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Any nature lover will know that spending as much time as possible outdoors is food for the soul. Cooking outdoors, though, can be anything but satisfying. Trying to cook on an outdoor fire can be challenging to manage and take up valuable time for hiking or exploring. Even propane grills are expensive to buy, and propane runs out.

An electric grill is one way to improve your camping trip. It’s faster than cooking on a fire, cheaper than propane, and expands what dishes you can make when you’re camping. Before purchasing the best electric barbeque, from size to temperature, there are many things to consider.

When you start looking for a new electric grill, you may begin to feel the heat. We’ve round up the best electric grills on the market to help you decide which one you like most.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Electric Grill

Whether you’re camping alone or with your family, there are a few aspects of an electric grill to take into consideration. With tons of options available online, it can be tedious to navigate which electric BBQ will suit you.

We’ve taken all of the significant elements of a grill into account for a camper’s perspective. Not every electric grill is designed equal, so here are some key things to remember before you buy.

Key Features in Electric Grills

We’ve broken down some of the things you may want to think about before buying a grill. Each camper will have their own concerns, so try and figure out which matter most to you.


The weight of an electric grill can vary a lot. Most grills will be between 3kg to 10kg. These loads may not seem that different written out, but when you’re carrying a grill with your other gear, a few kilos here and there can add up fast.

For a camper who wants to drive into a spot or enjoy a leisurely evening with family and friends, a heavier grill might be perfect. If you’re going to bring it a long way on foot, you might want to look into a lighter option.

The size of the cooking surface impacts weight. If you’re looking to feed a crowd, then a grill with a bigger cook surface might be something you want. A lighter grill probably won’t cook as many portions at once and might be better for a solo trip or a small camping group.

Cord Length

You probably won’t notice the length of the cord until it is too short. At home, you can move furniture around to make outlets accessible. Outdoors, you either hope the grill cord makes it to the provided power or your portable generator.

A short cord can also mean hauling around extra extension cords and kit than you may like. Being aware of the cord length means you can pack a spare extension if you need it or figure out picnic table placement before getting to your campsite.

Most cords are standard length, but some are exceedingly short. If you want to expedite packing, you might also want to consider a grill with a removable cord.


The highest temperature an electric grill can reach will vary slightly depending on the model. Most electric BBQ models will heat up to between 220°C and 270°C. If you’re cooking thicker cuts of meat, you may want to look into a grill that reaches higher cooking temperatures.

For making eggs and toast, boiling water, and cooking vegetables, a lower temperature will probably get the job done. Consider what food will fuel you for your camping trip and how you would like to cook outdoors.

Some grills also heat up quicker. If cooking while you’re outdoors isn’t your ideal way to spend an afternoon, then perhaps a fast-heating grill would suit you more than one that needs to preheat for a long time.


Features are part of what sets each grill apart from the pack. Some of the best things to look for are:

  • A lid: this can speed up cooking time and keep dirt away from food while you’re cooking.
  • Non-stick surface: cooking outdoors can be easier and safer without cooking oils.
  • Stand: having a frame or legs to elevate the grill will keep it off the ground.
  • Grease pan: this is a big plus for anyone who wants to cook bacon or other fatty meat. Not every grill has a removable grease pan, and most have a drainage hole.
  • Dual surface: most electric grills use a flat cooking surface, but some will have a proper grilling side of the barbecue for authenticity.

The features you want will depend on what outdoor experience you’re hoping to get. A lid might be helpful if you constantly find yourself camping in areas with lots of pollen or want to cook quickly. There are other features too, like easy cleaning.

The Best Electric Grills

We’ve scrutinised products, consulted reviews, and compared all the options for the best possible grills online. Each grill might match a particular type of camper best, so make sure to check out who might like to use each grill and how it could potentially fit into your next camping trip.

1) George Foreman Large Variable Temperature Grill & Griddle

This George Foreman electric grill is a tabletop version for quick cooking on the go. The grill has both a flat griddle and grill surface for cooking, and the grill surface has a lid to help cook faster. Both the grill and griddle side have separate temperature control so you can cook two completely different dishes at once.

George Foreman Large Variable Temperature Grill & Griddle...
  • 10 portion grill and griddle (four portion grill and six portion...
  • Improved, 3 x longer lasting non stick plates
  • Dual, independent temperature controls
  • Stores vertically, including the drip tray with cord storage
  • Ideal-fit drip tray slots in place. Please note that the grill...

This grill is still reasonably light, coming in at 3.8kg, and can pack a serious punch without being too difficult to clean or transport. On this barbecue, the dripping plates are not removable for cleaning. Luckily, because of the super non-stick surface, wiping down the grill is quick.

  • Closable lid for the grill side
  • Two different temperature controls
  • Can cook a full English
  • No accessories
  • The drip tray doesn’t remove

George Foreman grills are famous for their high quality, so if reliability is a concern of yours, then perhaps this slightly more expensive barbecue will be the perfect match.

2) MisterChef® XL Teppanyaki Grill

The MisterChef XL Teppanyaki Grill is a large grill with a flat cooking surface and a ridged one. These two different cooking surfaces mean you can cook pancakes or shish kebab and anything in between.

MisterChef® XL Teppanyaki Grill - Electric BBQ Table Top...
  • Large cooking plate - 68x29cm, this hotplate cooking surface...
  • Social dining - Teppanyaki grilling makes a great social event,...
  • Equipped with 4 non slip feet to ensure your table or cooking...
  • 6 Heat Settings - Individual heat settings ensure you can control...
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty - Shop with confidence. If you have...

The heat control dial means you can get an even sear. This grill is perfect for big groups and camping trips. The grill weighs 3.2kg and is a lightweight, simple barbecue without any fuss.

  • Temperature dial
  • Dual cooking surfaces
  • It comes with a recipe book
  • Can’t remove the drip tray
  • Non-slip feet

3) George Foreman Indoor Outdoor BBQ Grill

This electric grill looks more like a propane or charcoal barbecue. The circular grill comes with a lid and has a raised stand so that you can grill off of tabletops. Not many electric grills have legs, so if this is a feature you want, then looking into this grill might be the right choice for you.

George Foreman Indoor Outdoor BBQ Grill 22460, Black
  • Cooks up to 15 portions of food, suitable for indoor and outdoor...
  • Non-stick easy clean removable plates
  • Angled cooking plates drain away fat and grease from foods Into...
  • Variable temperature control and gauge to view cooking...
  • When the grill reaches the required temperature, the light will...

The grill has a dripping tray, lights up when it reaches cooking temperature, and can hold ten pieces of food at a time. It’s a solid option for someone who wants to cook through a thick piece of meat and wants to grill in style.

  • Removable stand
  • Heat gauge
  • Dripping tray
  • Non-stick surface
  • The handle on the lid can get loose
  • Heaviest grill

George Foreman grills are famous for their quality and reliability. This is the most expensive grill on the list, but the unique design with legs and a domed lid is also unlike the other top grills listed. If you want a grilling experience as close to a propane or charcoal grill as possible, this might be your choice.

4) Andrew James Teppanyaki Electric Grill Plate

This teppanyaki grill by Andrew James is a solid option for a basic, lightweight electric bbq. It’s got a smooth non-stick surface that can sear meat and seafood without a mess. This grill also works perfectly for welsh cakes.

Andrew James Teppanyaki Electric Grill Plate | XL Non-Stick...
  • ELECTRIC TEPPANYAKI GRILL -- This Large Teppanyaki Grill Plate...
  • PERFECT FOR SOCIAL DINING -- Teppanyaki Grilling is supposed to...
  • NON-STICK GRIDDLE HOT PLATE -- The flat teppanyaki hot plate...
  • 6 HEAT SETTINGS FOR CONTROLLED COOKING -- The large teppanyaki...
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY -- Shop in confidence. The...

This is a reliable basic grill that will cook food evenly. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it’s an excellent grill for a big group. This grill has six heat settings for versatility and ease of use.

  • Non-stick surface
  • Lightweight
  • Good heat control
  • Removable drip tray
  • It doesn’t have extra accessories
  • Short power cable

This classic grill will be a great accompaniment on any camping trip. It’s easy to set up and quick to use. You won’t need to worry about meticulous cleaning because of the removable dripping tray, and you don’t need to worry about a ton of extra accessories to carry around either.

5) Duronic Electric Griddle

The Duronic Electric Griddle offers a non-stick, smooth surface for tabletop cooking. The handles will stay cool while you cook, so if you’re cooking in one area near a generator and eating across the site, you don’t need to worry so much about burning yourself.

Duronic Teppanyaki Grill GP20 | Large Non-Stick Electric...
  • TEPPANYAKI HOTPLATE FOR DINNER PARTIES: Looking for a unique way...
  • TEPPANYAKI HOTPLATE FOR DINNER PARTIES: Looking for a unique way...
  • COOK HEALTHY AND TASTY MEALS: The non-stick surface of the...
  • SMOKELESS INDOOR BBQ: Similar to a BBQ, but without all of the...
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Featuring a detachable power cable that...

The grill heats evenly and has a gauge to control the temperature. For this grill, it’s all about cooking breakfasts and other simple foods for an overnight or weekend outdoors.

  • Easy to clean
  • Super lightweight
  • Handles stay cool while cooking
  • Only heats up to 225°C

For cooking simple meals with kids around or pets playing nearby, this could be a helpful grill to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal while you’re watching birds or enjoying the sunset.

6) KCZAZY Electric Smokeless Grill

Here’s an electric grill that can make a big meal. It’s heavy, weighing in at 8.2kg, but has a sturdy base and a deep cooking surface that you can use to make numerous dishes.

KCZAZY Electric Smokeless Grill with Glass Lid, Indoor and...
  • ▶️DISHWASHER SAFE & COMPACT and PORTABLE -- √ The electric...

The whole grill is easy to use, quickly heats up to 250°C in two to three minutes. You can cook a sirloin steak and a piece of salmon just like at home. Plus, the whole thing is dishwasher safe and easy to assemble for convenience.

  • Deep cooking dish
  • It has a glass lid
  • It comes with a flat griddle and a grill
  • Expensive
  • Very heavy

The KCZAZY Electric Smokeless Grill is a perfect option for anyone looking to cook food for many people camping or on a caravan trip. Since it’s heavy and dishwasher safe, you might also want to use this electric barbecue in the garden at home or family picnics. This really is a five-star option for the camper who loves to feed others.

7) CASART Electric Teppanyaki Grill Table

This big electric grill can cook for a whole family camping trip and comes in three sizes. It offers a long, flat cooking surface that is non-stick and easy to wipe down for cooking outdoors.

CASART Electric Teppanyaki Grill Table, 1800W/2000W...
  • ❤5 ADJUATABLE TEMPERATURES: Our electric griddle is equipped...
  • ❤HIGH POWER BAKING PAN: 1800W/2000W electric grill teppanyaki...
  • ❤INTIMATE NON STICK DESIGN: This domestic grill has anti scald...
  • ❤PROVIDE A HEALTHY DIET: The surface of the baking plate is...
  • ❤WIDE APPLICATION: Our flat grill plate can be used both indoor...

The grill reaches 270°C, which is the hottest on this list. It can cook meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and anything else quickly. The design is no-nonsense, without a lid or extra features. For a big, reliable cooking surface, this is one of your best options.

  • Even heat
  • Gets to 270°C
  • Removable dripping tray
  • It doesn’t have legs
  • It doesn’t have a lid

Anyone who loves a big steak or other thick cuts might want to consider this electric grill because it will be able to cook through most meats. The high heat and quick heating get cooking done fast, so you don’t need to be chained to the grill if you would rather spend time carving a new stick or playing football with your group.

8) Andrew James 42cm Electric Multicooker with Adjustable Temperature Control

This is a circular style tabletop electric BBQ that can cook a variety of meals. The cooking surface is a deep non-stick pan, great for making one-pot meals instead of just grilling. You could make rice, omelettes, or even pizza in the dish. Plus, it comes with a lid, which makes boiling water and cooking meat faster.

Andrew James Multi Function Cooker, Electric Frying Pan,...
  • 42CM ELECTRIC MULTI COOKER -- The Andrew James Electric Multi...
  • 1500W & ADJUSTABLE HEAT SETTINGS -- Mains powered, this 1500W...
  • NON-STICK COATING & GLASS LID -- The Electric Multi Cooker is...
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY -- Shop with confidence as the...

The grill reaches 240°C, giving it average heating abilities, and it has five temperature settings for cooking. The handles, cord, and lid are all detachable for simple storage and travel.

  • Deep cooking surface
  • Detachable cord
  • Lid
  • Heavy
  • It can be too big for some camping trips

This is a perfect option for families or anyone looking for a very versatile piece. If you get cold at night while you’re camping and want a warm meal while you snuggle up with a blanket, consider this grill.

9) Tower T14039BLK Electric Indoor/Outdoor BBQ

Here’s another electric BBQ designed to look like a propane or charcoal grill. This barbecue has a non-stick cooking surface that’s half flat and half grill-style. The grill has a removable drip tray, and Cerasure coating, so fat and grease won’t bake on for easy cleaning.

Tower T14039BLK Electric Indoor/Outdoor BBQ with Cerasure...
  • CERASURE COATING – this renowned cooking surface helps aid the...
  • THERMOSTAT CONTROL – offering five different temperatures to...
  • THERMOMETER INCLUDED – easily check to see if your meat is at...
  • NON-STICK GRILL PLATE – requires little to no oil for a...
  • EXTRA LARGE COOKING AREA – features a 465 x 338 mm/0.13 sq m...

This is a remarkable and pricey electric grill for cooking anything you might want to bring on a camping trip. It has a domed lid, adjustable legs, and cool-touch handles.

  • It has legs
  • The domed lid
  • Five temperature settings
  • Cerasure coating
  • Very expensive
  • The temperature knob can fall off

Overall this is an option for the chef at camp. If you want to channel your inner Gordon Ramsay while you’re enjoying the outdoors, then this might be the option for you. It’s not the most portable or affordable option on this list, but it will offer a unique camping experience.

In Conclusion

There are many factors to think about before picking an electric barbecue. Most options don’t have legs or lids, so you may find yourself feeling limited if you care greatly about those features.

These grills are made for cooking a variety of different foods. Some options are better for grilling meat, but others are perfect for making rice dishes and eggs. As long as you pack food in advance and try to plan out what you want to eat, any of these electric barbecues should help you enjoy a wonderful meal outdoors.

Ultimately, no matter what you choose to cook, all of the grills on this list offer consistent heat, reliable power and have a few different features that make them stand out from the pack. You won’t need to stress about cooking a healthy or filling meal outdoors using an electric grill. Pack what you fancy and fuel up for the exploration ahead!

Some of the critical questions to keep in mind as you continue to research the best electric BBQ for you will include:

  • Weight: how heavy is the grill?
  • Size: how much food can you fit?
  • Temperature: how hot does the grill get?
  • Dripping tray: do you need a removable dripping tray?

There is a sea of electric grills online, and not each one is made to the same high standard. Even if you don’t find your perfect grill on this list, knowing what to look for and how to find it will be a valuable resource in the future!

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