Best Sleeping Bags For Kids

Outdoor activities like camping can be a fun part of any kid’s childhood. But every trip into the great outdoors needs proper equipment to ensure that it is a positive experience. Finding a good children’s sleeping bag is essential when preparing for any adventure.

It can be challenging to find a high-quality sleeping bag that is the appropriate size for smaller campers. The best kids sleeping bags need the same top features as adult sleeping bags, but there is a much more limited selection.

Keep reading to learn more about the best sleeping bags for kids and what to look for when selecting the right product for your child.

What to Look For In The Best Sleeping Bags For Kids

There are several factors that you should consider when shopping for a childrens’ sleeping bag. Although sleeping bags for kids are smaller than adult sleeping bags, they still need the same key features.

A top-quality sleeping bag will provide warmth and comfort with maximum durability. But you also need to make sure that the sleeping bag you purchase is easy for kids to pack and carry. Here is a list of things to look for when choosing the best sleeping bag for kids.


Sleeping bags need to have adequate insulation to keep campers warm while sleeping outside. Most products use down or synthetic insulation. Down is a premium insulation that offers significantly more warmth than the equivalent weight of synthetic filling.

Explorers on demanding trips generally prefer down sleeping bags for their lighter weight. Lighter gear is easier to pack over challenging terrain. Reduced weight can also be beneficial for children who are not as strong as their adult companions.

However, down is exceptionally expensive and can lose its ability to provide warmth and insulation if it becomes wet. Synthetic insulation material is much more affordable and can still retain heat after becoming moist.

Since all kids eventually grow out of their sleeping bags, it may not be a worthwhile investment to purchase one with expensive down insulation. Synthetic insulation is more suitable for the limited utility lifespan of a child’s sleeping bag.

Synthetic insulation materials come in a wide range of quality. Although superior material is more expensive, it can compete with the warmth provided by down while remaining significantly cheaper.

Down is still the best choice for camping in extreme cold. But synthetic materials are suitable for most temperatures that families experience while camping. Plus, many synthetic materials can now replicate the high loft warmth and compressibility of down.


Kids are smaller than adults and have limited strength. So all children need a sleeping bag that is relatively light and easy to pack. Finding a sleeping bag that provides adequate warmth while remaining compact enough to carry can be difficult.

If you plan on hiking and backpacking, weight is especially critical. Light equipment allows kids to keep up with their companions without becoming too tired. Although the most lightweight sleeping bags use down material, some products with high-quality synthetic insulation are also light enough for kids.

Some kids’ sleeping bags come with a compact carry bag designed to hold the folded up sleeping bag during transport.

Exterior Fabric

The face fabric on the outside of the sleeping bag plays a critical role in the product’s durability. Interior fabrics should be soft and comfortable, but exterior fabric needs to protect the child from the outside elements.

This fabric should be sturdy and tear-resistant to maximize the lifespan of the sleeping bag. Although your child will eventually grow out of the sleeping bag, kids can still cause a lot of wear and tear on anything they use.

Any face fabric should also be water-resistant. A sleeping bag can become soaked by humidity or rain. This moisture can damage the insulation, reducing warmth and compromising comfort. A warm and dry place to sleep is vital for a successful camping trip.


Size is the primary distinguishing factor between sleeping bags for adults and children. Small kids just don’t fit in products designed for the average grown-up. But kids also vary in size.

Sleeping bag length should fit the current height of the child. Some of the best sleeping bags for kids feature fasteners that allow the sleeping bag to shorten with a drawcord. This adjustability feature allows for more prolonged use of the sleeping bag while the child grows.

Your kid’s sleeping bag should also be the appropriate width. Sleeping bags that are too wide may allow heat to escape. But a tiny sleeping bag may be restrictive if it fits too snug.

Temperature Rating

Adult sleeping bags have standardized temperature ratings that indicate the appropriate temperature ranges where the sleeping bag can provide adequate warmth. Standard laboratory tests show temperature rating and allow different brands to use the same rating system.

However, this method of standard temperature rating does not apply to children’s sleeping bags. Most manufacturers use different systems to rate which temperature ranges are appropriate for their products, so comparing other brands when shopping can be challenging.

Basic sleeping bag types include summer, three-season, and winter temperature ratings. Summer sleeping bags are more breathable, while winter sleeping bags provide the most warmth for cold conditions.

Choosing a sleeping bag with an inadequate temperature rating can be detrimental to your kid’s comfort and health. Before you use any sleeping bag on a big camping trip, remember to test its warmth close to home.


There are several types of kids’ sleeping bags available on the market today. The most popular kid’s sleeping bag styles include rectangular sleeping bags and mummy sleeping bags.

Rectangular sleeping bags are roomier for kids who like to wiggle around in their sleep. But this extra space also limits the insulation offered by this style. They don’t have a hood to keep warm air in and cold air out.

This style of sleeping bag is also usually more versatile. Some models can unzip entirely for use as a blanket or duvet. Others have unique zippers that can convert two bags into a double sleeping bag version.

Most of the best sleeping bags for kids are mummy sleeping bags. This style of sleeping bag is ideal for maximizing warmth in cooler temperatures. These sleeping bags have a fitted hood that can tighten and a contoured shape with a tapered foot area.

Some kids may feel restricted in mummy sleeping bags, but the fitted designs help ensure that kids stay cozy all night long.

Top 8 Best Sleeping Bags For Kids

Here are reviews of the top 8 best sleeping bags for kids. All of these products are excellent choices for parents shopping for a high-quality sleeping bag that will keep their kids warm and comfortable on their next adventure.

1) Vango Kanto Junior 2 Season Paint Splat Sleeping Bag

This model features a specialized design for younger campers and a fun pattern that most kids would love to show off. This simple sleeping bag is convenient and durable. Plus, soft interior fabrics contribute to optimal comfort to promote a cosy night’s sleep.

Vango Kanto Junior 2 Season Sleeping Bag Black Paint Splat
  • New for 2019, the Vango Kanto Junior 2 Season sleeping bag is...
  • This sleeping bag does not only look the part but the soft touch...
  • Features and Specifications Grade A quality fill, superior fibre...
  • Auto-lock prevents the bag from opening during the night and can...
  • Ideal for snuggling into at night (190T Brushed) ThermoLock pro...

The synthetic fill includes high-quality fiberfill. This type of filling offers extra warmth while remaining more cost-effective and durable than down. The grade A fill is also lightweight for easy transport by small campers.

Kids also enjoy the comfort provided by an integrated headrest, and parents appreciate the integrated hanging loops that allow you to dry this bag quickly. This bag is suitable for kids up to 150cm and includes an auto-lock that prevents the bag from opening at night.

  • Soft-touch fabric and headrest for extra comfort
  • Grade A fiberfill for durable warmth that is also lightweight
  • Hanging loops and auto-lock features for convenience
  • Size is not expandable while the child grows
  • 2 season temperature rating not suitable for extreme cold

2) Outwell Kids’ Contour Sleeping Bag

This kids’ sleeping bag from Outwell offers the most versatility with a design that allows it to open fully for use as a duvet. It also features a built-in pillow to minimize extra packing and maximize comfort.

If you are camping with multiple kids, you can zip two bags together to create a double sleeping bag. The reversible material makes this suitable for second season use, allowing kids to change the temperature rating based on climate.

Kids who prefer sleeping bags without hoods can remove the hood from this sleeping bag using the zip-off feature. The company included all of the elements in this product’s popular adult model but sized down the design to fit youngsters.

  • Reversible material for two-season use
  • Removable zip-off hood
  • Versatility to use as duvet or double sleeping bag
  • Roomier design allows heat to escape
  • Lower quality synthetic filling

3) Kelty Big Dipper Short Sleeping Bag

The feature that distinguishes this sleeping bag from other products is its ability to grow with your kids. An adjustable drawstring allows the length to extend up to 12 inches.

Kelty Girls Big Dipper 30 Degree Sleeping Bag, Reflections...
  • Cloud Loft Insulation
  • Durable, reliable, detailed construction
  • Top draft collar
  • Age range: 5 to 12 years

This company’s sleeping bags feature a special synthetic Cloudloft insulation with high loft warmth with better durability than down. The insulation is also easily compressible for kids to carry with ease on long hikes and backpacking trips.

A top draft collar helps keep cold air out to provide a snug, warm place to sleep outside. Although this sleeping bag can last longer than other kids sleeping bags due to the adjustability, the manufacturer recommends it for children between 5 and 12 years old.

  • Innovative Cloudloft filling offers similar benefits to down insulation
  • Adjustable length is ideal for long term use for growing children
  • Lightweight and easy to pack for convenient transport
  • Seams can tear after extended use
  • Zipper only on one side of the bag

4) KingCamp Treck 3-4 Season Junior Sleeping Bag

This premium sleeping bag offers enough warmth for camping during below-freezing temperatures. It comes in a variety of colours to suit the unique preferences of every child. This junior model of KingCamp’s popular sleeping bag offers all of the adult bag features in a smaller size.

KingCamp Treck 3-4 Season Mummy Sleeping Bag Double Layer...
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  • ★【Personalized Cozy Design】Mummy shape design keeps your...
  • ★【Easy-run Zipper】2 way zipper design on the side makes you...
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A rounded collar protects your kid from cold air entering the sleeping bag, and an adjustable hood keeps their head off the ground. The two-way zipper allows easy access to this snug sleeping bag with Velcro to prevent the zip from slipping during the night.

The high-quality synthetic fibre filling is warm. This sleeping bag has a temperature rating well below freezing but still compresses well into a convenient carry bag. The company also offers a lifetime guarantee to ensure product quality.

  • Warmth suitable for winter camping in below-freezing temperatures
  • Snug hood and collar prevent cold air from entering
  • Zipper has an easy-run track and Velcro for convenience
  • Tight foot area may be too snug for some campers
  • Extra-long drawstring can get tangled when pulled tight

5) Kelty Boy Woobie Sleeping Bag

Kelty sleeping bag is best suited for small children up to six years old. Tiny campers will appreciate the fun colours and cute animal design located on the inside of the bag.

Kelty Boy Woobie 30F/ -1C Sleeping Bag, Blue, One Size
  • Cloud Loft Insulation Durable, reliable, detailed construction...

This sleeping bag’s top panel flips down with dual-sided zippers to create a snug and comfortable sleeping space. Synthetic Cloudloft insulation also helps keep kids warm while providing excellent durability.

This unique insulation is high-loft with impressive compressibility for easy transport. A double-layer, quilted construction improves durability to stand up to abuse. The anti-snag zippers are also kid-friendly, and the contoured hood doesn’t have any problematic cords.

  • Cloudloft insulation combines warmth and compressibility
  • Durable double-layer construction is resistant to tears
  • Double zipper top panel can flip down for kids who need wiggle room
  • Only suitable for tiny kids
  • Not warm enough for temperatures below freezing

6) Unicorn Pod Infant Sleeping Bag

There are very few sleeping bags available for babies, but this cute unicorn pod is a perfect option for the smallest campers. This pod has a wide-sided design to allow for extra space for babies to wiggle and shift in their sleep.

The synthetic insulation is durable and warm. This type of insulation also contributes to the affordable price of this bag for fast-growing infants. The company recommends this product for children from 0 to 2 years of age.

A cute unicorn design highlights this sleeping bag, and most parents find that it keeps their infants comfortable and warm.

  • Explicitly designed for infants under the age of two
  • Cute design that features unicorns and rainbows
  • Affordable price point for limited use
  • Some babies may prefer more support from a snug design
  • No adjustability as your baby grows

7) Andes Pichu 300 Children’s Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag has thoughtful features that make it ideal for younger children who enjoy camping. The 300GSM synthetic hollow fibre filling offers more warmth, and the 190T polyester provides excellent durability.

Andes Pichu 300 2-3 Season Childrens/Kids Camping Sleeping...
  • Genuine ANDES Branded Product - High Quality Camping Goods at...
  • The Andes High Quality Black Pichu 300 Children's Sleeping Bag is...
  • The sleeping bag has a great 300GSM hollow fibre filling - 2-3...
  • Compression Sack included (packed size: 30 (12") x 20cm (8"))
  • Colour: Black, Material: 190T Polyester, Size: 151cm x 51cm x...

The temperature rating of this sleeping bag is for 2-3 season use in above freezing conditions. But the adjustable hood and tapered feed help keep kids snug and warm on cooler nights.

An internal storage pocket allows kids to keep a light nearby or hide midnight snacks. The hood includes an elastic cord for a snug fit, and an included compression sack makes transport easy.

  • Elastic hood and tapered fit for optimal warmth
  • Durable, water-resistant material for longevity
  • Interior pocket for convenient storage
  • Low-quality zip that sometimes breaks
  • Sizing runs small and is best suited for younger children

8) Highlander Mummy Style Junior Sleep Capsule

This spacious, oversized mummy-style sleeping bag for kids is necessary for cool nights on family camping trips. The interior fabric lining is extra soft to improve comfort and keep kids cosy.

Highlander Outdoor Products Kids Childrens Boys Girls Junior...
  • Kids Sleep Capsule - Over-sized Mummy Style Sleeping Bag For...
  • Filling: 250g/m² Mono Hollow Fibre.
  • Very Warm, Spacious & Comfortable.
  • Soft Fabric Lining & A Full Length 2 Way Zip And Baffle.
  • Lightweight , Compact & Easy To Carry.

Despite the warmth offered by this sleeping bag, it is still compact enough for young kids to carry easily. A full-length, two-way zip also makes it easy for kids to get into and out of this bag.

The mummy-style and spacious design combine to create a sleeping bag that keeps the warmth in and allows wiggly kids to move around. This bag’s design also features mono hollow fiber filling for insulation.

  • Lightweight and compact for easy transport
  • Soft fabric liner for comfort while sleeping
  • Spacious mummy style design is ideal for kids who move in their sleep
  • Lower quality synthetic filling
  • Hood does not have a cord for adjustability


Growing children don’t have to settle for adult sleeping bags that don’t fit them properly. A proper fitting sleeping bag is essential for keeping kids warm and comfortable during outdoor adventures. All of these children’s sleeping bags offer excellent quality in sizes suitable for the smallest campers.

Like adults, kids have various individual needs to consider when shopping for a sleeping bag. Their sleeping habits will help determine what style of sleeping bag is best for them. Kids will also need different sizes as they grow unless you invest in an adjustable model.

Investing in a sleeping bag made out of quality materials suitable for the environment where you are camping is essential for your kid’s health and comfort. Before planning your next family camping trip, make sure you bring one of the best sleeping bags for kids.

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