Best Carp Rods | Reviews & Buying Guide

Ardent anglers agree carp are some of the most laborious fish to catch. They are stubborn and powerful, often putting up more of a fight than most rods can handle.

That is why carp rods exist. Carp fishing rods are longer than most other rods and are often more rigid. These rods are just as strong as the carp they help catch.

If you want to up your fishing game, carp fishing is the way to go. Whether you’ve fished for carp before or are entirely new to the world of aquatic hunting, we have a list of the best carp fishing rods.

These carp rods are top-class. Each one is well suited to different preferences, but all of them are of the utmost quality.

Why You Need a Carp Rod

As an avid angler can tell you, carp are big; massive, in fact. Carps are strong and can put up one heck of a fight. A regular fishing pole won’t hold up against them.

If you were to try to catch carp with a conventional 6-foot bass rod, all the extra pressure from the carp might damage your pole. Without the added length of a carp pole to support the fish, the reel, line, and hook are under too much strain.

Carp rods are explicitly for carrying extra weight. By being longer, carp fishing rods allow for better control, better weight distribution, and better shock absorption from the powerful lunges carps make.

Carp rods are typically 10-13ft. 12ft is the average for a generic or beginner carp rod as it allows for the best control but is not so long as to become unruly.

What to Look For When Choosing a Carp Rod

The essential elements to look out for when searching for the best carp fishing rod are: length, transportability, action, strength, reel seat, handle, and line guides.


The ideal carp rod length is usually 12-13ft; however, the length is dependent on your preferences and where you are fishing. More length means more casting range and is therefore preferable for large bodies of water.

If you do a lot of fishing in brushy areas, you may want to consider a shorter rod. The length of your carp pole also depends on what feels most comfortable for you.

If you are a small person, wielding a 13-foot rod might not be feasible.


Most people don’t have a convenient 13ft of storage in their car to transport fishing rods; therefore, most rods are compact to help with this. Most rods are compact, thus portable, because they come apart in pieces, which is also known to be called telescopic.

The more parts a rod splits into, the easier it is to store. You should be cautious, as the more pieces it breaks into, or the smaller it telescopes, the weaker the rod may become.


The action of a fishing rod is the manner and degree in which it bends. There are three types of ‘action’ in carp fishing rods: medium action, through-action, and fast/tip-action.

Medium action is a safe place to start if you are unsure about what type of rod you want. It allows for a balanced distribution of weight while also offering enough rigidity to remain strong. It is the middle ground between through-action and fast/tip-action.

Through action is when the entire pole has equal give. This type of action is fit for shock absorption when the carp fish is struggling and lunging, but not so much for long casts.

Fast/tip action is when most of the rod is quite stiff, and only the end has any give. This type of action is ideal for casting long distances with heavier weights, though it is not as useful for close fighting.


The strength or test curve of a rod is the amount of weight it takes to bend the rod to 90°. Generally speaking, the lower the weight, the better suited the rod is for smaller fish and smaller distances.

Otherwise, the higher the weight, the better the rod is suited to heavy fish and farther casting.

2.5 to 3 pounds test-curve rods are the best all-around rods for carp fishing. They prevent hook-pulls on smaller fish while also allowing for heavier loads and longer casts.

Reel Seat

As the reel seat is the first part to go when you use the wrong rod for carp fishing, it is necessary to make sure your carp rod has a large, durable reel seat.

The amount of pressure carried in the reel seat during a big fight is significant. If it can’t hold up with the rest of the rod, you’ll lose the whole battle.

With larger rods and reels come bigger reel seats.


A carp fishing pole’s handle differs from other rods, both in their length and positioning.

They are usually longer and set farther down from the reel seat to provide greater leverage. Handles are from many different materials, the most common being cork, foam, or rubber.

It is based entirely on personal preference and which handles you gravitate towards, but it is still critical to remember to check.

Line Guides

The line guides on a fishing rod come in a wide array of materials. Depending on the line guides’ material and quality, the ability to cast and reel will be affected.

Robust, smooth guides will allow for better casting, more control, and prevent damage to the line. The size of the guides will also affect the line’s ability to move. Quality line guides are essential, but they also tend to drive up the price of the rod.

Best Carp Rods

Any amiable angler will tell you that having the right rod for the job makes a world of difference. Possessing the proper tool of the trade is vital, but it is also essential that you have the best quality tool you can acquire.

When it comes to carp wrangling, you need a carp fishing rod. You need a tool that can withstand the almighty strength of a carp fish while also allowing you control with precision.

Here are the six best carp rods on the market:

1) Sonik Sports XTRACTOR

The Sonik Sports XTRACTOR carp fishing rod is a 9-foot rod with a test curve of 2.75lbs. It is ideal for lakes and has a very long casting range for its size. The action is clean and crisp, closer to the spectrum’s fast/tip action end, but not overly stiff.

The handle is Japanese shrink wrap, and the body is carbon fibre. The rod is partially telescoping for easy transportation, so nothing bulky to take up space in your pack. This rod is lightweight, and the reel guides offer the smoothest cast. It has a firm DPS reel seat, too.

  • Very long casting range for size
  • DPS reel seat
  • Telescoping

2) Wychwood Extricator

The Wychwood Extricator carp fishing rod is 9 feet long and has a test curve of 2.75lbs. This rod comes equipped with a cork handle, screw lock reel seat. It also has custom-spaced, braid-friendly, 33mm reel guides, making this rod excellent for any angler level, and has dots to help guide the eye.

Wychwood - Carp Unisex's Extricator MLT 9FT Fishing Rod,...
  • Cork Handle
  • Screw lock reel seat
  • Custom-spaced braid friendly guides
  • Model number: A8021

The casting action is crisp and firm. It is a good rod for medium to large carp. This rod is of the highest quality and made to last, even as carp try to wrestle it out of your grip.

  • Braid-friendly
  • Screw lock reel seat
  • Reel guides are comparatively small
  • Not very transportable

3) Sougayilang 4-Piece Carp Fishing Rod

The Sougayilang 4-piece carp fishing rod is a 9ft carbon fibre pole with an EVA foam handle and lightweight design. This rod comes as either a 4-piece or 5-piece set, making it perfect for easy storage. The 4-piece rod is 8.85 feet, and the 5-piece rod is 9.4 feet. The guide rings are ceramic, helping to transfer vibrations for maximum sensitivity and allow the line to guide smoothly.

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Carp Rods Carbon Fiber Spinning...
  • Weightlight and strong---Carbon Fiber material gives Sougayilang...
  • High-Quality Guides---Ceramic guide ring makes it more smooth and...
  • Comfortable---The EVA handle with ergonomic design is non-slip...
  • Portable Setting---5 Section fishing pole light weighted and...
  • Quality Service---Suitable for waters; fresh water, sea water,...

The carbon fibre design makes this pole extremely strong and a solid choice for carp fishing. Additionally, this rod incorporates a rotating reel seat. This rod’s action is somewhere between medium and fast/tip, placing most of the bend in the upper third of the rod.

  • Ceramic reel guides
  • Rotating reel seat
  • It may be too fast/tip action for some

4) Sougayilang 6-Piece Carp Fishing Rod

Sougayilang’s 6-piece carp fishing pole comes in two options: a 9.8 foot 6-piece rod and an 11.8 foot 7-piece rod. The body of the rod is carbon fibre, making it lightweight and ridiculously strong. It comes equipped with a comfortable, ergonomically shaped EVA foam handle and ceramic reel guide rings. The ceramic reel guides are ideal for smooth casting and improved vibration sensitivity.

Sougayilang Carp Fishing Rod Carbon Fiber Spinning Fishing...
  • 【Super strong】The sougayilang carp rod is made of super...
  • 【Comfortable and convenient】The non-slip rubber anti-shrink...
  • 【High Quality guide ring】The very smooth ceramic guide ring...
  • 【Exquisite reel seat】 The exquisite reel seat is made of...
  • 【Widely applicable】Suitable for all fishing beginners and...

The reel seat is also carbon fibre and corrosion-resistant. It is robust and fit for heavy-duty hauls. This rod is suitable for every level of experience and any body of water. It is effortless to transport. Its action is between medium and fast/tip.

  • Extremely transportable
  • Ceramic reel guides
  • It may be too fast/tip action for some

5) Matt Hayes ADVENTURE

The Matt Hayes ADVENTURE carp fishing rod is 11 feet long and comes apart into three pieces. The pole and fittings are carbon composite with an EVA foam handle and screw reel seat. It has a smooth action and comes with a fishing guide. This fishing rod is ideal for beginners or anyone that likes simple and efficient rods.

Matt Hayes ADVENTURE - CARP Fishing Combo (3.3m / 11ft) 3...
  • MATT HAYES ADVENTURE - CARP Combo (3.3m / 11ft) 3 Section Rod...
  • CARP ROD - 3 Sections Composite with guides and fittings make...
  • COMBO SET - Screw reel seat & sculpted EVA handle - Ideal for...
  • REEL - Size 40 reel - Vented spool / smooth action / Single Ball...
  • HANDY GUIDE - Comes with a handy Fishing Booklet where Matt gives...

This carp fishing rod makes for a top-quality, affordable starter set. It comes with smooth reel guides, a reel, two vented spools, and a tips-and-tricks fishing guide. It is a lightweight rod suitable for small to medium fish and small bodies of water.

  • Screw reel seat
  • It comes with a reel, spools, and guide
  • It is a beginner rod

6) SHAKESPEARE Unisex’s Cypry Carp Rod (3 Piece)

With this Shakespeare set, you get one rod that comes in three sections or pieces. So, you wouldn’t have to worry as much about storage issues. The rod is portable enough to fit in any vehicle and ideal for a day out fishing rather than a longer time camping.

Shakespeare Cypry Carp Fishing Rod - 3 Piece Carbon Blanks
  • 12-13ft lengths
  • Slim Carbon Blank construction
  • Quality lined guides
  • Through action blanks
  • Sleek black finish

Thanks to its 12 to 13-foot length, the rod can help you successfully land a carp that is over 30 pounds, for example. However, it may be helpful to note that the rod does not include a reel and casing to help keep the rod in good condition. Therefore, you have to order them separately.

Yet, the extra spending may be well worth it because the rod itself is of high quality, thanks to its slim carbon blank construction.

  • Durable construction
  • Portable
  • It does not come with a reel
  • It does not come with a rod case

Final Thoughts

As relaxing as fishing can be, it also presents a challenge. Fishing for carp is no easy feat and can take its toll on both you and your fishing pole. You must use a rod that can sustain such labour intensive fights.

When choosing the best rod, there are several factors you should cover. The length, transportability, action, strength, reel seat, handle, and line guides are vital aspects of what makes or–sometimes quite literally–break a fishing rod.

Generally speaking, the longer the rod, the more weight it can take. The particular make of a rod determines how easy it is to transport, how smoothly it casts, and how comfortable it is to hold. A good rod is strong, neigh unbreakable, and long-lasting.

Overall, Wychwood and Matt Hayes ADVENTURE carp rods are probably the best choices for carp fishing. It also depends on what you are looking for and where you plan to fish, of course. But these rods are at a healthy middle range in their length, action, casting, and how much they can haul in.

They are ideal if you are looking for robust and well-made carp rods that don’t lean too heavily to one end of the spectrum or the other.

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