Best Portable Solar Chargers on the Market

Portable chargers are an increasing necessity for our devices. As we lead busy lives and are constantly on the go, we need to keep our devices charged — no matter where life takes us!

Solar chargers include solar panels that allow them to charge through direct sunlight, providing an easy and eco-friendly way of charging your devices when electricity is out of reach. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, you can simply hang it on your bag, plug the phone and enjoy your outdoor adventures with peace of mind.

But it’s important to note that most of these devices are made with power charging as the main charging method in mind when it comes to portable solar chargers. Solar charging should often be seen as an emergency backup solution rather than a primary charging source.

Ready to learn more? Here’s our detailed review of the best portable solar chargers on the market.

Top 6 Best Portable Solar Chargers

After extensive research, below are the top 6 best portable solar chargers based on charging capacity, weight, size, charging speed, and overall design.

1) Anker PowerPort Solar Charger

Anker is one of the best-performing solar chargers on our list. This well manufactured portable charger delivers wireless charging capabilities with a speed of up to 2.4 amps per port or three  amps overall. The solar panel charging under direct sunlight holds a conversion rate of up to 23.5%.

With this charger, you can charge up to two devices simultaneously and wirelessly. It also includes dual ports if you wish to charge your devices directly. The light-weight and foldable, wallet-like design make it perfectly portable, with solar panels sewn straight into the polyester canvas to offer weather-resistant durability. This is ideal for long walks and travel adventures.

The solar panels are highly sensitive and can fully charge your device even during overcast or cloudy weather. The charger comes equipped with a 3-feet micro-USB cable, as well as a free 18-month warranty.

  • Fast charging
  • Solar charging possible in overcast conditions
  • Light-weight and durable
  • Expensive
  • Awkward design


This solar charger is great because it contains four ultra-light and foldable solar panels that offer a conversion rate of up to 25% of solar energy into free energy. CHOETECH has a competitive advantage here, as most solar chargers contain only three panels. Wallet-sized and only 360 grams in total weight, it’s also one of the most compact and light-weight solar chargers available.

Its advanced smart charging technology automatically detects and delivers the ideal charging current for any connected device with a fast and efficient charge. The CHOETECH provides you with 5V 2.1A for compatible devices once under direct sunlight.

FCC and RoHS certified, the CHOETECH will safely charge your devices without overheating or overcharging. Constructed with durable nylon materials, the foldable panels are also water-resistant if your outdoor adventures include a bit of rain.

Its foldable, wallet-like design makes it easy to carry and charge multiple devices at once. It works best with devices that require 5V power, such as iPhones and Android smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices. It also comes with free lifetime technical support in case you run into any performance issues.

  • It contains four solar panels
  • Foldable
  • Light-weight and compact
  • Water-resistant
  • Charges entirely only in direct sunlight
  • Difficult storing power
  • Can take some time to charge

3) HETP Solar Power Bank

The HETP solar power bank charger is a high-quality charger that contains a built-in 26800 mAH li-polymer battery. The battery is sufficient to charge an iPhone up to eight times, Samsung S9 five to eight times, and an iPad pro twice.

Solar Power Bank 26800mAh, HETP【2022 Version Solar...
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The HETP is fairly light-weight and made with durable, high-quality materials. This charger includes two USB ports with 2.1A and 1.0A output, allowing you to charge up to two devices at a time. When out of battery life, you can refill the battery to completion within 3.5 hours at 5V 2.1 A.

It also comes with a worry-free two-year warranty and 24-hour customer service in case of any issues.

  • Fast charge
  • Good charging capacity
  • Can charge multiple devices at once
  • Solar charge needs direct sunlight
  • No wireless charging

4) Pxwaxpy Solar Power Bank

The Pxwaxpy solar power bank comes equipped with a 26,800 mAH large capacity battery, enough to charge an iPhone up to 7 times, a Galaxy S10 up to 6 times, and an iPad Air up to 3 times. It includes Type-C micro-USB ports as well as 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A output ports.

Pxwaxpy Solar Power Bank 26800mAh, Solar Charger 【Type C &...
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With this high-capacity solar charger, you can charge up to two devices at a time. It will also automatically detect what type of device you’re charging, from iPhone to iPad to tablet or camera, and provide the best charging current for that device.

CC, FCC, and RoHS certified, the Paxwaxpy meets all the electronic safety requirements to ensure you and your devices are kept safe. This charger also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee as well as a 2-year free warranty. You can also use it on planes and underground trains.

  • Can charge multiple devices at once
  • Long-lasting charge
  • Device type auto-detect
  • No wireless charging

5) Hiluckey Wireless Solar Charger

With the Hiluckey solar charger, you’ll get a portable charger with a capacity that lasts a long time. This charger is cable-free with a wireless output that supports any Qi-enabled device for inductive charging.

Solar Charger 26800mAh Power Bank - Hiluckey Wireless...
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  • Fast Charging: It can charge 4 devices simultaneously at full...
  • 2.5X Recharging: You can fully charge your power bank in 7 hours...
  • Outdoor Essentials: Equipped with solar panel, just hang it on...

At a 26800 mAH high-capacity battery, the Hiluckey is enough to charge the iPhone 11 up to 8 times, the Galaxy S10 up to 6 times, and an iPad mini up to 3 times. The powerful charging capacity will last up to 8 days after complete recharge.

Using wireless technology, the Hiluckey can charge up to four devices simultaneously and at full speed. It can automatically detect your device type for efficient use of power and deliver the fastest charging speed. For instance, the iPhone 11 can be fully charged within 1.3 hours. You also have the option of using its USB-C port for direct charging if you so wish.

This solar charger includes a built-in LED flashlight with three different modes for navigating the darkness or seeking help in the event of an emergency. It’s also been made with durable materials allowing it to stay water-resistant, dustproof, and shockproof.

  • Fast charge
  • Included Qi wireless charging
  • Water-resistant, dustproof, shockproof
  • Includes built-in LED flashlight
  • USB charger not included

6) Slols 26800mAH

The Slols 26800mAH capacity power bank is the perfect solar charger that doesn’t require the day to be very sunny to build up its power supply. It includes a heat sink and tough protective shell that protects the power bank and your devices from overcharging.

Designed with four out-ports, the Slols allows you to up to four devices and does so relatively quickly. You also have the option of charging your device through Qi Wireless technology.

In terms of device types and their capacity, this charger can charge an iPhone 11 up to 10 times, a Galaxy S20 up to 6 times, and an iPad Pro up to three times. It’s also equipped with technologies to avoid over-charging, overheating, and short circuits, keeping you and your charger safe at all times.

Other advantages to this portable solar charger are its easy portability as well as its built-in LED lights.  With 18 smart LED lights, the charger also doubles as a flashlight with four lighting modes, helpful for outside activities at night or in an emergency.

The charger also comes complete with a lanyard that you can easily attach to your backpack while camping, hiking, or travelling.

  • Includes tough protective shell
  • Anti-overheating and anti-overcharging technologies
  • Qi wireless charging
  • It doubles as a flashlight with four modes
  • Difficult to get a 100% charge
  • Heavy and Bulky

 What to Look for in a Portable Solar Charger

When it comes to selecting the most suitable portable solar charger, you should consider various factors. You want to look for certain specifications and attributes to ensure your portable solar charger is not only effective but in alignment with your needs. Below are some things to look for in a portable solar charger

Size and Weight

For most people, a portable solar charger is desirable due to its portability and its ability to charge without needing electricity. This suggests that the user is likely to be on the move constantly.

Perhaps you are hiking through the mountains or attending an outdoor music festival for a few days. The last thing you want is for your portable charger to be heavy, bulky, and difficult to carry.

Look for portable chargers that are light-weight and compact, something easy to fit in your pocket or bag. Many of the chargers listed in this article also come complete with an attachment that lets you hand the charger easily off your backpack.

For optimal portability, we recommend foldable, wallet-size chargers. These are light-weight, slim, and easy to keep in your pocket if necessary.

Charging Capacity

The charging capacity of a portable solar charger is possibly the most crucial factor you want to consider. Many of the chargers in this list include a charging capacity of up to 28,600 mAh. This is a relevantly high capacity, although a select few go as high as 30,000 mAh.

This may be important to you depending on how long you plan to go without electricity, mainly if you rely primarily on solar panel charging capabilities.

If you require a portable charger for everyday use with the ability to go home each evening and have it recharged, the charging capacity might not be the biggest factor. However, if you plan to go camping for three days with no electricity, this factor will be particularly important.

In addition, you want to consider the battery life of your devices and how much power is needed to recharge them.

Most portable chargers will indicate how long and often it takes to fully recharge specified devices, such as an iPhone 11 versus an iPhone 7 or an iPad pro versus a Galaxy S20. These differing devices each have their own charging capabilities that you want to factor in when you decide.

Charging Capabilities

Charging capabilities need to be addressed in a few different ways as it relates to portable solar chargers.

How Many Devices?

Firstly, consider how many devices you hope to charge with your portable charger and if you need to do so simultaneously. How many ports does the charger come with? Some chargers on our list offer one to two ports while others offer up to four and five. This factor can also go back to the charging capacity, as charging various devices at once will require a much higher one.

Wireless Charging

In addition to the number of ports available, you may want a charger that offers wireless charging, typically through Qi technologies. With this option, you can typically charge more than one simultaneously simply by resting the devices on the charger. Many wireless portable chargers will allow up to five or six devices, but again this will depend on the charging capacity and the type of devices.

Charing Conditions

Finally, you’ll want to consider the optimal conditions at which you can utilise the solar panel feature. As we stated initially, even solar portable chargers should have power charging as the primary charging method, using solar charging as an emergency backup solution.

Many solar chargers require that you place them in direct sunlight for them to charge effectively. Consider the weather conditions around you. Are you hiking in the desert with plenty of consistent sunlight? Here in the UK, it’s often quite overcast, so you want to ensure the solar charging capabilities are effective even when it’s a bit cloudy.


In conclusion, portable solar chargers can undoubtedly come in handy if you’re often on the go and don’t have access to electricity or charging stations. When equipped with solar panels, solar chargers will charge themselves by way of sunlight, making them not only useful for emergencies but eco-friendly as well.

Based on our list of the best portable solar charger, we’ve concluded that our top pick would have to be the Anker PowerPort Solar Charger. With its sleek, light-weight design, foldable solar panels, and wireless charging capabilities, this charger proved to be the most effective, durable, and desirable on the market today.

Be sure to consider size, weight, as well as charging capacity, and capabilities when deciding on the best portable solar charger that’s right for you!