6 Best Fixed Blade Knives on the Market

A fixed blade knife is the ultimate choice for dependability and durability. The simplicity of the design prevents these blades from suffering the same shortcomings as folding knives. This dependability is essential for survival situations, and most people prefer fixed blade knives for outdoor uses.

However, finding the perfect knife for the job you need to perform can be difficult. If you’re having trouble selecting the best knife for your next hunting or camping trip, this guide is here to help. Keep reading for in-depth reviews of the best fixed blade knives on the market today.

Best Fixed Blade Knives

Not sure which knife is best? Here are six great options worth a closer look:

1) Morakniv Fixed Blade Outdoor Companion Knife

This blade is the optimal outdoor companion.  The Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife from Morakniv boasts a practical and straightforward design that gets the job done.

Morakniv Fixed Blade Outdoor Companion Knife

Size isn’t everything, and this knife understands that oversize tools can be cumbersome to handle. A streamlined 10.4 cm blade is the perfect size for most jobs, and the 4.5-inch handle is ideal for maintaining total control when using the knife.

The blade consists of Swedish stainless steel, making for a razor-sharp finish that stands up to strenuous use. Stainless steel blades are preferable for hunting because they maintain their edge far longer than carbon knives. This material also resists rusting, which is vital for outdoor use when exposed to the elements.

Although the 2.5mm thick blade doesn’t give the same heavy-duty feel as other thicker knives, the thinner design limits the weight and improves handling. If you’re shopping for fixed blade knives for camping, this model from Morakniv is an excellent option for long term use on lengthy trips.

A patterned, high-friction grip further improves performance. This knife will sit well in your hand and give you a firm grip even in wet conditions. A basic sheath protects the blade when not in use.

The company guarantees the quality of its products by backing this knife with a lifetime warranty. Best of all, the quality of this knife cannot be beat at its low price point.

  • Simple and lightweight design
  • Easy to grip and handle
  • Backed by lifetime warranty
  • Stainless steel provides durability
  • Affordable low price
  • Might not be big enough for some jobs
  • Basic sheath does not include additional features

2) Ka-Bar Fixed Blade Utility Knife

If you are looking for the ultimate fighting utility knife, Ka-Bar has produced the best fixed blade knife for you.

Ka-Bar Fixed Blade Utility Knife

This sleek black knife features an imposing blade with serrated edges. Although larger than some other knives, the 20.3 cm long blade made of high carbon serrated steel makes up for its heavier weight with impressive abilities. However, the carbon steel is not ideal for hunting and could wear down faster than stainless steel alternatives.

A partially serrated edge allows the blade to cut looped and synthetic materials easily. The blade’s significant width of 3.8 cm improves strength and allows the knife to tackle even the most challenging tasks.

The Kraton handle is durable and sizable. Users will appreciate that the knife feels sturdy in your hand and provides a firm grip that allows you to manage the larger blade. A highlight of this fixed blade knife is the accompanying luxury sheath made of leather and Cordura.

An appealing overall design and impressive size make this knife a perfect match for someone who wants to show off their blade. Ka-Bar is a renowned company that creates a high-quality product your friends will envy, but this advanced blade does come with a higher price tag.

  • Large blade for heavy-duty tasks
  • Appealing black design with luxury sheath
  • Serrated edge for synthetic materials
  • High-quality product from a reputable company
  • Can be difficult to handle heavy knife
  • Higher price point than competitors

3) Camillus MASK Fixed Blade Knife

Every aspect of this knife is ideal for hunting. Hunters will love the thoughtful design of the MASK fixed blade knife from Camillus that maximizes durability while enhancing handling.

Camillus MASK Fixed Blade Knife

This knife is the best size for handling efficiently. A 10.1 cm blade gets the job done without causing the handling issues associated with monster blades. The edge also features 420 steel material that provides strength and corrosion resistance at a low cost.

To further enhance the blade, Camillus bonded the steel with titanium. This titanium treatment prevents rust and drastically improves the strength of the metal compared to untreated steel. As a result, the blade stays sharper for longer.

The drop point blade is perfect for hunting uses. Attached is a beautiful camouflage handle with an enhanced grip. The handle’s shape is incredibly comfortable to hold in your hand, and the design will fit right in with your hunting gear.

An included ballistic nylon sheath provides the ultimate protection from debris and foreign objects when not in use.

The Camillus MASK fixed blade knife is the best fixed blade knife for hunting. You will not regret bringing this tool along on your next trip into the woods.

  • Titanium bonded steel blade maximizes durability
  • Stylish camouflage design on handle
  • Ideal size and shape for hunting
  • Advanced sheet provides excellent protection
  • Too small for specific tasks
  • Edge features no serration for synthetic materials

4) Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife

Designed in collaboration with a famous survival expert, the Bear Grylls Paracord Knife is up for any survival challenge. This knife boasts advanced features that set it apart from competitors for people looking for a tool that goes above and beyond necessary uses.

Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber makes a fixed blade that epitomizes cutting performance in a lightweight design that maximizes ease of use. The side profile of this knife is skinny, making the blade ideal for precision cutting. Users find that the knife is agile and easy to use for extended periods.

The fine-edge steel blade is 8.25 cm long, smaller than other models. Although this might limit its ability to handle heavy-duty jobs, don’t underestimate the innovative design capability. What this knife lacks in weight, it more than makes up for in advanced features.

This knife’s handle features a paracord that wraps around the blade for storage and can detach for survival tasks. A reversible sheath also accompanies this knife and gives the ultimate user flexibility when deciding how they’d like to carry the blade depending on their preference.

The Bear Grylls knife is practical to use and easy to transport. If you ever find yourself in a survival situation, this knife could make all the difference.

  • Designed by a survival expert
  • Thoughtful features like removable paracords
  • Lightweight build is easy to handle
  • Sheath allows flexibility when carrying
  • Moderately higher price point
  • Small blade not suitable for every task

5) Camillus Black River Fixed Blade Knife

Another fixed blade knife from Camillus, the Black River model, is the best fixed blade knife for practical everyday use. A straightforward design and manageable size make this an excellent affordable all-around knife compared to the company’s fixed blade knife for hunting.

Camillus Black River Fixed Blade Knife

The simple 9.5 cm drop point blade features titanium bonded steel that improves strength and durability. 420 Steel material is 3x harder than untreated alternatives and guaranteed to last.

A highlight of this blade is the full tang construction, which further improves strength and contributes to a handle’s rigidity that feels sturdy to grasp. The ergonomic grip design fills your hand and provides comfort during extended use. However, the full tang does add weight to the construction and can contribute to fatigue.

This knife also comes with a ballistic nylon sheath that provides the ultimate protection for your versatile knife. If you want a full tang knife that can continue to deliver over extended use with various tasks, the Camillus Black River knife is the best fixed blade for you.

  • Versatile design suitable for a variety of tasks
  • Titanium bonded steel increases durability
  • Full tang maximizes strength
  • Ballistic nylon sheath provides excellent protection
  • Not specialized for hunting purposes
  • Higher weight compared to similar knives

6) Morakniv Craftline Fixed Blade Knife

The Craftline Fixed Blade knife from Morakniv brings high-quality Swedish manufacturing to utility knives. This product is an excellent choice for consumers seeking a versatile carbon knife.

Morakniv Craftline Fixed Blade Knife

A 9.1 cm long carbon steel blade is ideal for achieving precision cuts as carbon retains sharpness better than other materials. The blade’s thin width ensures accuracy, while an ergonomic rubber handle provides grip for optimal handling. Artisans especially appreciate the manoeuvrability of this blade when tackling a variety of projects.

This utility knife also features a plastic combi-sheath that enables the connection of a second knife and sheath. There might be better fixed blade knives for outdoor use, but the Morakniv Craftline is the best option for consumers who value versatility.

  • Carbon material maximizes sharpness
  • Versatile use as a precise utility knife
  • Combi-sheath allows connection of second knife
  • Back by lifetime warranty
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty material
  • Carbon material is not as durable

What to Look For When Choosing The Best Fixed Blade Knife

Although most fixed blade users prefer these knives over folding alternatives due to their simplicity, several factors still matter when selecting the best fixed knife for you. Fixed blade knives come in various shapes and sizes suitable for different tasks, and understanding your future uses for the blade is critical for making the best decision.

Why Choose a Fixed Blade?

Folding knives are more suitable for day-to-day use, while a fixed blade is the best choice for outdoor use and survival situations. Fixed blades are the knife of choice for soldiers, and these knives stand up to vital tasks that include digging, hammering, and prying. If you ever find yourself in a situation that requires self-defence, a fixed blade knife can provide an advantage.

For professionals, including cops or firefighters, fixed blades may not be the best choice for urban living. Folding knives are easy to carry and fit seamlessly in your pocket.

Features to Consider

Although they may all look fairly similar, you want to consider each key feature carefully before selecting the best fixed blade knife for your needs:

Size Considerations

Size can matter, but its importance depends on the specific task. Although many prefer the idea of owning a large knife, large blades are not suitable for everyone. Small knives are ideal for simple tasks like cutting rope, while a large blade would make these tasks difficult to accomplish.

Skinning game and chopping through brush require heavy-duty blades to tackle the job. However, they can be heavy and difficult to handle. The most versatile knives fall between 3 and 7 inches long. This mid-range can handle most of the tasks that buyers require of fixed blade knives.


Although frequently overlooked, your knife’s grip plays a vital role in its performance. When you use a knife for tactical or survival situations, comfort is essential.

A full grip that fills your hand comfortably will maximize control of a knife of nearly any size. An ideal grip consists of a high-quality textured material that provides good traction and prevents the tool from slipping out of your hand.

Blade Material

Fixed blades come in various materials that are all suitable for different uses and provide varying benefits. Stainless steel is exceptionally resistant to rust and corrosion, and storing a stainless steel knife occasionally without cleaning it will not ruin the blade.

Because stainless steel is softer than carbon, it is easier to sharpen. It can dull quickly, but is slightly more robust. Carbon provides an advantage when you need an extremely sharp blade. This material is best for survival knives, but it is more prone to corrosion.


The fixed blade knife is the optimal tool for any hunter, outdoorsman, or survivalist. Although these knives do not offer the same portability as folding alternatives, their sturdiness and simplicity are essential for tackling challenging tasks. This review described different models’ suitability to recommend the best fixed blade knives for hunting, camping, and everyday use.

Different people will benefit most from knives specifically designed for the jobs they need to get done with their blade. When you understand what features to consider, you can find the best fixed blade knife for your specific needs. Regardless of the task of hand, there is a fixed blade knife that can handle it.

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