Best Tactical Rifle Bag | Reviews & Buying Guide

For an average person, a particular tactical rifle bag might not seem all that different from any other rifle bags. As long as it carries your firearm, that’s all you need, right? But the advantage of having a good tactical bag goes beyond convenience on your own part.

Whether you’re out for a hunting expedition or off to your local gun range, paintball game, or other outdoor sports, a good rifle case is essential for protecting your rifle.

We have put together a list of the top seven tactical rifle bags to help you decide which one works best for your favourite hobbies.

7 Best Tactical Rifle Cases on the Market

So without further ado, let’s jump in to the list.

1) BushWear XL Hard Gun Case

The BushWear case is ideal for air travel, with a hard, tough exterior that’s easy to padlock. It will keep your rifle safe during take-off and landing, as well as the loading and unloading of the plane. The sturdy latches will ensure the case stays closed even without a lock, so any jolting will not affect your rifle’s protection.

BushWear XL Hard Gun Case

A padded foam interior cushions the rifle to keep it safe and secure. The thick foam reduces the risk of interior movement. Two hasps can be locked for further security, making this case one of the safer cases on this list. It can be carried or wheeled, with wheels that are concealed for wheel protection and easy stacking. The trade-off in protection is the weight: this is one of the heavier cases and can be a little more difficult to cart around.

  • Strong latches
  • Two lockable hasps
  • Padded foam interior
  • Comfortable handles
  • Concealed wheels
  • Heavy
  • More unwieldy than other cases

2) AUMTISC Soft Rifle Case Single (44”, 48”, 52”)

A single rifle, soft-case tactical bag, the Aumtisc is designed for easy toting. It is water-resistant and durable against scrapes and cuts. Made to fit snugly, there is little extra room and only a single external pocket. It is light and easily manoeuvrable, with a hand and shoulder strap.

AUMTISC Soft Rifle Case Single (44”, 48”, 52”)

The full-length zipper grants easy access, and the foam interior carefully pads your rifle for safe-keeping. Lockable zippers and shock-protection will keep your rifle safe during transportation. As it is such a snug-fitting case, it is important to ensure you order your rifle’s correct size.

  • Lightweight
  • High-quality material
  • Heavy duty foam interior padding
  • Easy carrying with shoulder strap and handle
  • Zippered accessory pocket
  • Pocket only large enough for 20 rounds, or wallet or phone
  • Not excessively padded or accommodating

3) LUVODI Rifle Case (2 sizes)

The Luvodi rifle bag is versatile above all else. The exterior material is durable, waterproof, and shockproof; it can be carried as a backpack or handles. A lightweight bag, the Luvodi is less stiff than other models and can fold up when not in use. Though this might sound like its flexibility makes it flimsy, this isn’t the case. It can hold up under any weather and is padded enough to protect your rifle from bumps and scrapes.

LUVODI Rifle Case (2 sizes)

It has an extendable pouch for longer barrels and many external pockets for any number of extra supplies. The interior can carry up to four pistols, or two shotguns, or one rifle with an extra sleeve for storage.

Interior straps will hold your rifle secure, and the backpack straps allow for a hands-free option over long distances. This is the kind of bag you would take on a day trip, whether you are on your way outdoors, to the gun range, or even fishing.

As it is not as stiff or rigid as other models, rough transport is not advised. The two Velcro pockets on the top of the bag are not recommended to hold heavy objects, especially when the case is being carried horizontally. Despite this, the Luvodi remains a great choice for anyone intending to use a lot of supplies.

  • Lightweight
  • Two handles and backpack straps
  • Lots of external pockets for convenience
  • Durable, waterproof, shockproof
  • Has room for other equipment alongside your rifle
  • Easily stored
  • Too bulky for single-rifle use
  • Padding is softer and less secure than most

4) Kylebooker Rifle Case Single (48”)

Simplistic and functional, the Kylebooker is designed for a snug fit. A single tactical rifle bag, it works well for a trip to the gun range. It has only one handle and no shoulder straps but is lightweight enough not to compromise the carrier. The zippers are lockable for safety, and the interior foam will ensure your rifle does not shift or experience any bumps on your journey.

Kylebooker Rifle Case Single (48”)

In addition, the case opens up flat for easy access and has two external zippered pockets. With fewer pouches and storage options than other models, the Kylebooker is less bulky and will fit easily in your car or under your bed.

  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • Lockable zips
  • Webbed handles
  • Exterior pockets big enough for extra ammunition
  • Snug fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Limited options for carrying accessories
  • No shoulder straps

5) Flambeau Outdoors Tactical AR Case

The Flambeau is another hard-tactical rifle case, ideal for outdoor protection and rougher transportation. The included Velcro straps are removable and can be placed where needed to fit your rifle. The interior foam is thick enough to keep your rifle from moving around and will cradle it gently to keep it safe from impacts.

Flambeau Outdoors Tactical AR Case

Lockable and easy to store, this case is lighter than other hard cases and easier to carry. As such, the Flambeau is not ideal for protecting against extreme damage or airplane transportation. The exterior is less hardy than the earlier seen BushWear case but remains more versatile and convenient for short trips or outings.

  • Storage dividers placeable
  • Thick sponge inserts
  • Hard case solid protection
  • Lockable
  • Easy to tote
  • Not strong enough for airplane transportation
  • Casing not as flush as other brands: not waterproof

6) Procase Double Rifle Bag (42”)

Highly praised, this double rifle bag boasts two compartments for rifle storage divided by a padded separation. Interior bands fasten around each rifle to keep them from sliding around or bumping into each other.

Procase Double Rifle Bag (42”)

Called a ‘good range bag’, the Procase is designed with rifle protection and accessories in mind. It is the only bag on this list to contain the MOLLE system, a system used primarily by the United Kingdom and United States’ militaries.

MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) straps on the front of the bag allow for the attachment of little pouches able to hold many supplies from ammunition to snacks.

Though not a long-distance travel companion, the Procase remains a perfect tactical bag for range toting and outdoor games, especially for anyone needing to transport two rifles.

  • Double rifle holder
  • Lots of compartments for supplies
  • Waterproof
  • Backpack straps and hand straps
  • MOLLE system
  • Durable, smooth zippers
  • Not for the airport
  • No interior foam

7) Lixada Gun Case (36”)

Another double rifle bag, the Lixada holds two rifle compartments able to host two different barrel sizes. With the front compartment fitting a 25-inch barrel, the back compartment contains an extendable cover able to accommodate a 46-inch barrel.

Lixada Gun Case (36”)

A soft cover, the Lixada contains five extra pockets for accessories and is light enough to carry over distances. Multiple straps provide the option for hand-held or backpack style toting.

While convenient, these shoulder straps have been reported on the smaller side and do not easily fit everyone. Another potential issue is this model had been found less waterproof than other rifle bags and should not be left lying around in wet terrain. Be advised as to weather conditions before choosing the bag for you.

  • Durable material
  • Lightweight cushioning
  • Large storage space
  • Multiple pocket space
  • Shoulder and hand straps
  • Backpack straps can be stowed way when not in use
  • Shoulder straps on the smaller side
  • Not waterproof

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Tactical Rifle Bag

The best rifle bags pair functionality with durability. They are designed with your needs in mind and will last long no matter your activity. The most practical bags explore preparedness and transportation necessities while also acknowledging the user’s probable environment.

A good bag or case will protect your rifle from weather, bumps and jolts; keeping it dry and clean while protecting it from all kinds of damage. Transportation is always a risk because whether you’re in a car, a plane, or simply marching along a field, a dropped or bumped rifle will be a damaged rifle. Proper rifle care comes with the bag. If the bag is secure and stable, then your rifle will be too.

It’s important to keep in mind your own routines and lifestyle when looking for a proper rifle bag. Ask yourself what level of protection you need, whether or not you want something more convenient, or perhaps you’re looking for something simplistic. Weatherproofing, padding, security and versatility are all important aspects to consider. Knowing your needs will help you decide which bag and which features you appreciate the most.

So what kind of tactical rifle bag is right for you? Whether you’re simply transporting your rifle from point A to point B, or off to a trip to the range, or heading to the airport, you need a specific rifle bag to meet your various needs.

No matter which you choose, the primary function of a rifle bag is protection. But how much protection is necessary? A soft case can provide enough padding and security for your needs, but a safe rifle is a guarantee with a hard case.

The Benefits of a Hard Case

Hard cases are less versatile and generally only used for specific transportation. Despite this, some hard cases are more flexible in terms of use, and depending on their weight and strength, they can be contenders for everyday use.

Hard cases are almost always lockable, allowing for easy security. On top of this, the hard shell will better protect from hard knocks and rough transportation. The interiors will be lined with foam and therefore provide a lovely cushion to cradle your firearm. Hard cases are a must for long periods of travel, especially on airplanes where they are the required containers by law.

The Benefits of a Soft Case

Soft shells tend to be used for more casual outings. They should protect well enough during a quick trip in the car or toting cross-country. Security is tougher to achieve with soft bags, but some do come with lockable zippers for that very purpose. Most soft bags will contain padding of one form or another, though not as much as the foam-filled hard case.

Soft cases will also sport pockets of varying numbers and sizes, depending on the make and manufacturer. These kinds of designs allow for more convenience when carting about your rifle for various outings. During a trip to the rifle range, for example, more pockets or pouches will make it easier to transport ammunition, scopes, magazines, or snacks.

On top of more storage options, some soft bags will also accommodate for larger supplies, such as fishing rods or extra firearms. Double cases will come designed with separate compartments and Velcro straps to protect your rifles from each other as well as interior movements. These bags increase convenience when planning full-day trips, but they also result in increased weight and bulkier designs.

Soft bags also keep in mind the need for easy carrying and therefore come with comfortable handles or shoulder straps. Most have more than one way they can be carried, and some come with backpack straps specifically designed to make long treks easier to manage.

Final Thoughts

It is important to consider your particular needs when choosing the correct rifle bag. Both hard and soft cases have their good points, and within these two groups, there are many worthwhile cases to choose from. Whether you need a good, heavy-duty transport carrier or a light, snug-fitting sleeve, your dream case is out there, just right for your lifestyle and your rifle.

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