Happiness Is a Warm Blanket – The Six Best Survival Blankets

Few things bring a greater sense of comfort and security than a blanket. Whether you’re like Linus from Peanuts who needs the comfort of a security blanket in moments of crisis, someone who loves the feeling of warm blankets on cold winter days, or yes, a camper looking to camp in the cold, it never hurts to have a survival blanket by your side.

That’s true of the world of Peanuts, and true in real life, which is why you’ll want a camping, survival, or emergency blanket to help keep you warm on your next big trip into the Great Outdoors.

What to Look for

But what exactly makes for a good camping blanket? As trusty as Linus’ blanket is, it probably isn’t ideally suited for camping (Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown aside) and its shortcomings in this respect can actually shed some light on what you might actually want in an emergency, camping, or survival blanket.

Blanket Types

Actually, that very uncertainty between those different types of blanket is part of the problem. There are several types of camping-friendly blankets, and even limiting it to the three we have listed here, there is still plenty of variation. What they all have in common, however, and what Linus’ blanket lacks is advanced thermal insulation. Linus’ blanket is relatively thin, and however warm and snuggly it may be, it isn’t tailored to trap heat in cold the way an emergency thermal blanket and similar options can.

Water Resistance and Level of Heat

What’s more, Linus and his blanket can get soaking wet, whereas a good camping, survival, or emergency blanket will be water-resistant and be able to keep you dry in damp conditions. At the same time, it isn’t just moisture you need to worry about, but heat as well. While both moisture and cold can both cause you severe discomfort, what helps combat one may not help with the other.

As anyone with a wool blanket can attest, they’re quite warm – but not always water-resistant. Conversely, waterproof sheets in sleeping bags can keep you dry, but depending on how they’re made, they may not actually trap much heat the same way wool can. Fleece blankets can be a nice compromise, trapping heat while keeping at least some moisture away from you while you sleep.

Thankfully, the best camping-ready blankets typically blend these strengths, offering a good deal of warmth as well as water-resistant protection, and it’s these blankets you’ll want to look for.


On the subject of materials, camping blankets are often classified as either down or synthetic, with the former containing duck or goose feathers for insulation and the latter making use of synthetic materials. Down blankets tend to be lighter and easier to roll up, while synthetic ones are often more water-resistant. In addition, a Mylar emergency thermal blanket is designed to trap as much as 90% of one’s body heat.

This is just one reason why a Mylar emergency thermal blanket is the blanket of choice for many militaries operating in cold weather conditions, and why you see them draped over victims on cop shows as well as survivors of real-life disasters. In addition to their remarkable heat trapping powers, these blankets are also highly durable, as they cannot be easily torn or punctured and can thus be used for a long time without fear of them wearing out.

Size, Shape and Weight

Size is another key consideration when evaluating different camping blanket options for your survival and camping kit. On the one hand, you naturally want to make sure your blanket is big enough to cover yourself easily. You don’t want to be stuck in freezing temperatures with an insufficient emergency blanket that leaves part of your body exposed to the freezing cold.

On the other hand, when camping every square inch and bit of weight in terms of backpack space and poundage matters, and you don’t want to waste it on a blanket that’s far bigger or heavier than is necessary. As such, you’ll want to look for a camping blanket that strikes a happy medium between these poles.

Two major factors in determining the appropriate size and weight of your survival blanket are the length of your journey and whether you are willing to sleep with more clothes on. The more clothes you wear, the easier it is to trap heat, which can mean choosing a lighter emergency blanket. That said, many people may find sleeping in thick clothes uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you are just taking a quick weekend camping trip, you may well wonder if packing a huge sleeping bag and blanket are worth it, or if you should opt for a survival blanket option that is on the slimmer side.

Thickness and Layers

The length of your trip factors into how compressible you want your blankets to be as well. A short trip and you may not care too much, but if your trip is going to be on the longer side, you may not want to battle with a blanket that’s hard to roll up and pack back into your backpack every day. Down blankets with their feathered material tends to be easier to roll up and pack than stiffer, more synthetic options.

Finally, you’ll want to pay attention to the outer layer of the blanket as well. You obviously want blankets that are water-resistant, but this can often mean thicker materials, which in turn may mean less breathability. Keeping yourself dry of rainwater won’t matter if you’re swimming in your own sweat instead. The best blankets for camping offer a nice balance of waterproofness and breathability.

Top Six Survival Blanket Options

Taking all those key factors into consideration, let’s take a closer look at six of the best blankets for camping and see which ones best suit your nocturnal nature needs.

1) Bearhard 3.0 Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket

Mylar blankets often appeal most to those looking for the most emergency-ready options, and such is the case with this offering from Bearhard. It does a good job of blending the emergency nature of Mylar with more traditional standards of comfort for blankets, camping, or otherwise.

Bearhard 3.0 Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket

This blanket measures 5 ft x 7 ft and weighs only 1 lb, making it a pretty lightweight and easily portable option. It is able to trap as much as 93% of your body heat, is durable with ultra PE lamination, and waterproof to boot. Interestingly, it also comes with four iron stakes and four reinforced grommets as supports, giving you the option to pitch the blanket as a tent around yourself. This can allow you to huddle up inside this weather-resistant blanket and transform it into a shelter instead. Needless to say, few blankets can be converted into full-on emergency makeshift shelters, and the fact this one can speaks volumes as to its durability.

  • Traps body heat efficiently
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable
  • Highly versatile
  • Can function as an emergency shelter
  • May seem pricey if you don’t need the support system
  • Edges may curl up when exposured to prolonged rain

2) Shayson Emergency Mylar Survival Blanket Set

This is another Mylar blanket designed to appeal to campers looking for emergency-ready blankets. As opposed to the Bearhard model, however, this is a much more no-frills, emergency-first option, designed less for camping for fun than actual emergencies. That said, if you’re the type who likes to be prepared no matter the conditions, this is a fantastic disaster preparedness blanket to have on hand, and can even come in handy if your camping trip turns out to be colder than you’d first imagined.

Shayson Emergency Mylar Survival Blanket Set

What’s more, this is a set of six blankets, which is a lot given this blanket’s affordability. Each of these blankets measure 9.5 x 14 cm and weigh 26 g, making this another great lightweight option. The blankets feature dual-sided aluminised Mylar, which can retain up to 90% of your body temperature They are also weather-resistant enough to keep you dry, and are thick enough to block out wind.

  • Affordable
  • Comes in a set of six
  • Traps heat well
  • Lightweight
  • More for emergencies than leisure camping

3) Bessport Camping Blanket Warm & Lightweight

This lovely fleece blanket for camping measures 200 x 145 cm and weighs 250 gsm, making it a larger, cosier option than some of the others on this list. While it may prove too big for those looking for smaller, thinner blankets, it is ideal for those looking to bundle up and brace for the cold. In fact, it’s large enough to not just fit yourself but to comfortably fit between two to four people. If you are looking for a great large group blanket, this may well be it.

Bessport Camping Blanket Warm & Lightweight

The Bessport survival blanket is made from strong 210T polyester and features polyurethane coating, which helps it lock in heat and stay dry in damp conditions. The fleece is nice and plush, offering excellent warmth and being quite soft to the touch. What’s more, it can be washed by hand or machine, making it that much easier to clean after trips.

It may not be as waterproof or impermeable as some other options, but as a group choice, this lightweight warm fleece blanket is an impeccable choice.

  • Big enough for two to four people
  • Incredibly soft and comfortable
  • Easy to wash
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Not as durable as other blankets

4) 4Monster Down Blanket Lightweight

This blanket is actually a bit heavier than a few of the other “lightweight” options on this list, weighing 460 g while measuring 13 x 10 x 8 cm. Still, that is far from heavy. What’s more, some of the weight in this package is due to the fact it comes with its own bag, which is a nice touch.

4Monster Down Blanket Lightweight

As to the quality of the blanket itself, it is fluffy, warm, and does a good job of trapping body heat. As a down blanket, it is easy to roll up and stuff back into the bag. It also comes with snap buttons, in case you want to wrap the blanket around yourself. Adding to the convenience is the fact this is another blanket that is machine washable.

It also boasts 20D water-resistant nylon – not as waterproof as some of the other blankets on this list, but dry and warm enough to justify the warmth, cosiness, and convenience it has to offer.

  • Easy to roll up and pack
  • Warm and fluffy
  • Machine washable
  • Carrying bag included
  • Snap buttons
  • Slightly heavier than other lightweight blankets
  • Not as waterproof as other blankets

5) KingCamp Multifunctional Ultralight Camping Blanket with Snap Buttons

As the name would imply, this is another blanket that comes with snap buttons for your convenience. It measures 28 x 20 x 10 cm and weighs only 0.44 kg, with that lightweight nature being due in large part to it being filled with clusterloft, a special synthetic filling that simulates goose and duck features.

KingCamp Multifunctional Ultralight Camping Blanket with Snap Buttons

If you like the lightweight, easy to pack nature of down blankets but don’t want to buy products made from parts of animals, or you are simply allergic to ducks or geese, this is a great alternative. All-in-all, one of the best survival blanket on the market.

  • Innovative feather-free clusterloft filling
  • Lightweight
  • Snap buttons
  • Not machine washable

6) Milestone Camping 24680 Thermal Polar Fleece Blanket

Here we have another affordable fleece blanket, and a very basic one at that. On the one hand, this blanket is much closer to an indoor blanket that’s just warm enough to take outside, meaning that it doesn’t offer the same degree of thickness or protection as other blankets.

Milestone Camping 24680 Thermal Polar Fleece Blanket

On the other hand, it’s warm, soft, lightweight at just 200 gsm for a 150 x 120 cm blanket, easy to roll up, and quite comfortable, and that’s all it’s attempting to be, making it a success on that basis alone.

  • Lightweight
  • Soft and warm
  • Affordable
  • Easy to pack
  • Very basic
  • Not as thick or durable as other options

In Conclusion

If you are looking for the most emergency-ready blankets, the Mylar options are likely the best choices, with the Bearhead and Shayson both being excellent options.

On the other hand, the 4Monster and KingCamp blankets are far closer to traditional camping-ready blankets, and offer an excellent balance of comfort and convenience in that regard.

The Bessport is quite good for larger camping parties, while the Milestone Camping blanket offers a snuggly warm blanket that can be used inside and outside.

One or more of these blankets is sure to offer you the kind of warmth and security “Linus and Lucy” and the rest of the Peanuts Gang would love once “Christmastime Is Here.”

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