Best Camping Washing Machine | Reviews & Guide

If you’re planning to take camping trips and want the convenience of a portable washing machine or camping washing machine, you should consider these top picks to help you get the best features and the most out of your investment.

These models each have their unique features and offer the camper durability and ease of use during their camping trips. Please keep reading to find out more about their unique features and other benefits of owning them.

Best Camping Washing Machines

These are the top choices for camping washing machines available in the U.K. The reviews are based on several factors, including functionality, ease of use, portability, and durability.

If you’re in the market for a good, portable camping washing machine, consider choosing one of these options to help make the most out of your investment.

1) FOBUY Mini Twin

This portable mini washing machine is ideal for camping trips. It washes and spins dry clothes, so it’s less work to get them clean and dried when you need them. This compact model is 120w and has a top load design with a 2kg capacity.

FOBUY Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine (3.6KG Washing + 2KG...
  • Compact Size-Ideal For , RV’s, Camping And More.This product...
  • Easy Operation-Allowing You To Simply Put In Your Load Of Clothes...
  • Featuring Spin Wash And Spin Dry
  • Eco-Friendly Design-Less Water And Detergent Used
  • this washer with large wave pulsates and new water flow, will not...

All you need to do to operate this mini washer is pour in the water and set the controls. It will do the rest. It has a large wave pulsation to get your clothes extra clean and eliminates unnecessary twisting and turning of the clothes inside the unit.

  • Can handle filthy clothing
  • It has a spin-dry cycle
  • Low noise
  • Easy to use
  • Only handles smaller items
  • May not last as long as other units
  • Requires electricity

This unit is ideal for campers with a larger than usual portable washer load. It can handle items such as pants and heavy shirts. It also helps dry clothes effectively with a dry spin cycle.

2) Kofohon Portable Electric Small Washer

This small electric washer is ideal for camping if you have a plug-in for the cord. It has a 3.0kgs capacity and only weighs 2.5kgs. You can also use this model for your apartment or a business trip, and I suited for lightweight clothing, socks, and rags.

Portable Electric Small Washing Machine(2.5Kg),Mini Hand...
  • ♐PORTABLE: This portable washing machine is 40x15x17cm and...
  • ♐STRONG WASH CAPACITY: Our automatic mini washing machine has a...
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It also has a pulsating solid motor that’s ideal for getting tough dirt and grease out of your clothes. It’s also great for times when your regular washer is out of service. This is an option that is perfect for people with plug-in connections for other devices while they’re out camping.

  • Durable and cleans well
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Requires electricity
  • Doesn’t clean heavy items
  • It doesn’t have a basket

Consider this option if you plan to use this model with other electrical appliances while you’re out camping or on the go.

3) Hikenri Folding Mini Turbo

This mini turbo washing machine is the perfect option for your next camping trip. It has a USB charging function, so it doesn’t require electricity. It also has an ultrasonic turbine to get clothes clean and sterilized.

The turbines rotate for 20 seconds in each direction for ideal agitation. This unit can handle 1kg of laundry and is suitable for small articles of clothing such as socks and undergarments.

The turbine function engages for 5 minutes, and then the ultrasonic feature engages for 1 minute. This mini portable washer can operate for 30 minutes for each use.

  • It doesn’t need electricity
  • Has a sterilization feature
  • Can get clothes clean quickly
  • Easy to operate
  • Only 30 minutes of washing time
  • Needs to charge frequently
  • Small capacity only

Consider purchasing this unit if you want the convenience of powerful cleaning without electricity. It’s also great for road trips and using it on business trips when you don’t have time or a way to clean your clothing on the go.

4) Breathing Mobile Washer

The Breathing Mobile Washer is perfect for camping trips, and the only energy source required is your own hands. This washer is lightweight, easy to use, and highly portable. It only weighs 1.03 pounds and is high efficiency.

Breathing Mobile Washer - Portable Hand Powered High...
  • Globally Recognized - The Breathing Mobile Washer has been...
  • Compact Adaptable Design - Multi piece collapsible aluminum...
  • Heavy Duty - Corrosion resistant aluminum handle that won't rust...
  • High Efficiency - Weighing in at just over one pound full...
  • Uses - Emergency prep & disaster relief, cloth diapers, shop...

This plunger-style washer is one of the most popular on the market to date and features a compact adaptable design. It also has a collapsible body with handles that can be swapped out. You can use this model either sitting or standing for versatility and convenience.

  • Lightweight
  • Aluminium rust-free handles
  • Compact
  • Doesn’t use an energy source
  • Low capacity
  • Not powered
  • It wears out faster than other models

If you’re into hand washers that don’t require power and get the job done well, this is the model you’ll love.

5) Navaris 2-in-1 Mini Hand-Cranked Washer

This washing machine is ideal for use anywhere and in any situation. It doesn’t require a power source because it’s hand-cranked. It has a capacity of up to 2kg and is ideal for getting clothes dry on the spin cycle.

Navaris 2-in-1 Mini Washing Machine and Spin Dryer - Holds...
  • WASH TO-GO: You can wash up to 2kg of your dirty laundry in no...
  • SPEED FUNCTION: Once your dirty laundry is clean again, it can be...
  • ENERGY SAVING: Unlike a conventional mini washing machine, the...
  • NON-SLIP: Suction cups on the bottom prevent the washing machine...
  • NOTE: Follow the recommended wash temperature on your clothing...

Consider this option if you want to forego charging or using electricity and still want an effective cleaning process. Take advantage of the easy spin-dry cycle to get clothes ready to wear in little time and with fewer wrinkles.

In addition, it only requires a fraction of the water used by other portable washing machines. You can also use it on a flat surface via the suction cups to stabilize it while you crank.

  • No electricity needed
  • Low noise
  • Larger capacity
  • Dry cycle
  • Hand-cranked
  • Heavier
  • Limited cleaning

You’ll love this model if you want to wash larger items and not have to worry about a power source while you’re camping. It’s also ideal for various uses, such as dorms and times when a regular washer isn’t available.

6) Hughdy Portable Washing Machine

This washing machine features ozone sterilization for the ultimate in clean clothing. It also folds up easily for space-saving and portability for camping trips and more. It has a .8kg capacity and weighs 23300 grams.

Hughdy Portable Washing Machine, Mini Foldable Washing...
  • Mini washing machine: The mini washing machine can increase the...
  • Easy to use: Fully consider the application environment of the...
  • Multifunction: Best for cleaning baby clothes or underwear, with...
  • Simple to use: One buttonto start, easy to use, just press a...
  • Simple to use: One buttonto start, easy to use, just press a...

It is made from high-quality polypropylene, which means it’s non-toxic and odourless. This model is best used for socks, underwear, and baby clothing. Simply push the button to start the cycle, and it cycles forward three times and in reverse three times for good agitation and cleaner clothes.

It also provides 74 seconds of middle ozone generation to sanitize clothing effectively. You get 14 minutes of wash time with this particular model.

  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Sterilization
  • Small capacity
  • Only cleans smaller items
  • Short cycle time

If sterilization is vital on your camping trip, especially for undergarments and socks, this is the right model for the job. The ozone cycle kills bacteria and odor and leaves clothes truly clean with this camping washing machine.

7) Dachuang Mini USB Powered Washing Machine

This mini USB-powered washing machine is perfect for camping. It features an ultrasonic turbine with a foldable laundry tub for the ultimate in portability. It features a 5L capacity and easily folds to save space and wall mount for additional convenience.

Mini Washing Machine, Ultrasonic Turbine Washer, Foldable...
  • 💒【one-hand mini washer & Portable Folding Bucket】Designed...
  • 💒【USB power supply】After upgrading the smart interactive...
  • 💒【Low Noise & Turbine Forward and Backward...
  • 💒【Ultrasonic Working Principle】High-frequency vibration...
  • 💒【Energy-saving & Safety】The laundry machine will...

In addition, it also has a low-noise turbine and forward and backward cleaning. Its high-frequency vibration allows for effective stain and dirt removal from clothing.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Wall-mounted
  • Foldable
  • Easy to bring on camping trips
  • Small capacity
  • USB charging doesn’t last long
  • It only works for 40 minutes

This model is ideal for people who want the convenience of a powered camp washer without space issues.

What to Look for When Choosing a Camping Washing Machine

One of the most important features to look for in a camping washer is being lightweight. You wouldn’t want to bring a heavy washing machine on your camping trip.

You should also purchase a camping washing machine with a high spin speed to ensure your clothes get cleaner and drier with fewer wrinkles. Don’t forget what type of power source you need, if any at all, before you make a choice.

A few other points to consider include load capacity, noise production, energy efficiency, and the wash cycles it offers. Try to also choose a portable washer model with high user reviews to get what you expect with no surprises.


When choosing the right camping washer, you want to make sure it has the cycles you want so you can get the ideal level of cleanliness. For example, you can choose from models with an automatic cycle with front aviation or spin and then a reverse cycle that alternates every few minutes or seconds.

There are also a few other models that feature a sterilization cycle for the ultimate in clean. These camping washers are ideal for washing and sterilizing baby clothes, undergarments, and socks. When you go camping, you can find yourself in various situations where you would want to sterilize your clothing.

For example, if you go into a body of water while camping, you’ll want to remove any bacteria found lurking in the water. You would also like to thoroughly clean garments coming into contact with animal products such as fish or meat, as well as any clothing making contact with poisonous plants or irritants.


Capacity can be a make or break factor when choosing a portable washing machine. The capacity determines if you can wash a shirt or light pants or simple smaller items such as baby and children’s clothing or even intimate apparel and socks.

These camping washers have a capacity ranging from .8L to 2L load capacity. The largest at 2L can handle a thick shirt or a light pair of pants or shorts. The smaller units can hold only small items such as underwear and socks.

If you’re planning to be away for some time and don’t mind having to do the work yourself or supply the tub, some models don’t have a tub that submerges and can handle a more significant capacity to get more cleaning done.


When you’re out camping, you may want to forego a noisy model portable washing machine. This is true if you’re going to fish or spend time with the family chatting or even playing music. Consider the noise level of each option and choose a model that best suits your expectations.

If you want a low noise option, the best selection is properly the hand-operated or cranked versions. They offer a quiet clean and don’t require a power source other than yourself.

Ther ultrasonic models are the noisiest selections. Their ultrasonic cycle and forward and reverse agitation can create a high noise level for the user. However, they do offer a greater level of cleanliness and efficiency. Ask yourself, do you want less noise or less clean?

A few models operate quietly with a power source, but they usually have a smaller capacity and don’t feature sterilization or several cycles.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency levels for each selection can vary greatly. For example, some of these models require 120w or need to plug into an electricity source. The plug-in models are the least energy-efficient and may not be the most convenient; however, they tend to get the best level of clean for the options listed.

The USB models are very energy efficient and offer automatic cycles and even some sterilization options. They plug into a USB port to obtain for your auto or your portable power source or electronic devices.

A USB washing machine is an ideal balance between efficiency and options for cleaning. It will provide the convenience of portable power and automatic cycles, so you don’t need to plug it in or crank to operate it. Of course, it can also provide better capacity for the energy efficiency it offers.

Finally, the hand-cranked options offer the best energy efficiency; however, they may not provide the best cleaning. If you don’t mind hand cranking the washer, you can forego the need to have an energy source and use it whenever you wish. Some also have dry spin cycles that are pretty effective.


Having a camping washing machine offers the ability to have clean clothing whenever you need it and helps you pack lighter because you can wash and wear items, so you don’t need as many articles on the trip.

This can be especially attractive when you need to camp and travel to get to a site. Some of the washers fold up to a small size and are very lightweight for easy portability.

There are a few things to remember when selecting a camping washing machine so you can get the best option for your needs. Consider the following best pick for features and uses.

Best Pick

The overall best pick for a portable washing machine or camper washer is the USB Hikenri Folding Mini Turbo Washing Machine. It provides the user with a wide variety of options and features, plus it’s automatic and doesn’t need to be cranked to operate.

Also, it has a good load capacity, so you can wash the items you bring instead of undergarments or baby clothing only. It also has various cycles and sterilization to get clothes very clean so you can feel sanitary throughout the trip.

One of the most significant selling points for this option is the folding basket and lightweight design. You get extensive cleaning in a smaller package. It provides the user with the most for the investment. It’s also ideal for home use, dorm use, and even business trips because of the USB function.

This model also has high user reviews and is known for lasting a long time, making it another reason to choose this model. It’s a good middle ground when it comes to choosing the best model.

Buying a Portable Washer

Before making your portable or camping washer purchase, check out each option’s specifications and indications for use, so you get the best selection for your needs without disappointment.

Keep in mind the amenities you have on hand or the lack thereof to make the right choice. While price is usually a factor, it may be worth spending a few extra on a model that provides everything you need for extra usability.

One particular point to mention before purchasing your washer is to check the user reviews. Most sites have user reviews posted to browse through helpful feedback to understand better what to expect.

Try to purchase a model with four stars or over to ensure you get a high-quality product that lasts for a long time. This process will also deliver more detailed information about user experiences to help you know what to expect with each product.


When you buy a portable washer or a camping washer, you need to know that you don’t get the same function and washing as you would with your home washers. You may only be able to wash one garment at a time.

These models aren’t designed daily to replace a home washer and will wear out quickly if used for everyday laundry needs. Also, know that you won’t get your clothes clean if you stuff them with heavy items designed for a smaller load capacity.

These units are for camping or on the go only. The better option will likely cost more and have better features, but if you need to wash heavy items, consider the hand-cranked models without the basket as a solution.

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