Best Survival Gloves on the Market

Gloves can serve many purposes and evoke images of protection from germs for doctors and nurses or keeping warm for the winter. But survival gloves are created for specific, often multifaceted purposes. They enable the wearer to enjoy all kinds of outdoor experiences while offering the crucial protection needed.

Our hands are one of our greatest assets and essential tools that set humans apart from other creatures. But human hands and skin are rather delicate. We lack the toughness the primates and other animals have to withstand the elements. Therefore, we require an extra layer of protection not only for safety and health but for ensuring your skin doesn’t become rough as a leather glove.

Luckily there are plenty of options of excellent survival gloves crafted for the modern adventurer. The best gloves will be most appropriately suited for the activity you plan to engage in; however, crucial factors to consider are durability, flexibility/mobility, and grip across the board. Many of the latest gloves also boast additional features like touch screen-ability, waterproofness, insulation, and LED lights.

6 Best Outdoors Survival Gloves

We have assembled a list of the top-notch, tried and true survival gloves renowned for their durability, functionality, cutting-edge design, and customized features. These gloves are essential companions that will protect your hands during outdoor and athletic activities such as hiking, climbing, camping, cycling (bike or motorcycle), hunting, fishing, winter sports, and more!

1) Vbiger Unisex Outdoor Gloves

Vbiger’s Unisex Outdoor Gloves hit all the key markers of what makes an excellent all-activities outdoor survival glove with plenty of useful added features, making it an all-purpose perfect choice. They are great for cycling (bicycle and motorcycle), hiking and running.

Vbiger Unisex Outdoor Gloves

These winter gloves are comprised of spandex and lycra (for flexibility and fit), with an updated thickened fleece lining (for comfort and warmth), plus silicone (for a slip-proof grip) and a conductive fabric that is windproof to protect your hands from the harsh elements.

The anti-slip palm surface and touchscreen-abled fingers offer friction that allows the wearer to keep hands cozy while checking the GPS or other applications on your devices.

The snug fit makes the glove feel like a second skin, whether your hands are petite or massive, as they come in a variety of sizes and fits. The unisex design is attractive and minimalist, making the multiuse glove suitable for regular winter wear and extreme outdoor activities.

  • High-quality materials that work together to create a perfect pair of multipurpose gloves
  • Great mobility and flexibility
  • Elastic cuff locks warmth inside
  • Windproof with an updated, thicker lining for for protection
  • Silicone for anti-slip grip and ability to use hand-held devices
  • Softness and incredible comfort for men and women
  • Not ideal for extreme cold or wet weather (not waterproof)
  • The ability to use your touchscreen with ease takes some getting adjusting to

2) HASAGEI Men’s Full Finger Outdoor Sports Working Gloves

The Hasagei Men’s Full Finger Outdoor Sports & Working Gloves are crafted for extremes. These tough gloves don’t mess around! Consider them for your serious outdoor sporting needs from camping and hiking, to cross-country cycling, skiing, and hunting.

HASAGEI Men's Full Finger Outdoor Sports Working Gloves

These gloves work as hard as they play and are optimal for heavy industrial and construction work, lumbering, and are even suitable for the needs of military personnel.

The materials make the gloves practical and purposeful while still providing comfort despite their heavy-duty abilities and appearance. The unique material is flame resistant for those attempting to imitate daredevils on their motorcycles; the anti-slip, anti-wear PU leather palm offers maximum grip and durability combined.

Adjustable Velcro writs create a close fit that further protects you against snags or hazards. Strong knuckle guards provide helmet-like protection from abrasions and give the gloves a Mandalorian-meets-military look that is masculine and edgy.

But don’t let the exterior concern you; the design features ventilation holes in the fingers and stretchy, breathable nylon to circulate air and keep you comfortable. The new, upgraded version of the touch screen design allows for easy use of all your smart devices.

  • Multi-purpose uses for many outdoor sports and work activities
  • Extreme toughness and durability meet wearability
  • The breathable material and ventilation holes in the fingers are perfect for people who tend to sweat profusely
  • Adjustable fit and reliable protection
  • Well-made with high-quality materials
  • Cool design
  • Can’t withstand freezing weather
  • Not waterproof
  • Not available in women’s sizes

3) Miwaimao Outdoor Sports Gloves with LED Light Survival Feature

The Miwaimao Outdoor Sports Glove are gloves for the future today! These multipurpose gloves offer a whole new vision of a survival glove for many outdoor activities, including running, cycling, driving, hunting, and fishing.

Miwaimao Outdoor Sports Gloves with LED Light Survival Feature

But the real unique appeal of these gloves is the LED light attached to each glove’s pointer finger and thumb, offering the ultimate survival tool for the modern when camping, biking, or engaging in outdoor activities.

No more worries about getting lost in the dark with these on your hands! Additionally, the gloves offer protection and a built-in, hands-free lighting source for construction workers, electricians, plumbers, and other professionals tired of holding a flashlight while they work.

The smooth and flexible elastic suede fabric is as soft and comfortable as it is durable and adjustable. The gloves are windproof, water-resistant, and fit like a dream. With exposed half-finger design, there is no need for sometimes faulty touch screen fingertips. The gloves are comfortable in warmer weather or can be combined with a thermal pair in colder climates for added benefit.

  • Four LED lights offer a hands-free light source
  • Great for cycling (bicycle and motorcycle) at night
  • Excellent for camping, hunting, and fishing
  • Flexible, durable, and adjustable material
  • Sleek, modern design — fashion meets function
  • Half-finger glove with breathable material
  • Not suited for cold weather unless paired over another set of gloves
  • Small batteries required for the LED light

4) TOLEMI Winter Gloves with Thermal Liner for Men & Women

The Tolemi Touch Screen Outdoor Gloves are as versatile and highly-functional as they are attractive with their classic design. An excellent choice for all winter activities, the thermal gloves provide protection and warmth on your skiing, cycling, climbing, and hiking adventures. They also double as a fine all-purpose glove for a chilly walk or run or as a winter fashion accessory for men and women.

TOLEMI Winter Gloves with Thermal Liner for Men & Women

The insulating material is stretchy and silky. The gloves fit the hands snugly, yet comfortably offering cosy protection and ease of use. The fleece fabric matches your body heat and is breathable, while the anti-slip textured silicone palm gives a firm grip but remains lightweight, offering mobility and control.

The thumb and index fingertips are touch screen compatible with all smart mobile devices, allowing you to fire off a message or zoom in to check your GPS.

  • Super cosy and warm
  • Breathable, quick-drying, water-resistant, and windproof material
  • Superb flexibility and mobility
  • Powerful silicone grip
  • Well-functioning touch screen ability
  • Fits and feels like a second skin
  • Not waterproof, so unsuitable for heavy rain or snow
  • Cannot offer full protection from extreme cold or below freezing weather

5) VBIGER Unisex Winter Sports Thermal Gloves

For folks who relish the wintertime and have never let a little snow get in the way of a good time, Vbiger Unisex Winter Sports Thermal Gloves with a cotton layer and thick fleece lining are just right! They are super durable, sturdy on the outside yet soft and plush inside, like a mitten and glove in one.

VBIGER Unisex Winter Sports Thermal Gloves

Though it is nearly impossible for a glove to be fully waterproof while retaining optimum flexibility in addition to focusing on retaining heat, the back of the gloves’ hands are fully splash-proof, and the entire glove is windproof and water-repellent.

Silken polar fleece provides comfort and warmth with a cotton layer that wicks sweat and keeps hands dry. Elastic wrist cuffs trap the heat, and the fastening buckle promises that the gloves stay put. Now standard for the modern adventurer, they are outfitted with touch screen compatible thumb and index fingers.

  • Superb warmth and heat retention
  • Secure yet comfortable fit
  • Good for multipurpose use
  • Lightweight and wearable
  • Works well with touch screens
  • As windproof and water repellent as you can get while maintaining flexibility
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • A bit bulky if a controlled grip is needed

6) Anqier Thermal Gloves, Waterproof Winter Gloves for Men & Women

The Anqir Waterproof Thermal Winter Gloves for Men & Women Product are the thermal survival gloves for the fittest and most daring winter activities aficionado!

Anqier Thermal Gloves, Waterproof Winter Gloves for Men & Women

These thick, durable gloves feature 3M Thinsulate insulation (40 grams) and 140 grams of cotton for warmth and dryness. They can keep hands toasty and dry in even extreme conditions. The gloves are perfect for winter and snow sports such as skiing, sledding, and snowboarding, but can also be used for hiking, running, cycling, and shovelling snow in cold weather.

The five layers of softshell protection keep hands safe from frostbite and chills caused by wind and snow with a waterproof membrane that forms a shield against the elements. But as tough as they are, the material is flexible enough with a steady grip to be utilized as cycling and driving gloves.

The durable exterior layers encase a comfortable, soft-brushed microfiber lining. Adjustable wristbands offer a tight fit that keeps cold air out.

  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Multifunctional for all winter sports and activities
  • Toughness and durability without the rigidness
  • Thermal protection and exceptional warmth with 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Flexible enough for cycling and driving
  • Textured surface and firm grip
  • The many layers can make them feel bulky
  • Will need to air dry if hands sweat a lot
  • No touch screen ability

What to Look for When Choosing Survival Gloves

Even when the vast options of survival gloves for your outdoor or thermal needs are narrowed down to only the choicest contenders, it’s still helpful to know what to look for in the best gloves so that you can decide which pair are perfect for your particular needs. The very best gloves will have all or most of these features, plus some additional bonuses.

Protection and Durability

Why wear gloves if bare hands will suffice? The most obvious reason to buy a pair of hearty gloves is to protect your hands and skin from the elements. But the main question to ask yourself is what kind of protection do you need?

If you require coverage from the harshest conditions, then thicker, more waterproof or windproof and water-resistant materials are desirable, but that may come at the sacrifice of mobility and ease of use.

Similar to protection is the durability of the survival gloves. Are they able to hold up against the weather and everyday wear and tear, especially for extremely active wearers? Make sure that your gloves can keep up with your intended level of activity.

Flexibility, Mobility, and Grip

Rigid, robot-like hands won’t let you enjoy all of the sports and activities with ease, comfort, and control. The very best gloves are strong yet flexible and allow for the mobility and control for which human hands are famous. A good, anti-slip grip is a significant feature required for numerous cycling activities (bicycle and motorcycle), driving, gripping ski poles, fishing poles, or hunting gear. Stiff, bulky gloves not only uncomfortable but could be dangerous for such pursuits.


When winter arrives, or you plan to participate in outdoor sports in colder climates, warmth is the first factor in choosing the right thermal survival glove. As with all gloves for outdoor use, the right fit for you will depend on your needs’ particularities. The thickness, insulation, and types of material used are the most important factors for cosiness. Just remember, with thicker gloves, grip, and flexibility may be reduced.

Special Features

In these modern times, special features are not unique bonuses but often expected in quality products. Gloves, especially survival gloves, are no exception. The best gloves on the market offer exciting additions such as being windproof and water-resistant or waterproof, having LED lights, updated high-tech materials, ventilation, thermal warmth technology, touch screen compatibility, and cutting-edge design.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of glove options available to suit almost any need. But for the very best in survival gloves for outdoor activities and protection against the elements, these selections of multipurpose mittens offer the vital components and added features to ensure your desires and requirements are met with a product that fits like a glove!

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