Best Tactical Underwear | Reviews & Buying Guide

Underwear is a clothing item that few people give thought to even though it makes a difference in how they feel. According to a ShopSmart poll, 21% of people polled feel more confident if they wear a nice pair of underwear. Much of this stems from the fact that choosing the right tactical underwear protects against pesky things like odour and chaffing.

8 Best Tactical Underwear

We’ve rounded up our favourite brands of tactical undies. Whether you’ll be sitting on the couch watching Netflix or running a marathon, we’re confident this underwear will give you all-day comfort.

1) Saxx Underwear Men’s Boxer Briefs

Saxx excels at making underwear so comfortable you don’t even realize you’re wearing it. Chafing will be a problem of the past thanks to their innovative BallPark Pouch, which eliminates friction. Most underwear has seams that face the body. However, Saxx created their underwear so that the seams face the outside, offering a gentler experience for the skin and reducing itchiness.

Saxx Underwear Men's Boxer Briefs

An impressive nine-panel construction offers exceptional support. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about this tactical underwear feeling ridged; a slim fit provides support through the glutes and thighs while keeping a soft, flexible feel. Additionally, this underwear has an anti-roll waistband.

  • BallPark Pouch design prevents chafing and skin-to-skin friction.
  • Flat Out Seams technology reduces itching.
  • Doesn’t have a fly.

2) AIRIKE Men’s Underwear Boxer Briefs

If you’re a fan of sustainable materials, you’ll love that AIRIKE’s underwear contains Rayon fibre, which comes from bamboo. As a result of this bamboo material, you’ll get to enjoy excellent airflow and a weightless feel. Because of its breathability, it’s a great option if you plan on doing high-intensity sports.

AIRIKE Men's Underwear Boxer Briefs

A heat-sealed label means you won’t have to worry about itchiness from a tag. An elastic waistband will help this tactical underwear form to your body shape. As a bonus, it’s flat-locked for additional comfort. A 3D pouch ensures your private parts are comfortable through even the highest endurance activities.

  • Bamboo rayon fibre offers exceptional breathability and softness.
  • Has a fly for when nature calls.
  • Stitching could be more robust since some people report unraveling.

3) DANISH ENDURANCE Men’s Sports Trunks

Some of the best tactical underwear contains odour control features, which is why we love DANISH ENDURANCE’s sports trunks. Designed in Denmark and trusted by Olympic athletes, this underwear is among the most durable on the market.

DANISH ENDURANCE Men's Sports Trunks

Thankfully, durability doesn’t equate to heavy; your skin will love its soft, lightweight material. Whether you’re sweating from high-intensity activity or get caught in a rainstorm, this underwear offers excellent moisture-wicking capabilities and is quick to dry. People who want to support small businesses will love that DANISH ENDURANCE is family run. They also value sustainability, ensuring their product is animal friendly.

  • Tested and used by Olympic athletes, making it perfect for heavy exercising.
  • Added stretch to the material to allow for fluid movements.
  • Some people find that the size chart isn’t conducive to their body type, so they have to choose a smaller or larger size.

4) Jzy Qzn Women’s Seamless Boyshort Panties

Women know that one of the biggest hurdles for finding a good pair of tactical underwear is antibacterial properties. Jzy Qzn understands this. Utilizing the anti-fungal and bacterial properties of copper fibre, you can enjoy a high-intensity activity without having to worry about adverse side effects on your health.

Jzy Qzn Women's Seamless Boyshort Panties

Since this underwear is in boy short style, it offers excellent support for the glutes and upper thighs. Additionally, it doesn’t have seams, so it prevents itchiness and hides well beneath whatever outfit you’re wearing. Speaking of itchiness, moisture-wicking material means you won’t have to worry about discomfort instigated by dampness.

  • 100% cooper fibre crotch material to prevent foul odour and bacteria.
  • A double layer waistband ensures this underwear sits comfortably on your waist.
  • They tend to ride up, especially if you don’t choose the right size.

5) Reebok Men’s Performance Boxer Brief

Reebok prides itself on making tactical underwear geared towards athletes and people with high-intensity jobs. A combination of polyester and elastane make these undies flexible and soft to the touch. A contour pouch ensures there’s plenty of room and support.

Reebok Men's Performance Boxer Brief

Itchiness is one of the key complaints with underwear, and for this reason, Reebok’s underwear contains a built-in tag. It also has a microfiber waistband for added comfort and support.

  • Comfortable, stretchy material that’s ideal for activities requiring flexibility.
  • 6-inch inseam for increased durability.
  • It rides up for some people, although much of this comes from choosing the wrong size.

6) YuKaiChen Men’s No Ride Up Boxer Long Leg Briefs

Gone are the days of chafing thanks to YuKaiChen’s innovative boxer long leg briefs. Moisture will quickly wick away from your body thanks to polyester and elastane material. Plus, flat seams offer a smooth and soft feel on your skin.

YuKaiChen Men's No Ride Up Boxer Long Leg Briefs

An advantage of purchasing long leg briefs is that you won’t have to worry about your underwear riding up, which is a common problem with shorter briefs. A soft elastic waistband will contour beautifully to your body. Additionally, this tactical underwear comes in various attractive colours. Make sure to check YuKaiChen’s size chart since they caution that their underwear tends to run larger than average.

  • Doesn’t ride up towards your crotch thanks to a long leg design.
  • 3D U-curve pouch and quick-drying material for support and comfort.
  • The waistband may become loose over time.

7) DANISH ENDURANCE Organic Cotton Bikini Brief Panties

The family-run company DANISH ENDURANCE offers excellent tactical underwear for women in addition to men. Perfect for active women, this Olympic athlete tested product ensures strength and durability. Using 95% high-quality cotton, it’ll wick moisture away for all-day comfort. In addition to soft material, a tag-free back means you won’t have to worry about itchiness.

DANISH ENDURANCE Organic Cotton Bikini Brief Panties

Environmental lovers will appreciate that DANISH ENDURANCE uses OEKO-TEX standard organic cotton. As a word of warning, these panties tend to have a looser fit, so you’ll likely want to purchase a size smaller than usual.

  • Organic cotton and tag-free back prevent itchiness and chaffing.
  • Tested by Olympic athletes to ensure they hold up well for intense training.
  • There isn’t elastic around the leg holes, so they may ride up if you don’t purchase the correct size.

8) Knitlord Boxer Shorts Men’s Boxers Bamboo Fiber

It wouldn’t be right to round off this list of tactical underwear without including another bamboo option. Knitlord’s boxer shorts offer exceptional softness and breathability since it contains 95% bamboo fibre. Thanks to 5% elastane, it has a 4-way stretch for a great contour to the body and support to prevent this underwear from riding up.

Knitlord Boxer Shorts Men's Boxers Bamboo Fiber

Even though this underwear is primarily composed of bamboo, maintenance is easy; toss them into the washing machine without worrying about excessive shrinking. And here’s a bonus: yarn-dyed fabric means this underwear will maintain its vibrant colours.

  • Bamboo fibres for softness to the touch and anti-chafing.
  • Offers good airflow for high intensity activities.
  • Seams can show if you wear tight clothes.

What to Look For When Choosing Tactical Underwear

Picking out the right pair of underwear can feel like a shot in the dark. So, we’ve put together the following tips to help you out. By keeping these features in mind, you’ll be on your way to finding a comfy pair of undies.


Often, people complain that an underwear brand is low quality when, in reality, they purchased the wrong size. If you are buying underwear that’s too loose, it’ll bunch up beneath your clothes and fall past your waist. On the other hand, underwear that’s too snug will ride up into your crotch and pinch your skin.


Cotton is the most popular material for underwear since it’s gentle to the touch, breathable, and absorbent. Absorbency is particularly important to prevent bacteria and fungi. Some underwear contains cotton around the private parts but material with more elasticity elsewhere for improved functionality.

Bamboo is also a trendy underwear material that offers superb softness and is efficient at wicking away moisture.


Men and women alike benefit from supportive underwear. The best supportive undies hug your glutes, hips, and thighs (if you’re wearing boxers) without feeling too restrictive. Finding a balance between stretch and support will leave you feeling confident and comfortable in your underwear.


The best underwear feels like you don’t have any on. Anti-chafing and anti-itch underwear contain features such as inverted seams, tag-free backs, and soft material. Choosing underwear that fits right is also critical for anti-chafing.


When choosing tactical underwear, you’ll want a style that withstands intense activity. The best styles for men include boxer briefs and boxer long leg briefs. For women, supportive styles include boyshorts and bikini briefs.

Final Thoughts

There are many brands on the market offering tactical underwear. Everyone has their preferences about their preferred style, but there are some features that all good undies share—soft material, absorbent, and anti-chafing.

Make sure to test out different sizes to ensure you find the perfect fit for you. Before you know it, you’ll wonder how you went so many years without finding the perfect pair of underwear.

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