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Camping and being in the great outdoors is exciting and can be an eye-opening experience. Depending on where you go camping, you may not have the luxury of showering in a standard shower. Even if you are at a campsite that offers showering facilities, you may be fighting for a spot in line to rinse off after a long day outside.

Portable camping showers are unique inventions that make showering more manageable and more accessible for those who love spending time outdoors. Most of these showers include a showerhead that allows you to clean yourself without using wipes or bottles of water.

While embracing the great outdoors and getting a little dirty while out there is part of the experience, sometimes all you want is a nice shower. These portable showers for camping allow you to stay clean, even while in the great outdoors.

Eight Best Camping Showers

Whether you’re in the market for a new camping shower or your first, here are eight of the best camping showers that would make a welcome addition to your next camping trip.

1) Laserbeack Camping Shower

This camping shower makes our list of the best showers because it’s hand-held and has a built-in water filtration system. The design of this shower allows you to adjust the water flow to your preference, which is not a luxury you usually get in the woods.

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You can choose a low stall with three litres per minute or a high setting at four litres per minute. In addition to this feature, there’s also a flow control valve that allows you to save water while you lather your body and hair.

The Laserbeak Camping Shower is portable and has a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery is a high-energy lithium battery. You should be able to get 60 minutes of total shower time with a fully charged battery. When it’s time to recharge your shower, it can take around three hours to reach a full charge.

You’ll know when your battery is running low because there is an indicator light telling you when it’s running low and then another light to indicate when it’s fully charged.

Charging your portable shower for camping is safe and easy. There’s a charge and discharge protection circuit to keep you safe when plugging and unplugging the chargers. The charging cord is a USB, making it easy to plug into your car and charge on a camping trip if need be. This shower has received safety certification from FCC, ROHS, and IPX7.

When you’re out on a camping trip, you want convenience and something easy to transport. The Laserbeak Camping Shower is easy to assemble and then disassemble when you’re finished showering. It’s incredibly lightweight and small enough to fit in your backpack or other luggage.

  • Low battery indicator light
  • Two pressure settings
  • It may not be the best shower for frequent showers on longer camping trips

2) Portable Solar Camping Shower

If you’re looking for one of the most affordable portable camping showers, the Qdreclod is an excellent option. The shower isn’t just a showerhead you attach to a water source. This camping shower has a solar-powered bag that not only holds your water, but can heat the water too.

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The shower bag can hold roughly 20 litres of water at a time, making it perfect for showering while at a campsite after a long day. The bag is made with eco-friendly materials that help to prevent leaks. The solar-powered shower bag itself is not only environmentally friendly, but it’s also an efficient way to heat your shower water before rinsing off any dirt from the day.

This shower bag is compact and can easily fold down and fit in your backpack. Even when there’s water in the bag, it’s still small enough to transport in your pack without fear of it taking up too much space or leaking through your backpack.

You’ll be able to see the bag’s water levels by looking at the back of the bag. This way, you can keep an eye on whether you need to fill up the bag now or can get away with another shower or two.

You can attach the shower head to something sturdy, such as a door frame or tree, to make showering easier. You get to choose between low and high pressure when showering, which can make it feel less like you’re showing in the woods.

When you order this camping shower, your purchase includes the 20-litre shower bag, a showerhead, a plastic stick to stabilise the pack when it’s hung, and a rope and hook to hang the bag. This shower is as simple as it gets, but it will do the job after a long day of hiking or other outdoor activities.

  • An environmentally friendly way to heat water
  • Affordable compared to other portable showers
  • Requires you to hang the bag on something before showering, which can be tedious or take more time

3) LUOOV Electric Portable Camping Shower

Another excellent option for a portable camping shower is the LUOOV compact shower. This shower is lightweight and can easily fit into your luggage or backpack when travelling to your campsite.

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One of the best features of this electric shower is that it comes with not one, but two rechargeable batteries. One of the batteries will provide power for 45 to 60 minutes. The second one lasts for 90 to 120 minutes.

Having two batteries that hold long charges means you can go more extended periods without recharging your shower’s battery.

The batteries don’t need to be submerged in water because they’re kept separate from the water pump. Keeping the battery pack out of the water will prolong their battery life. If you accidentally put the battery pack into the bucket or want to, the battery pack is waterproof, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

The flow for this shower is up to four litres per minute. You won’t have to worry about unpleasant water pressure with this device. It provides a strong but comfortable pressure that makes showering much more manageable and enjoyable.

The previous design of this shower did not have an on and off switch. This one does, which will make saving power and water much more effortless.

The LUOOV compact camping shower comes with a shower pump, two showerheads, an S-hook to hang the 1.8-metre hose, a suction cup, and two rechargeable batteries. When using a shower such as this one, you’ll have to heat your water before showering if you want warm or hot water.

  • This shower comes with two long-lasting rechargeable batteries
  • It comes with two different shower heads
  • You’ll have to heat your shower water first

4) Colapz Rechargeable Camping Shower

The Colapz Rechargeable Camping Shower is a compact shower that’s perfect for showering and rinsing equipment off at a campsite. This porta shower offers users 45 to 60 minutes of continuous water flow. The flow rate with this shower is three litres per minute.

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Something unique about this shower is that along with a traditional showerhead, you’ll receive a trigger jet. This jet is perfect for helping with dishes when you’re camping or rinsing off your bike, car, or anything you may have with you.

This shower includes more accessories compared to other products on the market. When you purchase this shower, you’ll have the pump and hose, a showerhead and trigger jet, brackets so you can hang your shower, and a case to store everything in.

The hose with this shower is two metres in length, slightly longer than competitors. The battery life on this shower is standard amongst other camping showers.

The one downside to this shower is that the battery pack is not waterproof. You’ll need to keep it away from the bucket to avoid injury and damaging the battery.

  • This shower comes with a two-metre hose
  • It takes around four to five hours for the battery to reach a full charge
  • The battery pack is not waterproof

5) MDSTOP Pressure Camping Shower

This unique camping shower is similar to a shower bag, except that it looks more like a water tank. The MDSTOP camping shower bag is made of waterproof material. The food-grade waterproof material allows for the bag to absorb heat better.

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Even though the material used to make this camping shower is flexible, it’s incredibly durable and won’t leak all over the place. This large capacity tank can carry 20 litres of water when completely filled. That should be enough for two adults to shower without running out of water.

The MDSTOP camping shower is a solar-powered shower with a temperature gauge, so you know exactly how warm or cold your water is. When left in direct sunlight, the water can heat up to 45 degrees Celsius in only three hours.

There’s nothing worse than dreaming of a shower after a long day in the woods and having to put together a complicated shower. This portable shower is easy to put together and take down when needed.

Unlike some of the other fantastic camping showers on this list, the MDSTOP shower is not electric. It includes an upgraded air pump so you can control just how much water is flowing and the pressure. The spray nozzle has an on and off switch to ensure you don’t lose water while washing yourself.

One thing that’s a little different about this shower is the showerhead. The showerhead on this product is more like a trigger nozzle rather than a traditional showerhead.

  • This shower has a built-in water temperature gauge
  • The tank holds 20 litres of water
  • The showerhead is a trigger nozzle, not a traditional showerhead

6) Kingming Solar Portable Shower

If you’re searching for a portable shower that’s also environmentally friendly, the Kingming portable shower is an excellent option for you. The materials used to create this shower follow eco-friendly standards.

Shakespeare Cypry Carp Fishing Rod - 3 Piece Carbon Blanks
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The bag is roughly 50 centimetres in height and 47 centimetres wide. When you attach the hose to the bag, it will be half a metre long, which is much shorter than others but still functional.

This shower is another solar-powered shower bag. The bag has a water capacity of up to 20 litres, which is a decent amount for one person or multiple people only using a small amount of water. You can continuously run water from this bag for eight hours without running out.

The Kingming Portable Shower can be left in sunlight to heat the water, so you don’t need to prior to showering. When left in the sun, it can reach a maximum temperature of 45 degrees Celsius in only a few hours.

When ordering this product, you’ll have a thermometer included so you can ensure the water temperature is just right.

Transporting this bathing bag is stress-free. The bag itself, without water, is lightweight, making it easy to move between locations.

When you need to move campsites but don’t want to dump your water out, you won’t need to worry about anything puncturing the bag or it leaking. Once you’ve emptied the bathing bag of water, all you have to do is fold it up, and it fits nicely into small spaces.

Your order will come with a 20-litre shower bag, a mesh bag to carry it and all its supplies in, a bar and hook to hang the bag, a showerhead, and a hose. There’s even a small mesh pocket on the front of the bag you can set your soap in for easy access when showering.

  • This product has a mesh bag to carry the shower and other toiletries
  • The shower hose is only half a metre long

7) Liebmaya Portable Shower

The Liebmaya outdoor shower is the perfect addition to your campsite, fishing trip, and even in your backyard to rinse off before going inside. This shower only has one water pressure setting that is comfortable but gentle enough for the elderly to use, children, and your furry friend.

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When you put the battery-powered pump into a bucket of water or sink, the shower stream will start if the pump is switched on. You’ll have a steady stream of 4 litres per minute. You can hold the shower head and hose in your hand to shower your entire body or hang it up like you would in a standard shower.

Liebmaya includes a rechargeable battery with your purchase of the shower. The battery should last for 60 minutes of continuous use. This may change depending on how often you use the battery and how charged it is at the time of service. To reach a full charge, you’ll need to plug it in for four to five hours.

The pump is water-resistant and has a hook so you can hang it on the side of a bucket or sink. One of the unique features of this camping shower is that the battery pack has LED lights on it, so you can still use it when it’s dark outside.

The best part about this shower is that you can assemble it in three minutes or less. When it’s time to disassemble, it’s just as fast. This shower packs well in any bag you take to a campsite.

  • It only takes three minutes to assemble and disassemble the shower
  • The shower has LED lights
  • The pump is only water-resistant, not fully waterproof

8) Newcomdigi Camping Shower Kit

The Newcomdigi portable shower kit comes with a rechargeable battery so you can use your shower over and over again.

This battery will last you up to 80 minutes of continuous use. With this shower, your battery is separate from the water pump and is also waterproof. These features will maintain the battery life for longer.

While this shower provides a longer battery life than some of the other showers on the market, the water flow isn’t the same. When showering with this product, you’ll have about 2.5 litres of water flow per minute.

You’ll need to heat up your water before using this shower if you want a hot shower. The good news is that this shower comes with a collapsible bucket in case you don’t have one. The Newcomdigi shower bucket is able to use water within the range of 10 to 60 degrees celsius.

One of our favourite features of this shower is that it has a water purification system included. You can rest easy knowing that whenever you shower with this device, you’re getting clean water. It even comes with five replacement filters.

Whether you’re using this shower in your backyard or taking it on a camping trip, you’ll find it easy to take with you. The shower pump weighs around 0.9 kilograms. The foldable bucket that comes with the shower can hold up to 20 litres of water at one time.

To operate the shower, fill the bucket and then submerge the shower pump in the water. You’ll then have a comfortable and steady water flow to shower. The hose with the showerhead is two metres in length, and the kit contains a hook where you can hang the shower if need be.

  • You’ll have 80 minutes of steady water flow
  • This shower kit comes with a collapsible water bucket
  • This shower only has a 2.5-litre water flow compared to three of four with other showers

What to Look for When Choosing a Camping Shower

When it comes to purchasing a new camping shower, you have a lot of options. Scrolling through pages and pages of camping showers can feel overwhelming. We’ve included some factors you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re browsing for a camping shower.

The Battery Life

If you’re considering choosing a camping shower that is battery-powered, knowing how long the battery life will last is essential. Many battery-powered showers will last for at least 60 minutes, which may be perfect for shorter camping trips.

When you’re setting out on a more extended camping trip and won’t have access to electricity to recharge your shower, you may need to look for a shower that has a longer battery life or is solar powered.

Does it Heat the Water?

Most camping showers aren’t able to heat the water for you before showering. If you’re dead set on having a shower where you don’t have to heat the water yourself, you’ll want to look for shower bags.

The majority of these bags are made with solar power. This means that you can fill up your shower bag and leave it in the sun, so it warms up before you shower.

If you don’t mind heating up the water yourself or prefer cooler showers, this factor won’t be as important to you as you shop.

Type of Shower Head

Almost all camping showers come with a traditional showerhead. There are a few on the market that come with multiple showerheads. If you find yourself wanting or needing a trigger jet or wanting more showerhead options, you’ll need to search for a shower that offers this.

Is It Easy to Transport?

For the most part, all camping showers are easy to transport. If you know that space is going to be limited in your car or backpack, you’ll want the most compact shower you can find.

For those who aren’t worried about the size of the shower, you can disregard this factor when searching for a new camping shower.

The camping showers that come with a larger water capacity will take up more space when they’re filled with water. Purchasing a shower bag or a rechargeable shower will fit in more seamlessly than something bigger.


Portable showers are the best addition to a camping trip, hunting or fishing trip, and even for your backyard.

They allow you to rinse off after a long day before going into your tent or house. Whether you’re interested in a solar-powered shower or an electric shower you can use with a bucket, there’s a camping shower for you.

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