Best Spinning Rods To Get in 2021

Whether you’re experienced at fishing or want to try fishing for the first time, an ultra-light spinning rod can be a great choice. It is suitable for fishing and camping trips. They come in 2-part or collapsible options.

You can pack them in or strap them to your backpack, easily store them in your kayak or boat, keep them in your vehicle just in case, or even fold them up to put in a suitcase for an adventure requiring domestic or international travel.

Different Rods

There are several differences between spinning rods and other rods. One difference is that the reel and rod guides face downward. Because of this, the reel guides bend downward, so heavier fish can sometimes pull the reel guides off the rod. This type of rod is better for small to medium-sized fish rather than for competitive fishing.

Because spinning rods are great for lures, you don’t have to worry about having bait with you if you decide on a little impromptu fishing.

The lighter lures you can use with a spinning rod mean that you can make longer casts even in windy conditions.

The lure’s spinning action is more tempting for fish to bite, which means you catch more fish than with another type of rod.

Another advantage of the spinning rod is that you can use it for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. As such, it is compatible with a variety of fish types. Are you left-handed, or are your hands easily fatigued? Reels for spinning rods are ambidextrous and have no trigger to push.

Best Spinning Rods

The best spinning rod for you depends on many things, but there are several excellent options.

1) Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo Set

Whether you’re entirely new to spinning rods or don’t want to have to think about buying accessories, the Magreel Combo Set might be for you. The Magreel Combo Set is the only rod on the list that includes a small tackle box of lures, hooks, and weights, as well as 120 meters of fishing line. For all the other spinning rods, you’ll have to research and buy these things on your own.

Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo Set

The rod comes in several sizes from 1.8-2.7m. Weighing in at only 150-249.5g, it is a very light rod. It is best for lures weighing 7-28g. The ergonomic handle can keep your hands comfortable no matter how long you decide to fish.

Unlike other rods on the list, this one comes with a specially-paired reel. The reel’s CNC foldable aluminium handle ends in a rubber knob. The spool is constructed from anodized aluminium. It comes with a one-way clutch bearing that is instant anti-reverse. Its precision gears have a 5.5:1 gear ratio, which offers a smooth performance.

When you’re finished fishing for the day, you can telescope your rod down to 41-44cm. The included EVA carrying bag will fit your rod and gear and easily fit into or strap onto a backpack.

  • Includes a carrying case, reel, fishing line, lures, hooks, and weights
  • Can cast long distances with light lures
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime customer service
  • The included lures seem to be the type to attract larger, predator fish that the rod probably can’t handle.

2) Cadence – CR5 Spinning Rod

The Cadence has both cork and EVA handles, which are comfortable to hold. The Fuji reel seat is also comfortable and ergonomic.

Cadence - CR5 Spinning Rod

Because it is made with 30-ton carbon, this rod is a lightweight and robust option. The line guides on this rod are durable stainless steel with SIC inserts, so your line will run through it smoothly. The rod is 100% sensitive to vibrations. Thus, you won’t lose a fish that gives only tiny nibbles to your lure.

This rod’s full length is 1.7m, and it breaks down into two pieces under a meter each for easy transport.

Cadence donates a portion of all sales of their fishing rods to help get kids outside to fish.

  • Good balance
  • Casts a long distance easily
  • It’s sensitive enough that you can feel the slightest tap.
  • The hook keeper is nearly flush, and jig heads pop off easily.
  • The two parts of the rod often become loose and twist after casting a few times.

3) Abu Garcia Devil Spin Rods

This rod looks simple, but simple can sometimes be better than complicated. The all-cork handles stand up to sweaty and wet hands so that you don’t lose your grip while reeling in your catch.

Abu Garcia Devil Spin Rods

The carbon composite blanks in this rod are light and resilient. It’s a strong rod and can handle larger lures in the 20-60g range. So, if you have favourite lures that are a little heavier, the Abu Garcia might be the best choice for a spinning rod for you.

One advantage of this rod is that you have eight different options when buying. It ranges in length from 1.7-3m. Some sizes have different casting weights. When purchasing online, put the rod in your “shopping cart” to see each rod’s casting weight.

This rod has TS quality line guides that allow for braided lines. It also can be broken down into two pieces for more convenient transport.

  • It’s not stiff and can handle a big catch without breaking because it is made from a composite material.
  • It can cast lures lighter and heavier than recommended without the worry of damaging the rod.
  • Foldable
  • No loop for holding the lure when folded

4) Magreel Telescopic Fishing Spinning Rod

This Magreel is similar to the above Magreel, but it has more extended rod options and doesn’t come with all the extras. So, if you like the Magreel but would prefer to pick your reel and tackle, this may be a better choice for you.

Magreel Telescopic Fishing Spinning Rod

Rod choices for this model range from 1.8-3.3m in length. The telescoping rod can collapse down to 41-50cm. It also includes a protective cap to cover the ring guides, which makes it more easily packable.

The Magreel is made from a 24-ton carbon fibre rod, which is strong and lightweight. Its EVA handle is soft and comfortable. The stainless steel line guide contains ceramic rings, which dissipates heat and helps resist corrosion.

When you’re buying accessories, keep in mind that the best lure weights for this rod are lightweight ones from 7-28g. The best weight for it would be 150-300g.

  • Includes a guide cover
  • Excellent action, distance, and flex
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime customer service
  • It has a spinning part above the handle that annoys some users. However, they’re able to glue it down with positive results.

5) Whistytwig Telescopic Fishing Rod

The Whistytwig is a collapsible rod that includes a cloth bag fishing kit and a ring guide cover. The rod is 2.1m when extended and about a half meter when retracted.

Whistytwig Telescopic Fishing Rod

This rod has eight sections, which are made with lightweight IM6 carbon fiber. It can accommodate a line weight of 1-3kg and lure size of 4-20g. You can use either a braided or a monofilament line with this rod. The line ring guides are made from stainless steel and are connected seamlessly with the pole to avoid tangles during casting.

The reel seat is made from strong graphite. It has an extendable handle for perfect casting. You will also find that it has a detachable rod plug at the bottom.

Whether you’re a novice or expert, this spinning rod is the perfect size to take with you anywhere.

  • Telescopes and includes a cloth carrying kit
  • Sensitive to the smallest nibbles
  • Well balanced
  • Lowest eye hook not far enough down for some customers

6) BERRYPRO Ultralight Spinning Fishing Rod

The BerryPro is another rod that can break down into two pieces. The full length of this rod is 2m, so each broken-down piece is a meter long.

BERRYPRO Ultralight Spinning Fishing Rod

The rod is made from 36-ton X-Carbon blanks, which means that it is ultra-lightweight, has excellent sensitivity, and is strong. The solid-carbon tip resists snapping. The manufacturers suggest that it’s most suitable for catches of 1-3.6kg.

You will find that the fishing guide rings are made from enhanced stainless steel. The precisely-aligned rings make less friction between the line and guide. Thus, the rod is sensitive enough to feel fish nibbles transfer from the line to the rod and from the rod to your hand.

This lovely green rod is also comfortable to hold. The split-reel seat is comfortable. A high-density EVA handle gives the rod perfect balance while providing a comfortable place to rest your hands.

  • One-year warranty
  • Super-sensitive tip
  • Smooth casting
  • Some people with larger hands find the reel seat to be a bit small.

What to Look For When Choosing a Spinning Rod

To choose which ultra-light spinning rod is best for your purposes, you’ll want to consider several things. What length do you want your rod? Do you want to use heavier lures or catch larger fish? What accessories do you need?


When you choose a spinning rod, you should think about whether the length is long enough for casting and your rod’s size when not in use. Some break down into two parts while others telescope and collapse down reasonably small. Can you fit it in or lash it to your backpack? Will it fit on the floorboard of your kayak? Is it easy to stash in your car boot or behind the seat of your lorry for impromptu use? A rod that collapses down to half a meter may be easier for you to transport. However, are you sacrificing casting distance by choosing a smaller rod?


Many fishing rod manufacturers use a carbon ton to indicate how stiff the fabric is in the rod. The higher the carbon number, the more rigid the rod will be and the less fragile. For example, a rod with 24-ton carbon will be more fragile than a rod with 40-ton carbon. Rods with lower numbers may be more likely to snap if you use them often or catch bigger fish than if you use rods with higher numbers.

Lure Size

Some of the spinning rods made from weaker materials or have lower carbon-ton ratings can only accommodate lightweight lures. You can make longer casts with lighter lures, so using lighter lures may be a good thing. If you have favourite lures on the heavier side, you will want to choose a rod that can accommodate them.


While one of the rods on the list comes with a case, reel, fishing line, hooks, weights, or lures, most do not. Usually, you will need to make these purchases separately. If you buy these parts individually and are new to fishing, you will need to learn to put together your spinning rod and get it ready to fish.

If you plan to put the collapsed rod in a backpack for hiking or in a suitcase for travel, you may want to consider if the rod includes a carrying case or a cover for the circular guides to prevent them from catching on other items in your pack or suitcase.


There are many excellent, lightweight spinning rods on the market. Choosing the right one for you is a matter of knowing how you want to use it and how you plan to store it while in transit to your fishing spot. You will have to note some important things when choosing the best spinning rod on the market.

You will need to consider the length, strength, collapse type, whether you want carrying accessories, what lures it will accommodate, the handgrip type, and whether it’s strong enough for your fishing style. After that, you are sure to find a spinning rod that will work for your needs. Or you can choose an all-inclusive combo set. Either way, your fishing adventures are waiting to begin.

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