Best Tactical Eye Protection | Reviews & Buying Guide

Have you ever been on a hike, and out of nowhere, some dust is kicked up into your eyes, momentarily blinding you? It can happen to the best of us, but one way of avoiding problems like these is by purchasing the best tactical eye protection.

Eye protection is essential for so many activities. Whether you’re out skiing or using airsoft guns, having eye protection suited for your activity gives you a greater level of safety. Military personnel use ballistic goggles during missions and training to protect their eyes and prevent vision loss. Why not have the same protection as them?

First, we’ll go through the best tactical eye protection on the market. Next, we’ll outline some of the qualities that make up adequate eye protection. By the end of the article, you’ll know how to find military quality eye protection!

The Best Tactical Eye Protection

Here we listed the best tactical eye protection around. That way, you don’t have to spend ages to figure it out for yourself.

1) Alomejor Tactics Goggles

The Alomejor Tactics Goggles are perfect for anything from airsoft to skiing! These goggles not only shield your eyes from damaging UV rays, but they also protect you from any dust or irritants. The goggles are anti-fog too. Anti-fog goggles are essential because when your sweat gets trapped in the goggle, it typically fogs up. The Alomejor goggles are built with vents to let out heat and condensation.

Alomejor Tactics Goggles

By conforming to your face, these goggles provide wrap-around ballistic eye protection. The polycarbonate material is shatterproof, so you can use airsoft guns or paintballs without worrying about your eye protection. The goggles also come with two coloured lenses for night-time or daytime activities.

Alomejor made their goggles for versatility. The goggles attach to your head by an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit and stability. If you’ve ever been out in the forest on a rainy day or out skiing in the winter, you know how important a good fit is!

  • Goggles provide wrap-around eye protection
  • UV400 protection
  • Well ventilated for anti-fog
  • Padded head strap
  • Shatterproof, perfect for paintball or airsoft
  • Goggles are much heavier than glasses
  • Prescription lenses won’t fit underneath

2) Enzodate Daisy C6

The Enzodate Daisy C6s are premium sunglass style ballistic eye protection. These glasses come with 2.0 mm shatterproof lenses in four colours—transparent, yellow, dark grey, and copper. The copper colour is unique among tactical glasses, and it’s excellent at blocking UV rays.

Enzodate Daisy C6

The frame has a sponge cushion around the eyes that creates a seal. The seal protects your eyes from dust and other particles, but it also has vents that prevent fog. The Daisy C6s come equipped with detachable prescription inserts, but they won’t fit standard frames underneath. Make sure you always verify your prescription glasses or lenses fit into your preferred tactical eye protection.

The frame is ultralight, and it’s flexible enough that it won’t crack from impacts. These glasses are great for outdoor activities, like hiking, running, and hunting, because they provide full eye protection without extra weight.

  • Lightweight frame for comfort
  • Comes with sports strap and carrying case
  • Detachable sponge cushion for comfort
  • Great ventilation for anti-fog
  • Snug fit for dust control
  • Smaller fit, so if you have a larger head, you may want to avoid
  • Lenses can be difficult to change

3) SPOSUNE Outdoor Tactical Goggles

The SPOSUNE Outdoor Tactical Goggles have a wide, 180-degree vision, so you never miss what’s going on! SPOSUNE built these goggles with usability in mind, so the goggles have features like prescription lens inserts, excellent ventilation, and a protective sheath. The lenses are scratch-proof, but an extra layer of protection never hurt anyone.

SPOSUNE Outdoor Tactical Goggles

These polycarbonate ballistic goggles are built for military use, so their strength and durability is off the charts. You can easily attach the goggles to a helmet for activities like paintball or airsoft. Goggles are also great for hunting as they keep dust, water, and debris out of your eyes.

The SPOSUNE goggles come with three different lenses—clear, grey, and yellow. Both clear and grey lenses have UV400 protection, but the grey lenses are best for extreme sunlight. The yellow lens is built to enhance contrast, so it’s perfect for night-time use.

  • Detachable headband for helmet or no helmet use
  • Prescription lens insert
  • UV400 protection
  • Ventilated, anti-fog technology
  • Travel bag included
  • Goggles may not fit properly if your head is on the smaller side
  • Much heavier than glasses

4) FREE SOLDIER Sports Sunglasses

The FREE SOLDIER sunglasses are some of the best tactical eye protection available today. Its ergonomic, lightweight frame makes you feel like the glasses aren’t even there when you’re wearing them. All of the lenses provided with FREE SOLDIER glasses are shatterproof, military eye protection.

FREE SOLDIER Sports Sunglasses

The FREE SOLDIER glasses come with five different lenses, each best suited for a specific activity. You can wear the yellow lenses for night sight, while the multi-coloured or polarized lenses are perfect for bright days. FREE SOLDIER even comes with an anti-fog lens, so you won’t have to worry about condensation even on rainy days.

You can also fit the FREE SOLDIER glasses with your prescription lenses. On the inside of the lens is a configuration allowing you to clip on prescription lenses while still having the protection provided by tactical eye protection. FREE SOLDIER glasses also come with a head harness, lanyard, and carrying case.

  • Ultralight and strong frame
  • Five shatterproof polycarbonate lenses
  • Memory foam nose pad and sweat-wicking eyebrow strip
  • You can install prescription lenses inside the glasses
  • UV400 protection
  • Changing lenses can be finicky
  • If your head is small, the glasses may not fit correctly

5) Huntvp Tactical Protective Goggles

You can use the Huntvp Tactical Goggles for airsoft or paintball with ease. The goggles are military eye protection, taking projectiles travelling up to 310 fps before cracking. A speed of 320 fps is faster than the average airsoft or paintball gun. These goggles provide you protection for any activity you can think of.

Huntvp Tactical Protective Goggles

The goggles come with an elastic headband that you can remove to attach the goggles to a helmet. Helmets are a great addition for paintball or airsoft because they provide full head protection when combined with goggles. By themselves, the goggles offer wrap-around eye protection.

The goggles have a large brow that prevents glare. The Huntvp goggles are also scratch-proof, dustproof, and anti-fog. The goggles have excellent ventilation that helps you feel cooler while preventing fog at the same time.

  • Adjustable, detachable strap to fit all size heads
  • Large brow to reduce glare
  • Ultra-strong polycarbonate lenses
  • Crack-proof frame made of ABS and TPE
  • No prescription insert
  • Only comes with one colour lens (transparent)

What to Look for in Eye Protection

When it comes to eye protection, you should factor four main criteria in your decision—UV protection, material, lens colour, sunglass style, or goggle style. All lenses for tactical eye protection should be HD, which is standard practice now. All eye protection should also be shatterproof (like the ones on the list), but you should always double-check. There’s no point in eye protection if it’s not shatterproof, after all!

UV Protection

UV-A and UV-B rays can cause damage to your eyes, both in the long and short term. Having proper protection against these harmful rays can have a significant impact on your eye’s health. It’s vital to ensure your eye protection can stop UV rays, so you’re not only protecting your eyes from physical effects but the damaging rays you may not notice until years afterwards.


The material that makes up your glasses can help you tell how strong, durable, and light your eye protection is. The lenses of the glasses should be polycarbonate or some other shatterproof material. It’s ultra-light, so you don’t have to worry about the weight disrupting your natural equilibrium. If you’re getting goggles, think about how much weight will be added to your head and adjust accordingly.

Lens Colour

Lens colour can impact how well you see in specific settings. Lenses come in a variety of colours, like yellow for better nighttime vision or multi-coloured for bright days. The right lens for your activity can give you an edge, whether that’s hunting on an overcast day or having a paintball fight on a summer afternoon!

Sunglass or Goggle Style

Choosing between goggles or glasses depends on your activity. If you’re using eye protection for paintball or airsoft, you want goggles for wrap-around eye protection. Glasses are useful if you’re doing activities like hunting or hiking because they’re lighter and less likely to fog-up.

In Conclusion

The tactical eye protection that’s best for you will depend a lot on what activity you’re pursuing.  If you’re planning on an activity like airsoft or paintball, you’ll need wrap-around eye protection best provided by goggles. If you’re a hunter or just want to go on an excursion, sunglass style eye protection that doesn’t weigh on your head is best.

No matter which option you choose, the tactical eye protection on this list can take anything you can throw at it! It’s up to you to figure out the most important attributes to you, but once you figure it out, nothing will get in the way of you and the great outdoors!

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