjustable angle of the spade to make a hoe.

Bacoeng Military Folding Shovel

You can use this all-in-one survival tool for so many things, and it folds up neatly to easily fit in your backpack. It truly has everything you need to survive while you are out camping. The head is made of solid carbon steel, with an aerospace grade aluminium handle. It is strong enough to break up rocks so that you can keep your sleeping area flat and even. You can protect yourself, cut any kind of wood, and dig trenches. It is compact and can extend to 80 cm with a 14 cm side spade.

No matter what you need when you are out camping, this tool can do it. You have emergency tools, functional tools, and anything else you need to survive while you are camping. This is a great tool that is versatile and will make camping much easier for you.

  • Versatile tool with many features
  • Durable and made of carbon steel
  • Extendable with rod extensions
  • Handle is made of aerospace quality aluminium
  • Larger foldable shovel
  • Not the least expensive

5) Blience Camping Tactical Survival Shovel

This camping shovel by Kopwin has over 20 uses. It is a shovel with an ax, saw, hoe, knife, wire cutter, bottle opener, fire starter, whistle, glass breaker, ice breaker, fish scaler, screwdriver set, rope cutter, hexagon wrench, measuring device, compass, hammer, and can opener. It offers you protection from anything you might encounter while camping.

Blience Camping Tactical Survival Shovel

The shovel is durable and forged from Manganese steel and 404 stainless steel, and it can be adjusted to three ways: 0 degrees, 90 degrees, and 180 degrees. The blade is a great size, so it is easy to dig a trench. This shovel is built to last, and it can handle any job you need it to do when you are camping.

  • Versatile tool with 23 uses and features
  • Durable yet lightweight and portable
  • Reasonable price
  • Slip and sweat proof handle
  • Serious tool better for people with more experience

6) Navaris Foldable Emergency Survival Shovel

If you are looking for a folding shovel that is lightweight and small, this is a great option. It weighs less than 1 kg and is 21 cm long, and it folds up easily. You can use it for hiking and camping, and it comes with a wood saw edge and a rotating spade shovel blade for use as a hoe or a pick. It is a versatile tool with a strong handle.

Navaris Foldable Emergency Survival Shovel

This shovel is durable and made of high carbon steel with a steel shovel head. It comes with a shovel case that you can carry on your belt or backpack. The handle is ergonomic and easy to hold in your hand, and this tool is built to last. You can carry it on your belt and use it for digging, cutting, trenching, and more.

  • Solid build and construction
  • Includes a sawtooth and a hoe
  • Foldable design
  • Very small and lightweight
  • Too small for some people


A camping shovel can be a lifesaver when you are out in the wilderness, and they are portable, lightweight, and perform a lot of different functions. You can choose a smaller model with fewer features, or you can choose a robust model that is a true survival tool. The key is to get one that performs the functions you need.

You need this tool to be sturdy and durable, yet light enough to carry with you. Most of them are collapsible and neatly fold up to store in your bag. When you are camping, you might want to chop wood, clear rocks, or spear fish, and you can find a shovel that can do all of this. Some have extending handles, and others are more basic. No matter what kind of shovel you are looking for, you can find one that will make camping a lot easier.

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