Best Camping Spork | Reviews & Buying Guide

While you’re camping, whiles require extra preparation. There’s only so much space in a backpack. And if you’re trying to move away from single-use plastics, anything you bring with you, including your eating utensils, has to come back as well. A camping spork can help you with that.

Sporks are good for the environment, too. They’re eco-friendly because they’re reusable and durable enough for all trips, saving on the use of plastic to have meals in the mountains or backyard camping with the kids.

Best Camping Spork Reviews

With so many to choose from in a variety of shapes and sizes, we’ve created a list of the best camping sporks. So, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

1) Ecoslurps Utility Camping Spork

As the most budget-friendly option on this list, the Ecoslurps Utility Spork offers a titanium coating and long-lasting, durable construction with the most functions. Its benefits don’t stop there though, as it can replace five tools with one. Besides being a spoon and fork, it also has a bottle opener, can opener, and serrated knife edge.

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Unfortunately, all that function comes means extra weight. It comes in at a total of 90 grams, two to three times as much as other utensils, although still remarkably light. If you would regularly carry a can and bottle opener in addition to your usual utensils, maybe the extra weight would still be worth it.

One downside of all that function is the bottle opener’s placement close to the eating ends. It’s unwieldy at first, but with some care, it doesn’t impede too significantly. It may not be a good option for a child, though, as they may scratch or cut themself on it.

  • Titanium coating, strong and long-lasting
  • 5-in-1 function spork
  • Wheat straw carrying case
  • Trees planted with every purchase
  • Affordable
  • Bottle/can opener is very close to eating ends
  • Heavier than other titanium sporks

2) FinessCity Titanium Spork

This is the best spork on the list for kids, weighing just 20 grams, and doesn’t have a serrated or sharp edge that might scratch or cut fingers. Unlike other designs, the spork end is isolated on one end rather than a spoon on one side and a fork on another, leaving the other end to be used as a hanging point and a bottle opener.

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After use, it can be hand-washed. Once you return home, or if you have access in a campground, it’s dishwasher safe, with a smooth surface that allows for easy cleanup and storage. It comes with a cloth bag for storage or as a drying cloth.

It isn’t just a tool for camping locally either. This spork can be stowed in your backpack during international travel, meaning you don’t need to purchase additional equipment when you arrive at your destination.

A lifetime, money-back guarantee comes with the product if this spork isn’t as durable as you hoped.

  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Kid-friendly with no sharp edges
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Handle could be longer
  • It lacks extra features like a can opener

3) OUTXE Titanium Long Handle Spork

The length of a spork can drastically reduce what you use it for and if it can replace any other tools. At 22.1 cm long, the OUTXE spork can easily reach the bottom of bags of prepared food, keeping your fingers clean while you eat. With a heat-resistant coating, you can also use it to stir pots and then eat from it without worrying about burning yourself.

This spork comes as a set with one spork and one spoon together in a carrying bag. Like the finessCity, it’s light and weighs just under 30 grams. It doesn’t have any other functions, but you have plenty of options for cooking, serving, and eating between the two utensils.

  • Lightweight
  • Spork and spoon set
  • Extra-long handles
  • Doesn’t transfer heat
  • No extra features like a bottle opener
  • The carrying bag doesn’t dry as quickly as others do

4) Snow Peak Titanium Spork

Crafted from Japanese titanium, the Snow Peak spork is ultra-lightweight at just 16 grams, which is slightly heavier than a AAA battery. This spork is guaranteed not to weigh you down, no matter how heavy your pack is.

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When it comes to its primary function, one of the reasons it’s so light is that it has a shorter handle, so this wouldn’t work as well for meals in bags or stirring deep pots. It gets the job done as an eating utensil, and despite its lightness, it is durable. It would make an attractive gift for the backpacker and the day hiker that wants to pack a quick snack on the go.

As the most expensive camping spork on this list, you’ll be paying a premium for that lightness, making it not recommended for the budget-conscious.

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Available in four colours
  • Durable
  • Shorter handle
  • No extra features
  • Pricier than other sporks

5) Light my Fire Camping Spork

This is the best spork for backpacking and has excellent all-around performance for lightness, price, and function. It won’t open bottles or cans, but it does a great job of replacing a fork, spoon, and knife for meals. It’s durable, and the serrated “knife” edge can cut meat with little difficulty.

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Dishwasher safe titanium, the spoon side is compatible with non-stick cookware, and at 23 cm long, it’s the longest spork in this group. The length makes it ideal for preparing food and then eating with it, eliminating the need to wash multiple dishes.

However, one of the difficulties comes with the design of the spork. It requires you to hold it by either the fork or spoon end to eat with the opposite end. This grip is awkward if you’re eating with the spoon side but uncomfortable when you have to grip the fork and knife side. Given the sharp edge, it’s not recommended for children, and other designs are more appropriate.

Still, it offers a great bundle of features for a modest price and a longer reach than the competition.

  • Lightweight
  • 3-in-1 fork, spoon, and knife
  • Safe for non-stick cookware
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No bottle opener
  • Serrated knife-edge may be hard on the mouth

What to Look for When Choosing a Camping Spork

Finding the right one doesn’t need to be complicated. Considering a few key elements will make eating and preparing meals while camping just a little bit easier and a little more interesting.


High-temperature nylon, stainless steel, and titanium are common materials used for camping sporks. These materials allow the spork to be heat resistant to some degree, lightweight and durable even after repeated uses and washings.

For the best mouthfeel and most efficient clean-up, choose sporks with a smooth, polished surface. This surface gives fewer places for food to get stuck in after use and reduces areas where bacteria could accumulate. Recycled fibres and nylon can be pleasant to use and budget-friendly, but be wary of scratches on the surface and replace the spork when necessary.

Titanium, in particular, has become popular with camping enthusiasts as it’s durable and robust while still being lightweight and heat resistant. Japanese titanium is an ultra-light option that can even be anodized into different colours, as plastic can.


The best camping spork may not be the one with the most functions. There’s no point in spending extra money for functions that you won’t use, and that could potentially hinder you, but having more than just a fork and spoon does save space.

Often designed to include a serrated edge to act as a knife or elements like a bottle opener, the camping spork aims to replace some standard tools and make your backpack just a little bit lighter.


A short spork may be fine for eating lunch in the office break room, but for camping, you’ll probably want one with a longer handle. Stirring pots and pans and eating from bags of heated food will be a lot easier and safer with a spork that is at least 19 or 20 cm long. Of course, long handles that aren’t collapsible may make storage more awkward.

To determine what you need, consider what you’ll be using the spork for and if a person with specific needs will require a longer or shorter length, such as a child that might not be able to use a longer handle easily.


It might seem unnecessary for a spork, an accessory itself, to have additional accessories. Still, a few essential features can help your utensil to last longer and make it more convenient.

Camping sporks usually come with a carrying bag to store them in when traveling. However, others go a step further and include carrying cases or gift boxes to protect the utensil while hiking. Carabiners, such as those included with the Ecoslurps, can be a fun addition to attach the bag or spork to a belt for ease of access or hang it while it dries after washing it.


If you know what to look for, a camping spork is an invaluable addition to any camping bag and you can also use it any time you’re eating even if it’s just for fast food. With our reviews and a little consideration, you’re sure to find something that fits you perfectly.

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