6 Best Metal Wallets on the Market

The time of leather and fabric wallets may have reached its end. Not only do most of us have an increasing number of credit cards, gift cards, and coupons that we carry with us, but when we add cash to the mix, the result is an overstuffed wallet that’s practically bursting at the seams. Not to mention that, in today’s world, keeping our cards secure is more critical than ever as thieves are finding increasingly sophisticated ways to steal our card information.

Enter the metal wallet: a tough, durable card holder that stays in excellent condition for years and offers top-of-the-line protection for your cards and money. The physical strength of the metal frame keeps your cards from bending or snapping in half, and RFID blockers keep your data secure. Plus, the slim design of many of these wallets makes them portable and easy to slip into pockets without causing a bulge.

If you’re in the market for a metal wallet, we’ve got you covered with a curated list of some of our favourite choices. These highly-rated brands offer a range of different materials and styles so you can find the wallet that suits your needs and personality.

What to Look For in a Metal Wallet

While there are many great metal wallets out there, choosing the best one comes down to several factors. Here are some of the things you may want to look for as you shop.


What is the wallet made of? Some metals are sturdier than others. A lot of wallets are made from aircraft-grade aluminium, steel, and carbon fibre, all of which are good choices for protecting your cards. Some metals are heavier than others, while others are more lightweight, which you’ll also want to take into consideration — lighter metals will be more comfortable and convenient to carry.


How thick is the wallet? Most people choose metal card holders because they are less bulky than traditional wallets, so many metal wallets are made to be slim so that they slip easily in and out of your pocket. Women, especially, tend to have small pockets without a lot of room for a wallet, so ladies who prefer not to carry their wallet in a purse will want a thin, low-profile design.

Data Security

In today’s world, it’s all too easy for criminals to gather your data wirelessly using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. To keep your cards and data as secure as possible, we strongly recommend choosing a wallet with RFID blocking protection. All of the models we’ve suggested here are designed to block RFID readers.

Card Holding Capacity

If you’ve only got a few cards that you carry with you — perhaps a driver’s licence and a credit or debit card — most designs will have plenty of capacity to hold your cards. If you have quite a few cards, though, that’s another story. Since metal cases don’t expand and flex the way traditional wallets do, you’ll only be able to squeeze in so many. In that case, you’re better off choosing an option that can accommodate a greater number of cards.

Cash Storage

While metal wallets aren’t typically designed to store cash inside, they usually offer options such as money clips, cash straps, or additional jackets with pockets. Having storage for notes and coins may not matter as much if you’re not in the habit of carrying cash, but these extra storage features can definitely come in handy.

Our Top Picks for Metal Wallets

1) The Ridge Metal Wallet

In our opinion, The Ridge metal wallet is the cream of the crop — it is exceptionally durable and well-made while still being functional and easy to use. Made from aluminium and anodized gunmetal, the case offers premium protection for your cards and prevents them from being read by RFID readers.

The Ridge Metal Wallet

The wallet, which holds 1-12 cards without stretching, offers easy access to your cards via a cutout on the side. Choose between a money clip and a cash strap to keep your cash close at hand. And the exterior is offered in several different colours: black, gunmetal, navy blue, or rose gold.

This wallet is our top pick because of its large storage capacity and high-quality materials. Even better, The Ridge offers a lifetime guarantee on the product, so you’ll never need to buy a new one.

  • Aluminium-gunmetal construction keeps your valuables safe
  • Excellent RFID blocking
  • High-capacity storage (up to 12 cards)
  • A choice between a money clip or a cash strap
  • Varying colour options to suit different tastes
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Pricier than other wallets
  • No ejection system for cards

2) AKIELO ALPHA Card Holder

For a sleek, stylish wallet that shields your cards from damage, look no further than the AKIELO ALPHA card holder. The slim profile, which has about the same thickness as an iPhone, fits comfortably in your pocket, while the sturdy Aircraft Grade 6061 Series aluminium body keeps your cards safe. Rigorously-tested RFID blocking technology safeguards your card data while you’re out and about.


When storing credit cards inside the wallet, you can use the quick access ejector system to remove your cards without a hassle. The storage compartment fits up to five embossed or eight flat cards, and select editions of the card holder come with a steel money clip to securely hold your cash in place.

The ALPHA is available in black, titanium, and silver, and some editions include an attractive leather jacket (offered in several different colours) to add an air of sophistication. And if you’re buying this wallet to give as a gift, the included luxury black gift box is sure to leave an impression.

  • Lightweight, strong construction
  • Slim and easy to fit in pockets
  • Full RFID blocking
  • Easy ejection system for cards
  • Money clip included with some editions
  • Attractive exterior with a variety of colour options
  • Comes in a stylish gift box
  • Only accommodates 5-8 cards at once

3) POWR Slim Metal Wallet

If keeping your data secure is your main concern, the POWR slim metal wallet boasts two layers of RFID-blocking material. RFID scanners will be blocked from reading credit cards, driver’s licences, and ID cards operating at 13.56 MHz (although some older cards operate at a lower frequency and may still be read).

POWR Slim Metal Wallet

Similar to the AKIELO model, the POWR metal wallet features an aircraft-grade aluminium body, keeping your cards safe from breakage and bending, and has an ejector system to let you easily access the contents of your wallet. Up to five embossed or eight flat cards will fit inside comfortably.

This minimalist metal wallet comes in black or titanium and arrives at your door in a gorgeous box that’s ready to give to a special someone in your life. POWR also offers a 6-month money-back guarantee for their products, as well as a UK-based customer support team to attend to your needs and concerns.

  • Superior RFID protection for most types of cards
  • Sturdy aluminium case
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Offered in black and titanium colours
  • Luxury gift box included
  • 6-month money-back guarantee
  • UK-based company and customer service department
  • Does not effectively block RFID for some older cards
  • Only stores up to 5-8 cards

4) Stealth Avenger Card Holder

For those who love the look of a leather wallet but want the strength and functionality of a metal card case, this Stealth Avenger card holder offers the best of both worlds. The sturdy aluminium case fits inside a faux leather jacket that is still slim enough for pockets.

Stealth Avenger Card Holder

Built-in RFID blocking in the metal case prevents others from stealing your cards’ data. While the card holder only holds four embossed or seven flat cards, the “leather” exterior offers additional storage pockets for cards and cash. Unfortunately, the outer jacket doesn’t provide further RFID protection, so any cards stored in its pockets could be more vulnerable to data theft.

Stealth offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its customers, and similar to other models we’ve discussed so far, it comes with an elegant gift box to make this a beautiful and memorable present for a loved one.

  • Appealing leather exterior with a sturdy aluminium interior for style and protection
  • RFID blocking inside the metal case
  • Quick ejection system spreads cards out for easy viewing
  • Extra storage space for cards and cash in the faux leather jacket
  • Includes a gift box
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Only has room for 4-7 cards inside the case
  • Leather exterior does not protect against RFID

5) WOWLED Carbon Fiber Wallet

WOWLED offers another option for a sturdy wallet with a sophisticated, modern look. While many other metal wallets are made of aluminium, this model features a robust yet lightweight carbon fibre body with a unique textured pattern on its exterior.

WOWLED Carbon Fiber Wallet

The compact, pocket-friendly design fits 12 cards inside, so has a much larger capacity than most of the other options so far. It also provides RFID protection to maintain your privacy, and an included money clip holds onto your notes.

  • Carbon fibre construction with eye-catching textured surfaces
  • Compact and portable
  • Protects privacy with RFID blocking
  • Accommodates up to 12 cards
  • Includes a money clip
  • Does not have a card ejection system

6) Vicloon Metal Card Holder

Vicloon’s ultra-light metal card holder reduces bulk in your pockets while offering six PVC accordion slots for cards. The thin design, made from aluminium and stainless steel, features a metal latch to hold the case shut and guards against RFID scanning.

Vicloon Metal Card Holder

While this design is relatively simple and doesn’t offer some of the features as the other wallets we’ve mentioned, it’s still a good-quality wallet with a durable build that will safeguard your cards and IDs.

  • Very lightweight, non-bulky design
  • Aluminium and steel construction
  • RFID protection
  • Individual pockets for cards
  • Metal latch keeps case from falling open
  • Must remove cards manually; no ejection system
  • Only has capacity for 6 cards

Wrapping Up

Metal wallets are the way of the future — compact yet strong, they provide some of the best security for your credit cards while also looking stylish and attractive. Best of all, they’re built to last, so you can look forward to enjoying their protection for years to come.

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