Best Survival Kit Gifts | Ideas and Buying Guide

It is challenging to plan for the future, especially when it entails thinking about potential disasters. Some people are well ahead of the game when it comes to thinking long and hard and the possible downside of future events. We dedicate this list of survival kit gifts to those who have already gone from thinking about disasters to planning for them.

There are earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, pandemics, civil conflicts, economic crashes, and even getting lost in the wilderness to consider when selecting the right survival kit gift. That is quite a list! People who have taken that bold step to prepare in advance are perfect candidates for this list of gifts.

Any good survival kit gift should contain knives, medications, a first aid kit, food and water (for 72 hours plus), fire starting implements, and more. Here’s what we recommend for gift-giving to the prepper in your life.

Which are Best and Most Complete?

So without further ado, let’s check out our chosen survival kit gifts.

1) AMH Two Person Emergency Survival Kit Bug Out Bag

The AMH kit contains enough resources to keep owners safe for up to 72 hours. The kit bug out bag is easily transportable at a moment’s notice and has everything you need to sustain life and safety when disaster strikes unexpectedly. This kit could someday be the only thing that stands between your gift recipient and suffering severe distress in case of emergency.

AMH Two Person Emergency Survival Kit Bug Out Bag

  • Contains a wide range of survival devices to meet most survival needs
  • Everything fits nicely into an easily transportable pack
  • Allows for basic survival for up to 72 hours
  • It is relatively lightweight for all the stuff contained in it
  • The first aid kit contains only basic items
  • May not be as durable as other kits
  • Additional personal protection devices may be necessary

2) Elikliv First Aid Kit, 250 Pieces Mini Small First Aid Kit

This survival kit gift bills itself as a medically-focused survival bag. However, it contains items like a tactical defense pen, a glowlight, a poncho, and a multifunction tool that performs several vital outdoor tasks. You could call it a survival kit with a strong medical bias if you wish.

Elikliv First Aid Kit, 250 Pieces Mini Small First Aid Kit

It also contains a flashlight, a paracord bracelet, and a Mylar blanket just in case you (or your recipient) are stuck in the wilderness and can’t find your way out.

  • Medical safety and security are paramount with this kit
  • Has a decent array of items other than medical
  • The multifunction tool provides maximum versatility in a small package
  • Exceeds OSHA guidelines, so you can rest assured your purchase is right
  • Contains 239 medical and trauma pieces and 11 survival/ combat supplies
  • Does not contain everything needed for outdoor survival or emergencies
  • Focuses almost exclusively on medical emergency needs
  • The multifunction tool may be hard to use because it is an all-in-one

3) Polymath Mini Survival Tin

This mini survival tin packs together an impressive list of items for that special prepper in your life that only needs the bare bones. This survival tin tops the list of survival kit ideas for someone who may not have it all but needs a few extras. It also comes with a waterproof heavy-duty outdoor bag that keeps the items secure and dry.

Polymath Mini Survival Tin

This mini dynamo contains enough kit to start fires, signal rescuers, fish, perform basic first aid, build a makeshift shelter, and even purify water in an emergency.  That should be enough to make anyone on your list jump for joy.  It is a near-perfect survival kit gift for the outdoorsman, camper, hiker or prepper this holiday season.

  • The mini tin is compact and easy to carry
  • It is the perfect gift for all types of outdoor activities
  • The items inside are carefully selected based on practical use and versatility
  • Fits nicely into pocket or pouch for easy packing and transport
  • Saves loads of space when added to an existing survival kit
  • Will not satisfy the needs of people lacking an existing survival kit
  • Some people have complained that the water carrier looked like (or was) a condom
  • The flint and steel didn’t work as expected, according to some

4) AMH One Person Emergency Survival Kit Bug Out Bag

This well-equipped survival kit gift is geared more toward the solo enthusiast with an eye on the bug out prize. It contains a vast array or smattering of everything needed for one person to survive for up to 72 hours in a convenient and well-organized package.

AMH One Person Emergency Survival Kit Bug Out Bag (Black)

Great for that particular person on your list who is always thinking about what could go wrong next in this crazy world! Consider this as equivalent to the two-person emergency survival kit with slightly less in terms of what is actually inside the package.

  • Great for the solo person who needs that extra peace of mind of being prepared
  • Has a respectable list of items to cover every immediate need
  • The pack is well-designed, and everything fits nicely inside
  • The pack appears comfortable for extended travel and use
  • Includes a radio like the two-person bag
  • The supplies are limited, so conservation is necessary
  • The quality of some materials may be lacking overall
  • Personal protection devices may be inadequate for many purposes

5) Homeriy Outdoor Rescue Bag Survival First Aid Kit

This little item is one of the best survival kit gifts for people primarily focused on first aid as a top priority. I don’t think anyone can dispute the importance of first aid supplies in the outdoors. This well-stocked kit is compact and relatively lightweight as one of the major benefits at first glance.

Homeriy Outdoor Rescue Bag Survival First Aid Kit

It opens up in different ways to allow easy access to whatever supplies you are looking for at the time. The Homeriy has so many cleverly placed compartments that fold over and back you will be astonished by the sheer scale of them.

  • The two-fold design makes for compactness and ease of carrying
  • Has a large capacity for carrying lots of medical tools
  • The pack folds in a convenient triple-layered format
  • Comes with D-rings on the back for connecting shoulder straps
  • The elastic rings are strong and durable for years of use
  • This survival kit idea is focused primarily on outdoor medical needs
  • Most of the medical supplies are limited to basic first aid
  • The carrying bag is not waterproof

6) The Bath Bushcraft Shop Ultimate Emergency Survival Kit

If you’re in the market for the best survival kit gift with compactness in mind, this gift is right up your alley. What this little beauty lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in terms of sheer versatility for all the central needs of survival enthusiasts during the holidays.

The Bath Bushcraft Shop Ultimate Emergency Survival Kit

Given its small size, it’s easy to incorporate into an existing survival kit setup while providing additional peace of mind and security that you won’t run out of any of the basics in a pinch.

  • Super compact and lightweight for ease of transport
  • Contains a lot of essentials while avoiding non-essentials
  • Contents are rudimentary but well-thought-out
  • Well-suited for short-term outdoor excursions and basic survival needs
  • Fits easily in a pocket, pouch, or rucksack
  • Should only be part of an overall survival kit
  • Doesn’t contain enough first aid supplies
  • Other essentials like non-perishable food and water are not included

7) Emergency Bag Case First Aid Kit Emergency Survival Tools Kit

Here is another excellent example of one of the best survival kit ideas for that guy or gal on your list who lacks that extra bit of bug-out kit. This powerhouse covers a range of survival needs for the hiker, outdoorsman, fisherman, hiker, traveler, or disaster prepper.

Emergency Bag Case First Aid Kit Emergency Survival Tools Kit

Your recipient can easily incorporate this gift into an existing survival kit (just like some others on the list) since it is limited to first aid and emergency tools.

  • Well-suited for most common outdoor activities
  • A welcome addition to any existing survival kit
  • Contains most of the basics for emergency medical needs
  • Contains several standard tools for use in a pinch
  • Materials are of high-quality
  • The kit is limited to simple medical supplies and tools
  • Survival kit bag is not waterproof
  • Some essential items are in limited supply


Your choice of the best survival kit gift depends on the needs of your recipient. If a person already has an almost complete kit but lacks a few necessary items, then one of the smaller purpose-made emergency kits or tins should suffice. On the other hand, if your gift recipient has nothing or possesses an older or out of date survival kit, it is best to spring for a new one.

You should also consider whether your survival kit gift recipient is one person, two people, or more. If two people wish to have their own pack rather than sharing one between them, get them two one-person packs. Of course, you also need to consider bigger packs (or multiple kits) for families or groups of friends. The good news is, there’s a perfect survival kit gift for every person on your list.

Good luck and happy prepping!

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