Best Tactical Night Vision Goggles | Reviews & Buying Guide

One of the few best things for the body, mind, and soul that most people can do is go on a hike, camp, night walk, or gaze at local fauna and flora either with their closet pals or going solo on their own campaigns. And what better than to observe the local fauna flora than with your own tactical night vision goggles?

If you are going to go into the great unknown to observe the great outdoors, why not observe it with the best survival night vision out there?

You’ll need something waterproof and, depending on your creative and bragging tendencies, possibly something with the ability to not only take high-quality photos but high-quality video as well. The best tactical gear covers multiple sections of equipment so that your backpack isn’t packed with multiple cameras and binoculars when one set of goggles covers both of these sections.

Most importantly, the best tactical night vision goggles will be compact and with easy buttons for night-time use and a sturdy binocular base to be used during the day-time.

Best Tactical Goggles on the Market

We have put together a list of our favorite tactical night vision goggles based on their functionality and performance for any type of outdoor activity. From wildlife observation to night fishing tonight fishing to search and rescue, these night vision goggles will be a valuable addition to any outdoor person’s kit!

1) Boovv Night Vision Binoculars

The Boovv Night Vision Binoculars are a better survival tactical binocular than a digital camera to record what you are seeing on your adventures and is the best middle ground between great tactical vision and camera quality.

Boovv Night Vision Binoculars

These binoculars are great for hunters who have little to no need to show photos before they land that 5-point buck but still need help landing that final shot on their kill.

The Boovv Night Vision Binoculars records at 960p at 30 FPS in total darkness, the lowest on this list in terms of recording quality. But what it lacks in recording quality makes up in vision distance and clarity. The Boovv Night Vision Binoculars has a long battery life, the longest on this list, defaults to infrared when turned on, and has seven unique infrared modes to fine-tune your vision.

However, to achieve level 7 on the infrared, the batteries must close to 100% battery capacity. Thankfully the digital display in the lower-left corner informs you of your battery capacity. Once your Boovv Night Vision Binoculars hit less than 25% capacity, the infrared modes sadly no longer work.

The Boovv Night Vision Binoculars are sturdy in your hand and allow for good grip so that it will never slip out of your hands while you aim at your target and are an excellent option for a hunter on the go.

  • Compact
  • Multiple modes to take advantage of
  • Battery power visible in the left corner
  • 12 different language options
  • Low recording quality
  • No sound in video files
  • Level 7 is only available when batteries are full; when batteries hit less than 25% capacity, it will no longer be able to use the infrared levels

2) Apexel Night Vision Binoculars for Complete Darkness

The Apexel Night Vision Binoculars for Complete Darkness are great for an experienced wildlife hunter that wants to record what they see out there in the dark to show friends or for their records down the line. Apexel can record up to 1080p resolution while seeing distances up to 400 meters. With 10-hour battery life, the Apexel will allow for long-form Youtube videos of your most recent fishing trip!

Apexel Night Vision Binoculars for Complete Darkness

The Apexel is also great for Instagram in that it also has an auto-off on their cameras in 3, 5, and 10-minute increments, so you can either make great time-lapse videos or maybe a cheeky selfie with a recently confirmed kill.

The goggles are IPX4 waterproof, so Apexel is excellent for rainy days, but may not be great for boating trips to the lake as they cannot be submerged and still work to it’s best capabilities.

  • 1080p resolution for videos
  • 4K Digital Zoom
  • 10-hour battery life (infrared must be off)
  • Auto-off for the camera (3, 5, and 10-minute increments)
  • Manual focus
  • It cannot survive being submerged for long periods
  • It does not have raised buttons on the settings leading it to be hard to use when first learning controls

3) Solomark Night Vision Binoculars for 100% Darkness

The Solomark Night Vision Binoculars for 100% Darkness is a great option for hunters and gatherers who want to save their great outdoor finds for a later time, either sharing on their social media. It features three infrared levels, adjustable for ambient while also recording video in 960p for those who are more inclined to share on a social media platform or personal blog.

Solomark Night Vision Binoculars for 100% Darkness

Those who use the Solomark will have outstanding optical clarity and can clearly see up to seven times magnification in the darkness. Bird watchers need not fear of missing the next reed warbler thanks to the Solomark’s wide field of view, and they’ll be sure to see every rare bird that happens to fly their way.

Whether you are a beginner just getting into bird-watching in Cley next to the Sea or an avid fisherman going night-fishing at the local pond, the Solomark Night Vision is a great survival night vision goggle to purchase!

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Three infrared levels
  • 960p video
  • Connectable to TV with USB or a/v cable
  • Great for rainy days
  • It cannot be submerged or lose functionality thanks to IPX4 water resistance
  • No visible markers on the buttons

4) Nightfox 110R Widescreen Night Vision Binocular

The Nightfox 110R Widescreen Night Vision Binocular is an amazing tactical night vision binocular on a budget or just starting with hunting or bird-watching. The 110R is the next model up from Nightfox’s 100v. As a result, it has most of the same functionality and uses as the 100v, but with some added tweaks.

Nightfox 110R Widescreen Night Vision Binocular

The Nightfox 110R can see up to 150 meters in the dark and is outfitted with seven times optical zoom and two-times digital zoom. With a protective rubber casing, the Nightfox 110R is not going to slip out of your hands easily, and with large buttons, you need not fear wearing your gloves as you will still have the full functionality of your Nightfox 110R.

You need not fear your Nightfox 110R running out of batteries in the middle of a riveting bird watch, as it only requires 4 AA batteries and lasts 5 hours on those four batteries alone. As most packs of batteries come in packages of 8, you can either save them in your pocket or have them charged beside you for a full 10 hours of viewing pleasure.

  • Rubber casing
  • Large buttons
  • Playback available
  • Affordable
  • Can only see up to 150 meters in the dark

5) Bestguarder Night Vision Binoculars

The binoculars are hands-free tactical night vision goggles with a wide 4” view screen and with 6-hour continuous battery life. You can waste the whole day away using the Bestguarder Night Vision Binoculars, especially if you bring a power bank to keep your binocular’s power levels up while your primary batteries are charging.

Bestguarder Night Vision Binoculars

And the Bestguarder Night Vision Binoculars aesthetically look like stereotypical binoculars that you would see on a show like the Crocodile Hunter or another animal safari show compared to others on the list look like just a pair of basic black survival night vision goggles.

The Bestguarder Night Vision Binoculars allow up to 4.5 times magnification with five times digital zoom while also boosting a 40mmm objective aperture. Want to view your latest adventure out in the wild? Never fear, the Bestguarder Night Vision Binoculars has an awesome replay functionality.

  • Easy-grip
  • Easily operable at night
  • Can see up to 400 meters
  • It uses fewer batteries than other models
  • Date and time stamps videos
  • Time-lapse multiple shot capabilities
  • IPX4 waterproof
  • LCD can be a bit grainy at times
  • Quite expensive

6) Neylang Night Vision Goggles for Camping and Hunting

Last but not least is the Neylang Night Vision Goggles for Camping and Hunting. The Neylang Night Vision Goggles are a photographer’s dream, as the Neylang Night Vision Goggles can capture HD images, and the LCD views make it easy to control and quickly view. It can record video at 720p (1280×720 @ 30FPS) and VGA (640×480 @ 30 FPS). The Neylang Night Vision Goggles can also see up to 300 meters.

Neylang Night Vision Goggles for Camping and Hunting

The Neylang Night Vision Goggles also has the highest waterproof rating on this list. Most other tactical night vision goggles on this list are only at IPX-4 level, meaning the others on this list are protected against splashing water from any angle.

But the Neylang Night Vision Goggles is different in that it has an IP water rating of IP65, which can protect against water jets for at least 15 minutes. Still, it is not advisable to leave any tactical night vision goggles on this list underwater for an extended period.

The only con I can find in the Neylang Night Vision Goggles is that there is no sound on any of the video files, but it is a common con on this list and a common con for most tactical night goggles the distance that the goggles need to record.

  • IP water rating of IP65
  • Fully multi-coated
  • Lanyard holes to easily wear about your neck
  • No sound on any video files
  • Does not see beyond 300 meters

What to Look for in Tactical Night Vision Goggles

Whether you are attempting a safari adventure or a casual walk through the park, a quality pair of binoculars are sure to be on the top of your list. However, it is essential to know what you need out of your pair of tactical night vision goggles before selecting one.

Generations are what they call the technology behind goggles. Each generation is denoting another advance made in the technology behind tactical night vision goggles.

What matters most is, does this pair of binoculars suit the level that I need for the project I am doing? Are you a casual who just wants to use a pair of binoculars to look at your favourite robin, or are you a professional fisherman? Do you want a level of security and water safety for a piece of equipment that you need to make sure you are on the right path?

Generation 1 is entry-level, short battery life, and low resolution. As a result, they are fairly inexpensive and are generally not the best on the market.

Generation 2 can normally see up to 200-yard range life and have medium battery life. While the Nightfox 110R generally meets all of these requirements, the manufacturer states that they are technically not in any generation “because rather than using a light intensifier tube, they instead use a digital sensor.”

Are you a photographer or videographer sick and tired of the limits your basic DSLR gives you? Or maybe you want to relive your childhood fantasies with a crocodile hunter-like pair of binoculars and act like you are hunting a wild alley cat.

Generation 3 describes most of the binoculars you see on this list as they are in the 300 range, have very long battery lives, and are military grades.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately the choice is up to you and what you need in your tactical night vision goggles and what best suits your comfort level as well as your budget. Each model has its pros and cons. Some are good at capturing video and images but do not meet up with clarity standards or vice versa.

No matter what your circumstances or situation calls for, there is a pair of tactical night vision goggles for you here on this list. From the Solomark to the Neylang, there is a tactical night vision goggle out there for you!

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