Best Tactical Army Pants | Reviews and Buying Guide

Whether you’re looking for cargo pants for work or everyday use, tactical army pants are a great choice. With their numerous pockets in varying sizes and durable materials (not to mention a crop of fun colours), you can use them in place of a bag or purse or carry extra materials when you go on a hike.

We’ll take you through our top seven tactical army pants picks, detailing their best assets. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we’ll detail what to look for in the best tactical army pants available. Keep in mind that we’re looking at tactical army pants made for men, but women’s styles and sizes are available too.

7 Best Tactical Army Pants on the Market

So without further ado, let’s jump into our list.

1) MAGCOMSEN Men’s Cargo Work Trousers Cotton Pants

Whether you’re going camping, hiking, or getting down and dirty, the Magcomsen pants should do the trick. Made from strong cotton material, it has a standard fastening button with zip closure. The seven pockets across the legs should carry everything you need for your outdoor adventures. The pants don’t stretch, so everything should stick close to your body.

MAGCOMSEN Men's Cargo Work Trousers Cotton Pants

We recommend that you purchase the pants with a 1-3 cm size difference, to accommodate hand-measuring. Others recommend caution when using the zips since they are slightly coarse and fiddly, but you can break them in with time. On the other hand, the logos on the pants vary with different sizes, but you can remove them if you wish.

  • Elastic in the waist for a slight stretch
  • Available in several colours
  • Logos can come off with no hassle
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fit well to the body
  • Zips placements might be awkward
  • Might be too heavy for hiking or getting wet
  • Cotton material holds water

2) AKARMY Men’s Military Tactical Cargo Pants

The Akarmy tactical military pants come with a whopping ten pockets, all of which close with velcro. Their camouflage design brings a robust aesthetic to the pants. Plus, the Duratex fabric keeps your legs dry from mud, rain, and dirt, and is also resistant to fading, wrinkling, and shrinking. Even if you don’t plan to do any sweating, the pants’ many pockets and snug fit make it great for everyday or work wear.

AKARMY Men's Military Tactical Cargo Pants

The pants’ polyester-cotton blend material is also breathable and made to withstand rips and abrasions. Moisture-wicking technology helps keep you dry when you sweat. You can also adjust the knee and leg opening using a hook and loop.

  • Many pockets make carrying everyday essentials easy
  • velcro makes a good closure for waistband and pockets
  • Sizes fit exactly (no need to buy up or down)
  • Don’t get too hot or too cold
  • Sturdy and comfortable to wear
  • Not a lot of flexibility in the knee area
  • The material could be slightly thick
  • Some pairs had loose excess threads

3) BWBIKE Men’s Military Tactical Trousers

Made from a breathable and strong polyester-cotton blend, the BWBIKE pants resist dirt and sweat. Each pocket has a velcro and zip closure for extra durability and protection for your cargo. Even the bottom of the pants leg has velcro closures for better fit and protection.

BWBIKE Men's Military Tactical Trousers

For extra comfort, the knees have pockets for knee pads or even extra cargo, along with reinforced stitching on all seams. All the pockets have a slanted design for more convenient use. Plus, the pants come in three different colours for style or work. As a bonus, the package comes with one pair of knee pads to slip right inside the knee pocket.

Despite all these perks, the pants themselves are not entirely waterproof. You can proof them using a special spray, but it’s not necessary for full use. As is the case with tactical army pants, getting a size up usually helps with fit.

  • Velcro stays strong after several uses
  • Colour does not fade after several washes
  • Durable material
  • Adjustable on multiple levels
  • Knee pads and pockets hold well
  • The sizing chart does not translate to all countries
  • Too tight even when sizing up
  • The material might be too thick

4) FEDTOSING Men’s Outdoor Cargo Work Trousers

Not all tactical army pant brands make the sizing issue prominent, but Fedtosing tells customers right off the bat to order their pants one size down. The material is not too thick or too thin (slightly thinner than denim), so you can wear it at any time of the year.

FEDTOSING Men's Outdoor Cargo Work Trousers

The Fedtosing military tactical pants have ripstop technology, so the fabric should not tear or rip. A stretchable elastic waist makes it easy to put them on in the event of an emergency. Overall, the material resists scratches and wear, and is still comfortable to have on.

The wide knee and crotch area help with free movement, so that you can bend and squat as necessary without feeling constricted. The slope-type leg cut fits with tactical boots, staying snug against your body while keeping dirt and bugs out.

What’s even better is the pockets’ slanted design, so that you can slip your hand right in. The two large cargo pockets at the front even have mini pockets with zips. Each pocket has a simple zip closure. Plus, the rear pockets are fitted to the hip circumference, creating a deep-tailored, stylish look. Even when you’re on the hiking trail, going fishing, shooting, or even playing paintball, you’ll look your very best.

  • Comfortable size fit
  • Sturdy stitching on seams
  • Great for daily physical work
  • Slanted pockets hold heavy materials well
  • Material is stretchy enough to accommodate knee and leg movement
  • A couple of loose threads around the buttons
  • Drastic changes between sizes
  • Retains water easily

5) TACVASEN Military Cotton Men’s Outdoor Hiking Trousers

The Tacvasen military tactical pants have all the trademark features of its kind: A cotton-polyester fabric blend that is slightly waterproof but still breathable. The fabric also resists scratches and should not wear out quickly. Several pockets, closed off with either a zip or velcro, are sewn into the front and back of the pants.

TACVASEN Military Cotton Men's Outdoor Hiking Trousers

Made mostly from polyester, the pants are not too thick, and you can use them all year round. There are no pockets for knee pads, but some people can wear knee pads comfortably underneath. The pockets go deep enough that you can fit multiple things in just one pocket. The pants do come a little smaller, so order one or two sizes up.

  • Deep pockets can store multiple things
  • Dry out fast after getting wet
  • Heavy-duty fabric does not rip easily
  • Comfortable for a hike or an outing with the dog
  • Good to wear all year round
  • Slightly tight across the front
  • Order one or two sizes up
  • The front zip is slightly cheap

6) KEFITEVD Men’s Soft Shell Tactical Trousers

As an extra helpful step, the KEFITEVD tactical army pants include their own size chart, so you’ll more than likely get the size that fits. Eight pockets in different sizes help keep all your cargo in place. The pants are made with 100% polyester, so they’ll be able to repel water and sweat much better than cotton blends. However, the fabric still remains warm, breathable, and strong.

KEFITEVD Men's Soft Shell Tactical Trousers

Reinforced stitching at the knee allows you to bend and squat freely. A thin fleece lining keeps you warm without getting burdened with heavy cotton fabric. The slightly elastic waistband allows for easy removal and dressing. Plus, it comes in four different colours to best fit your style.

  • Comfortable and warm
  • Shows no sign of wear after several uses
  • Good for cycling and walking in
  • Water-resistant
  • Good-quality zips
  • Might shrink with too many machine washings
  • Doesn’t recover easily from heavy rain
  • Some velcro straps are not as strong

7) zuoxiangru Men’s Multicam Tactical Trousers

Once again, we have a pair of military tactical pants with its own size system to erase any confusion or sizing problems upon delivery. Not to mention another cotton-polyester blend (mostly polyester) that resists wear and scratching. The knee, hip, and crotch areas utilise a wear-resistant design for better durability and freedom of movement.

zuoxiangru Men's Multicam Tactical Trousers

Unlike other tactical army pants, these tactical army pants come with adjustable, strong knee pads, which are attached on the outside like bike knee pads, while other knee pads go in special knee pockets inside the pants. Reinforced stitching along every seam helps with durability and longevity.

The usual multi-pocket design is present here as well, with adjustable velcro at the ankles, knees, and waist for a comfortable fit.

  • Knee pads hold up well
  • Many small pockets make carrying small materials convenient
  • Warm in winter weather
  • Great customer service for making returns
  • Adjustable straps around ankles and knees
  • Order a size smaller than usual
  • The crotch area is a little tight
  • Kind of uncomfortable to lean in

What to Look For (When Choosing Tactical Army Pants)

For everyday use, you can be a little less observant with choosing camouflage tactical pants. But if you need military tactical pants for heavy-duty work, there are a few things you may want your new pants to include.


You’ll want a wide leg area since many military tactical pants do not have much elasticity. Some might have slightly elastic waistbands for extra comfort, and so they’re easier to put on. Otherwise, they need more material for better comfort and freedom of movement.


Also, look for pants that have a gusset in the crotch area. A gusset is a triangular piece of fabric, often sewn into the inseam of pants for extra mobility. Similarly, articulated knees are a nice touch, meaning that a pleat is sewn into the pants’ knees for better mobility without compromising the pants’ silhouette (shape).

Various Pockets

Most good camouflage tactical pants have two large side pockets, along with a few smaller pockets. These pockets often close off with velcro or zips to keep your important items from falling loose.

Reinforced Stitching

Tactical army pants should have good stitching, but the seat and crotch areas need extra stitching for better reinforcement. Depending on whether or not you’ll carry heavier objects such as compasses or water bottles, you could look for additional support in the belt loops and deeper pockets.

Tough but Breathable Fabrics

Many camouflage tactical pants come in a cotton-polyester fabric blend, so the pants are still comfortable but will repel water, dirt, and sweat. An additional ripstop grid will prevent the pants from ripping or tearing. Cotton-polyester blends aren’t the most breathable type, but they are among the most durable.

Nylon-cotton blends have many similar perks to cotton-polyester combinations, but they don’t resist water well. It’s among the most robust blends, more so than cotton-polyester blends.

Cotton tactical army pants breathe well. However, cotton is more prone to shrinking and wrinkling and takes a long time to dry when it gets wet. On the other hand, it works well for colder climates.

Finding Your Pants Size (Buy One Size Up or Down)

To get your pants size, you’ll need to know your waistband and inseam measure. To get your waistband, measure around your waist (right below your belly button) with a tape measure. For your inseam, measure from your crotch seam down to your ankle.

You can also measure the inseam using your best-fitting pair of pants. You have to measure from the crotch seam down to the hem of the pants.

One important thing to remember, though: Most tactical army pants sit a tad higher on the waist. This difference in size helps to accommodate heavy gear without dragging the pants down. Most brands will let customers know whether their pants run smaller or larger than the standard so that they can shop accordingly.


You have to look for many things when choosing a pair of tactical army pants, but we hope we’ve helped you to come to a conclusion. Whether you plan to go hunting, do military-related activities, hiking, or even for a walk around the block, tactical army pants are a great asset for your wardrobe. Even if you prefer pants that securely store your wallet and phone, they’re an excellent, stylish choice.

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