Best Survival Lighter | Reviews & Buying Guide

Being able to start a fire when you’re far from civilization is crucial. Survival lighters allow you to cook food, deter dangerous animals, and sanitize wounds. According to Smithsonian Magazine, people in the wilderness without the ability to cook food typically only survive a handful of months.

A survival lighter for camping, hiking, and other activities offers outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to produce fire in extreme weather conditions like rain and wind. Whether you intend to traverse through challenging climatic conditions or find yourself unintentionally trapped in them, survival lights are, quite literally, critical for survival.

There are various survival lighters on the market, each with its unique qualities. We’ll share our top picks with you so that you can be on your way to enjoying the outdoors without having to worry about finding dry kindling wood to start a fire.

8 Top Survival Lighters

Here are our detailed reviews on the best survival lighters for you!

1) Icfun Plasma Lighter

The powerful waterproof Icfun plasma lighter offers extreme durability. It has a metal-ring sealed cover with a secure clasp, ensuring water stays out regardless of your outdoor activity. It’s equipped with a USB cable for rechargeability. When it comes to recharging, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from—laptop, reusable charger, or vehicle.

lcfun Plasma Lighter Waterproof Windproof Arc Lighter USB...
  • ❤️Waterproof ▶ with metal-ring sealed lighter cover and...
  • ❤️Rechargeable Lighter️ ▶ it can be charged by...
  • ❤️Multifunctional Lanyard️ ▶ The lanyard consists of an...
  • ❤️Portable ▶ this arc lighter with a lanyard,lightweight...
  • ❤️After-sale Service ▶ 180 days guarantee,if you aren't...

Should you get in a bind, the emergency whistle on the lanyard allows you to call for help. Thanks to a ParaTinder lanyard, you can both light a fire quickly and easily carry this lighter around your neck.

The Icfun plasma windproof lighter contains ABS and Zinc Alloy material, ensuring a long lifespan. With two hours of battery life, this is a reliable option for many hikers and campers.

  • Takes under one hour to charge
  • Lasts for 2 hours once fully charged
  • Paratinder lanyard contains an emergency whistle
  • Excellent waterproof capabilities thanks to a metal-ring seal
  • Lightweight and easy to port around
  • ABS and Zinc Alloy materials make for a robust product
  • Some people comment they’d like it to have a longer battery life
  • No battery indicator

2) Lafagiet USB Rechargeable Lighter

Touted as a professional waterproof lighter for camping and other outdoor activities, Lafagiet offers one of the highest quality survival lighters for outdoor activities. If you’re planning on being in wet and damp conditions, this is an excellent option—you can even submerge it in water without worrying about the flame faltering due to an O-Ring seal.

lafagiet USB Rechargeable Lighter, Waterproof Arc Lighters...
  • ⚡Professional Waterproof Lighter: Be seriously in making one...
  • ⚡USB Electric lighter:USB Rechargeable lighter is eco-friendly...
  • ⚡Easy to carry:Easy to carry as a survival gear tools and small...
  • ⚡Widely application: This lighter body is made of high quality...
  • ⚡What you got?: For each customer, we offer 1-year-warranty for...

Using the latest USB technology, you can recharge the Lafagiet survival lighter without worry about lugging around butane gas or kerosene. When fully charged, it holds up for an impressive 150 to 200 lights. You can easily store this lighter in your pocket or use a hand strap and clip it to your clothes.

Silicone rubber makes this a lightweight device. It has a non-slip surface, which is critical when you’re working in rainy or windy weather.

  • USB charger offering 150 to 200 lights
  • Outstanding waterproof capabilities
  • An O-ring seal prevents leakage
  • Arc flame designed for rainy and windy conditions
  • Lightweight and easy to store in small spaces
  • Non-slip grip for added safety
  • May need recharging more frequently than indicated
  • Charge port could be stronger

3) Topkay Electric Lighter

The advanced Topkay survival arc lighter has a handy 4 Vertical Electrode design. That means you can use it to light something from various angles instead of being limited to a narrow area like traditional arc lighters. As with the other lighters we’ve discussed so far, the Topkay is USB rechargeable.

Safety is a top priority for Topkay. They have a clasp over the on/off button so children can’t easily reach them. Additionally, after eight seconds, the lighter automatically turns off to avoid too high of a temperature. In addition to excellent waterproof capabilities, this lighter performs excellently in windy conditions.

Gone are the days of worrying about flames and butane. With a Premium Li-on battery, this lighter has an excellent lifespan, making it an environmentally-conscious option.

  • Safety features make this ideal for children
  • High-grade ABS material
  • 4 Vertical Electrode so you can light from many angles
  • Durable lanyard for carrying
  • Automatically shuts off to prevent overheating
  • USB rechargeable
  • Cap doesn’t bend back all the way
  • Small size can make it hard to reach certain spaces

4) Wild Peak Premium Fire Steel

Wild Peak’s Ferro magnesium survival windproof lighter packs a punch for an economical price—it even has a military-grade 550 parachute cord. Customers love how versatile this lighter is; it produces a spark in all kinds of environmental conditions.

Wild Peak Premium Fire Steel with Paracord Strap & Carry Bag...
  • LONG LASTING - Up to 12,000 Strikes from the High Quality 70mm x...
  • GET A SPARK IN ANY WEATHER - The 3,000ºC Hot Sparks will Ignite...
  • STYLISH DESIGN - Paracord Lanyard in a Choice of Colours with...
  • GREAT EXTRAS - Includes Fire Rod Striker / Scraper Multi Tool &...
  • 100s OF USES - Perfect for Bushcraft, Firecraft, Backpacking,...

With its spark being 3,000 degrees Celsius, the mighty Wild Peak is a reliable lighter for when you’re deep in the wilderness. It comes with a fire rod striker, a multi-tool scraper, and a storage bag.

A wooden handle ensures comfort when using this survival lighter. Wild Peak boasts that their lighter stays functional for thousands of uses, with bushcraft and emergency use among some of the functions it performs with excellence.

  • Military-grade 500 parachute cord
  • Produces 12,000 strikes
  • 3,000-degree Celsius flame cuts through challenging weather
  • Accessories include scraper and storage bag
  • Sleek looking design
  • Durable Ferro magnesium rod
  • The handle can come loose
  • Such a long cord can make it feel cumbersome

5) Icfun Electric Lighter

Yet another Icfun survival lighter, this electric model comes with a flashlight. The flashlight has three modes—low, medium, and high, making it a great option if you plan on being outdoors a lot in the dark.

Electric Lighter Waterproof,Arc Plasma USB Windproof Lighter...
  • ❤️Waterproof Lighter ▶ waterproof lighter,metal-ring sealed...
  • ❤️Lighter With Flashlight ▶ flashlight has three modes,low...
  • ❤️Economic & Eco-Friendly ▶ build-in rechargeable lithium...
  • ❤️Safe & Durable ▶ 7 seconds automatic power off...
  • ❤️After-sale Service ▶ 120 days guarantee,if you aren't...

Like their other model, this electric lighter offers excellent waterproof capabilities. It has a metal-ring seal and a locking clasp to ensure that it still functions even if the lighter gets submerged in water. The rechargeable lithium battery offers a clean and easy way to keep your lighter going. The battery lasts approximately two hours.

ABS and Zinc Alloy material maximizes durability and prevents leakage. The arc design means you can rely on a flame even under the harshest wind conditions. For added safety, a whistle accompanies the lanyard.

  • Flashlight with three modes
  • Waterproof with a metal-ring seal
  • Charge lasts about two hours
  • ABS and Zinc Alloy material
  • Equipped with a whistle
  • Shuts off after 7 seconds to avoid overheating
  • Need to press firmly for it to light
  • On the large side for a survival lighter

6) Grenhaven Maxi Flint Firesteel

Grenhaven’s attractive-looking survival lighter is waterproof and can easily slip into small spaces. At 10.5 centimetres long and 47 grams, it’s larger than other fire starters, but its top-notch magnesium material means it will withstand even the most challenging use out in the wilderness.

Grenhaven Maxi flint Maxi Glow Mini Firesteel Fire Starter...
  • This lighter can be used for the following activities: camping,...
  • This fire striker is a must-have for every survival kit. A fire...
  • Fire strikers are impervious to moisture and damp, which is a...
  • The fire striker has a rod form. The forged fire striker will...
  • Contents: 1x fire striker with instructions

The Magnesium rod produces a temperature of more than 2,000 degrees Celsius. That means the flame will cut through rough conditions that traditional fire starters can’t. The long-lasting Grenhaven will hold up for around a massive 12,000 ignitions.

The windproof lighter also comes with a small ruler. Since the rod is magnesium stone, it arrives new with a black coating. You’ll need to rub this coating off before using it.

  • Durable magnesium stone material
  • Flame temperature reaches 2,000 degrees Celsius
  • Holds up for around 12,000 ignitions
  • Waterproof and fireproof rod
  • Great water and moisture resistance
  • Handle has a luminescent feature
  • Black coating needs rubbing off before use
  • Larger and heavier than other options

7) Funxim Electric Lighter

There are perhaps fewer survival lighters on the market with more outstanding waterproof performance than Funxim’s electric lighter. A tight lid means you can trek through the wettest environments with confidence that you’ll be able to strike up a fire at your will.

An advantage to this Funxim lighter is that it comes with a flashlight. Its modes include low light, high light, and flash. You can charge this device using a USB cable, and the charge lasts approximately one week. Safety features include a seven-second automatic power off and protection against short circuits.

A lanyard makes it easy to carry around Funxim’s lighter for the outdoors. With a double-arc design, it holds up excellently against windy weather.

  • Outstanding waterproof design
  • Seven-second shut off safety feature
  • Flashlight with three light modes
  • Environmentally friendly USB charging
  • Battery life lasts for approximately one week
  • Offers excellent lighting capability in windy conditions due to a double arc
  • Heavy 198-gram frame due to the flashlight
  • Depending on how often you use the flashlight, the battery life may be shorter

8) KidsBDragons Flint and Steel Fire Lighter

Excellent for lighting things that require reaching, the 8-inch KidsBDragons survival lighter offers superb stability. Fire steel material provides an impressive number of sizzling sparks to help you start a flame quickly, regardless of wind and rain.

KidsBDragons 8 Inch Flint And Steel Fire Lighter. Camping...
  • SIZE; This is the largest flint and steel available from...
  • SHOWER OF SPARKS: The composition of this fire steel is designed...
  • NUMBER OF USES: Each one should average 150,000 strikes before...
  • LIFE SPAN: This fire steel is a one time purchase, due to the...
  • PRICE: Per cubic centimetre of sparks, KidsBDragons 8 Inch Flint...

Don’t let its economical price tag fool you; this lighter will last you 150,000 strikes. That’s right—it can literally last you years of wilderness living. In fact, KidsBDragons touts this lighter as a one-time purchase because of its long lifespan.

Despite its length, this lighter is narrow. Therefore, you can easily tuck it into your bag without worrying about it taking up lots of space. Alternatively, you can sling it around your neck using the lanyard that comes with it.

  • Long rod offers steadiness for lighting hard to reach spaces
  • High-quality flint and steel material
  • Long lifespan since it produces 150,000 strikes
  • Fires lots of hot sparks
  • Holds up well in rainy and windy weather
  • Produces sparks up to 3,000 degrees Celsius
  • It might be too large, depending on what you need it for
  • You need to be cautious around children because of the power of its sparks

What to Look for When Choosing a Survival Lighter

With so many options on the market, choosing a survival lighter for camping or other outdoor activities can be difficult. Below are some essential qualities you should look for when selecting a survival lighter.

Withstands Water Contact

Chances are, you’re going to come across rain when you’re out in the wilderness. Even if you store your lighter in a water-resistant bag, it can still pick up moisture if the items around it are damp. For these reasons, it’s crucial to choose a survival lighter for outdoors with a waterproof case. That way, even if your bag falls in the water when you’re trudging across a stream, you’ll still be able to rely on getting a spark.

Electric Lighter

Electric lighters will naturally draw environmentalists to them, but everyone should take an interest—they’ll save you money over the long run by not having to buy disposable lighter after disposable lighter. As a bonus, electric lighters tend to be of better quality. It isn’t uncommon for people to pull out their disposable survival lighter after a long trek, only to find it damaged. With an electric lighter, the chances of this happening are lower.

Resistant to Wind

It should go without saying that having a wind-resistant survival lighter is a top priority for outdoor enthusiasts—cupping your hand around a flame can only take you so far. Knowing your survival lighter is wind resistant will give you the confidence to trek to the top of that mountain or go out in gusty conditions knowing that you’ll be able to start a fire regardless of wind speed.


ABS, Zinc Alloy, and stainless steel are among the best materials for survival lighters because they’re durable and resistant to rusting. Even if you drop one of these lighters from a high height, it stands a strong chance of working, unlike those made from other materials. These materials also offer good resistance should you apply lots of weight to them.


No two survival lighters for outdoors are the same, so you need to assess the types of conditions you’ll be using yours in. If you are spending time in freezing temperatures, you’ll want to purchase a wick-based lighter. Alternatively, if you plan on being in conditions with heavy rain, a direct flame lighter will do a better job sparking a fire than other types.


Ready to get out in the wilderness? The survival lighters listed here are reliable options for helping you to start a fire in the most challenging weather conditions. Although most people use these lighters for rainy, windy, or freezing temperatures, you can also use them in pleasant conditions. Just keep in mind that people cause 90% of wildfires, so be responsible for your whereabouts before using your survival lighter.

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