Best Tactical Pens | Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

It’s always essential for you to feel safe, prepared, and ready to defend yourself if necessary. What is that old Eagle Scout adage? “Always be prepared.” Today, there is a lot of danger in the world, and you must be ready to have a plan of attack if you are physically threatened or find yourself in a dangerous situation.

A tactical pen might sound intimidating when you think about the defence side of it, but having a multi-use tool is something that everyone should invest in for your safety. Keeping a combat pen on you at all times will keep you safe and is a lot less alarming to strangers than a gun, knife, taser, or any other self-defence equipment.

Carrying knives and other sharp objects for your protection may not be allowed when you are going out for the night, but keeping your self-defence pen in your back pocket or in your purse is a discreet way to protect yourself.

You must put your safety first, and keeping a tactical pen on you while you are out and about or home alone will help you feel better prepared while giving you an upper hand on any attackers.

What To Look For In A Tactical Pen

These pens can be daunting because they are weapons, but choosing to keep one with you will help you if you are in dire need of protection. Make sure you think about your day to day life and what you feel is going to benefit your safety if you are in an emergent situation and pick your pen based on that.

Be sure to consider these few things to make certain you are getting the perfect tactical pen to appropriately fit your lifestyle:

  • Made of a strong metal material that is durable enough to survive any damage
  • Inconspicuous enough to not be seized at public events or security-monitored areas
  • Has a cap or a cover to conceal the sharp points or dangerous aspects of your pen
  • Has at least one protective aspect for your safety and effectiveness while using

How To Use a Tacitcal Pen?

If you would like to know how to use such a pen for self defence, check out the video below (done by Xtreme Training Academy):

Whether you are looking for a pen that has many safety features or just one, these three things are musts to consider when purchasing your tactical pen.

Comparison Table

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8 Best Tactical Pens

Not sure where to start? Here’s a list of the eight best tactical pens currently on the market:

1) Aluminum Bolt Action Tactical Pen

This pen is unique as it does not have many functions to hurt any attackers, but it does work to act as an object to capture DNA. There are grooves above the point of the pen that will grab DNA from attackers while being used as a self-defence pen.

Aluminum Bolt Action Tactical Pen

The sharp writing point at the end of the pen is absolutely sharp enough to break the skin and hurt an attacker, but other than that, those are its only combat pen qualities.

The lack of self-defence options for this pen does not make this a bad survival pen. If you’re someone who is uncomfortable having weapons that are more multifaceted with several safety options, this pen could be your best option.

  • Simple to use
  • Very affordable
  • Great for those who don’t want dangerous weapons
  • Can get lost easily
  • Might be ineffective if being used to impale an attacker

2) Hexagonal Self-Defense Tool Write Pen

This pen will not only protect you from intruders or those who try to inflict physical violence, but it is also a sleek accessory to your office desk. Staying safe is important, but having a great looking writing tool is definitely a perk. This tactical pen is a hexagon shape that is ideal for gripping and making sure it does not slip between your fingers.

Hexagonal Self-Defense Tool Write Pen

The sharp point of the pen combined with its heavyweight is optimal for use as a weapon ensuring its quality and effectiveness. The brass material of the tactical pen is durable while making the weight of the pen as heavy as possible, which is great for you, but not for your attacker.

  • Brass metal makes for a heavier pen
  • The hexagonal shape is optimal for a tight grip
  • Refillable G2 ink allows for reuse when the ink runs out
  • The sharp tip will impale or hurt any attackers
  • Small in length and width could cause you to lose this tactical pen
  • Could hurt someone who doesn’t realize it’s your tactical pen
  • Only one self-defense feature

3) SooFun 9-in-1 Multi Tool Pen

If you love multi-tools, then this particular model will definitely come in handy.

SooFun 9-in-1 Multi Tool Pen

Besides the pen, you will get a 4-in-1 multi-tool head, whistle, ballpoint pen, compass and a flint. It’s made of heavy-duty aluminium, making it really though to break.

  • Affordable
  • Strong & Durable
  • 9 tools in one device
  • Heavy
  • Compass is not designed for serious and precise navigation

4) Flintronic 9-in-1 Multi Tool Pen

Another multitool tactical pen that made it to our list is made by Flintronic.

Flintronic 9-in-1 Multi Tool Pen

Very similar to the model above, this tactical pen differs in weight and some of the tools. With this model you will get your hands on a screw driver (phillips & flathead), stylus, ballpoint, bottle opener, phone holder, level pen, ruler and flashlight.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • 9-in-1 multi-tool
  • Very affordable
  • Not very compact (19.4 cm in length)

5) Zak Tools Combination Rescue Tool And Handcuff Key

The Zak Tools tactical pen may be the only one that cannot write, but it has other formidable qualities that make it a must-have.

Zak Tools Combination Rescue Tool And Handcuff Key

This weapon takes the shape of a pen while also having the ability to unlock handcuffs and break windows. Sometimes having the upper hand on your attacker doesn’t mean hurting them; it means escaping.

This one is a great tool to add to your purse or pocket to help keep you prepared in case of emergency, especially if you’re not concerned about having a blade on your tactical pen.

  • Can unlock handcuffs
  • Tip (resembling a pen) breaks windows
  • Strong material
  • No self-defence qualities to hurt an attacker

6) FISOUL Anti-Skid Anodic Oxidation Tactical Pen

This tactical pen is extremely versatile as a self-defence pen. The pen goes through anodic oxidation III processing, strengthening the original aluminium material to be much stronger.

FISOUL Anti-Skid Anodic Oxidation Tactical Pen

The FISOUL pen is essential for safety for a variety of reasons, including that can cut through thick surfaces and can break glass surfaces. This feature is important if you are ever in a situation where you need to shatter glass to get free.

It blends in with everyday products as a self-defence weapon. It’s vital that you keep yourself protected while you carry self-defence items like this, and lucky for you, this survival pen rotates to turn into a pen for a more discreet look.

  • Easily mistaken as only a pen and not a weapon
  • Small enough to hold and keep in a bag or pocket
  • Can be turned into a pen to conceal the sharp weapon
  • Heavy-duty material makes this tactical pen very durable and an effective self-defense weapon
  • Can be easily mistaken as just a pen for someone else to take
  • Not the most attractive pen to keep on you at all times
  • Can be easily lost because of its small size

7) RSGK Stainless Steel Practical Survival Pen

This tactical pen is our top pick because it offers multiple ways of protection and is also convenient to own.

RSGK Stainless Steel Practical Survival Pen

The RSGK survival pen has a saw, bottle opener, flashlight, scraper, screwdriver, hex wrench, envelope opener, and a ballpoint pen. It’s basically your dad’s tool bench all wrapped up into a small pen.

The tip of the pen is made of tungsten carbide, which can break car windows and other glass surfaces if an emergency requires you to do so. The pen is not as sleek as others, but definitely has a nice industrial pen look that will not be confused with a weapon.

This compact weapon is the perfect gift for anyone who could use a little extra safety for their day-to-day life. If it’s not to protect yourself, the flashlight, hex wrench, and screwdriver will come in handy anytime you lose your light or aren’t near your toolbox.

  • Doesn’t look at all like a weapon
  • User friendly with each of its tools
  • Can be stowed easily in a purse or pocket
  • Can break car windows or glass
  • More expensive than other combat pens
  • Can be easily lost because of size
  • Can be dangerous if any pieces are lost

8) Solid Brass Tactical Ball Pen With Key Ring

This pen, like the previous, is another simple tactical pen to use in case of an emergency. While this has a barer bones design, this is a great addition for your night out especially if you find you will be walking alone or live in a high-crime neighbourhood.

Solid Brass Tactical Ball Pen With Key Ring

This pen is made of solid brass which makes it very heavy to use. It is also in a hexagon shape which helps you keep a tight grip on the pen. These pen shapes make it really easy to keep hold of especially if your hands are a little sweaty. This tactical pen will definitely hurt your attacker if needed and fits perfectly on your keychain.

  • Budget-friendly tactical pen
  • Can be stored on a keychain
  • Heavy brass metal material
  • Not many self-defence tactics

Final Thoughts

Put your safety before all else and make sure you protect yourself how you deem appropriate. As you’ve seen, the kinds of tactical pens available vary from extremely basic to very advanced. Before purchasing your tactical pen, be sure you do the research and understand what kind of pen you want and what kind of pen you are buying.

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