Best Telescopic Fishing Rods To Get in 2021

Fishing takes up a lot of space; there is no way around that. With tackle boxes, coolers, and food to survive the long trip into the quiet away from civilisation, your space is a hot commodity. For this reason, a fishing rod that collapses in on itself is something favourable to a lot of people. Enter the telescopic fishing pole.

The best telescopic fishing rods take up very little space. Yet they can handle the biggest fish you can catch, all without giving you more and heavier things to carry on your fishing trip.

What to Look for in the Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

Telescopic fishing rods are fishing poles that can be shortened for ease of transportation. This also means that a person can easily transport a much longer rod than would otherwise be practical to carry or drive with.

The longer length, however, allows the fisher to reel in a much larger catch. In many cases, these rods are made of durable materials that can handle more stress than the average wooden rod. Still, there are some things to look for when picking a telescoping rod.


Considering that any telescopic fishing rod you could get will be hollow on the inside, it is essential to look for a rod that can flex while still standing up to a lot of strain from the fish you are trying to reel in. Many of these rods are made of fibreglass to keep them as light as possible, which is also essential, though it comes with the issue of making the rod subject to cracking.


A telescopic fishing rod needs to be strong as well as light and easy to cast. But they should also be super-tough to handle strong fish, bumps and jostling in the car, and repeated telescoping (and un-telescoping) action.

5 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods

Here are the five best telescoping fishing rods on the market today.

1) YONGZHI Fishing Rod

This is a fishing rod for a fisherman on the go. It is advertised as a “pocket fishing rod” for a reason. When fully compressed, it measures only a little under eleven inches in length. However, it extends to a length of seven feet. The rod can also be extended to intermediate sizes and locked in place, making this a versatile fishing tool. The Yongzhi fishing rod adjusts to suit almost any kind of fishing one could need.

YONGZHI Fishing Rod

Yongzhi also offers shorter telescopic rods for kids to use. Considering their lightweight and easily-carried profile, this makes them ideal for introducing your kids to the hobby of fishing. These rods shorten to the same ten inches as the full-length option but only extend to a length of fifty-nine inches.

This option earns accolades for its portable and durability, but it’s also a great entry-level option for anyone on a budget. This is a good all-around choice for the average fisherman and can be taken almost anywhere, a jack of all trades and master of convenience.

  • The rod has a highly durable construction, made of a mixture of carbon fibre and fibreglass to make it both light and durable.
  • The length is adjustable to suit different needs and locks in place to maintain stability.
  • This telescopic rod extends to seven feet in length yet still compresses only a foot long for transport.
  • A smaller version of the rod exists for kids.
  • The rod can sometimes be subject to cracking from overuse.
  • Yongzhi fishing rods may not be suitable for catching large fish.
  • Sections of the rod may become jammed over time.

2) PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Next, we have the Plusinno fishing rod. Like the previous product, it is specialised for compact travel and convenience. However, this rod is a little bit higher-priced and a little bit better-constructed. The rod and reel come as one, with a small bag to hold them, along with space for bobbers and fishing line. This means that this rod’s perches allow for more space for other materials in a small package.

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

These rods have a stainless-steel cover over fibreglass to maximise strength while also preventing rust while fishing in saltwater. Stainless steel is not as strong as carbon fibre; however, the rod itself cannot extend for as long. When fully elongated, the rod is roughly 190cm in length. So it is not as long as the previous offering but still long enough to serve its purpose.

While it is also a jack of all trades, this rod is also a little stiffer and denser than the previous one mentioned. It will not flex the same way to make it easier for you to fight and reel in larger catches while fishing. However, the lack of flexibility does mean that the rod is subject to bending under heavy stress. Once again, this is not a rod intended for catching large sport fish.

  • Plusinno fishing rod manufacturers market their products toward skilled and professional anglers, so they are conscious of quality.
  • The rod has a stainless steel padded reel to ensure comfort and stability while reeling in a catch.
  • The purchased rod comes with its carrying case for extra line and other needed parts.
  • The Plusinno telescopic fishing rod is stiffer, making it easier to reel in more substantial fish.
  • The stiffer fishing rod is more likely to bend and buckle under too much strain.
  • Stainless steel is a heavier and less sturdy material than carbon fibre.
  • Reviews claim this rod may not be suitable for catching large sport fish.

3) Eagle Claw Fishing Rod

Much like the prolific fishing bird it is named after, the Eagle Claw fishing rod is sure to reel in whatever fish you hook. Like the others, the Eagle is made to be compact and transportable, in addition to being one of the lightest rods on our list. Eagle Claw telescopic fishing rods are made entirely of fibreglass, making it lightweight and less likely to rust or degrade.

Eagle Claw Fishing Rod

While many may be concerned that a pure fibreglass construction with a hollow interior might be prone to crack under enough stress, the rod is field-tested to ensure that it can match professional-grade products’ durability. Even if they do break, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on the product. But most reviewers of the product say that it is surprisingly durable for how light it is.

The low price is undoubtedly a draw for many people. The rod is also noted to cast very well compared to other telescopic rods. The lightweight and portable design features also attract people to the Eagle Rod in many cases. While it may not be the rod for serious fishers, the Eagle Claw Fishing Rod is another quality choice for the casual hobbyist.

  • The Eagle Claw is very light and easily carried.
  • The rod is quite reasonably priced.
  • For how light it is, the Eagle Claw telescopic fishing rod is surprisingly durable.
  • Individual testing ensures each Eagle Claw fishing rod’s quality, and the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on their product.
  • The rod is more likely to crack over time than other rods offered here, based on being made of pure fibreglass.
  • Many customers note that it is a reasonably simplistic fishing rod with few unique features.
  • Guides are subject to breaking off in some isolated cases.

4) Sougayilang Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod

The Sougayilang graphite fishing rod gives you a greater degree of rotation and a longer cast. The reel seat is made to be resistant to wear and corrosion while spinning and aluminium construction to ensure years of worry-free fishing. It also has three-point welded stainless steel guides, further enhancing its durability while in use.

Sougayilang Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod

The Sougayilang graphite spinning rod is another telescopic rod that utilises carbon fibre in its design, hence the graphite in the name. The rod is extra strong, made stronger by the stainless steel guides. The rod is definitely less likely to break on you than the previous rods listed and is designed more for professional use than casual use.

Like the YONGZHI fishing rod at the top of this list, the Sougayilang graphite spinning fishing rod is adjustable at various lengths, allowing you a greater degree of versatility when fishing with it. All and all, the Sougayilang graphite spinning fishing rod is a sturdy and practical option for any kind of fishing you might want to do.

  • The Sougayilang graphite spinning telescopic rod is very durable and has a robust overall construction.
  • The ability to spin allows for a further-extended cast.
  • The rod is adjustable and locks at different lengths, making it versatile to use for people of varying sizes and builds.
  • Stainless steel guides along the rod’s length are resistant to all corrosion forms and are suitable for fishing in both saltwater and freshwater areas.
  • The stainless steel guides are only held on by industrial glue, making them subject to falling off and needing to be reattached.
  • Rods vary somewhat in quality and price depending on where you buy them. Lower-priced offerings tend to be of significantly lower quality.

5) HURRICANE Mako Fishing Rod

The Hurricane is a telescopic rod that could last through a hurricane. According to Best Reviews, it is a more rugged option than the other offerings on this list and is optimal for reeling in larger fish. While the rod is not marketed with the same slick presentation by retailers, or its manufacturer, seen with the other listings, you will find the Hurricane’s strength is beyond question.

HURRICANE Mako Fishing Rod

The Hurricane extends to a maximum length of 243cm and can compress to around 30 long. It also comes with a clear plastic casing to protect it from damage and elements when transporting it to a fishing spot—combined with the graphite reel seat and stainless steel cover- further reinforced why this is one of the toughest telescopic rods featured on this list.

While the manufacturer of this telescopic rod never specifies an overall weight, but according to the product reviewers, it has a little bit of heft to it. Others note that the rod may become tiresome to hold after a while. That said, the added weight’s inertia contributes to how far an angler can cast with this beast of a telescopic rod.

The Hurricane Mako Fishing Rod is a perfect telescopic rod for anyone put off by a telescopic rod’s frailty. It is a robust and sturdy rod that can stand up to the reeling strain against larger fish than most on this list.

  • The Hurricane Mako Fishing Rod is the most durable telescopic fishing rod on the market.
  • The slight heft may be an issue for some, but in the end, it is likely just an added benefit to those interested in fishing for more extensive and more substantial fish.
  • The intention to combine a telescopic rod’s convenience with the power of a rod designed for catching large sport fish results in a product that can stand up to the harshest of fights against the largest of fish.
  • The rod’s added reinforcement makes it heavier than some other telescopic rods on this list.
  • Fatigue from holding the rod for long periods may deter some individuals from using it.


There are certainly many options available to you when it comes to telescopic fishing rods. While many of the options listed here may appear as somewhat similar products, the differences between them can make all the difference in how you use them and where. With the compact nature of all of the telescopic rods listed here, you may even want to buy several different rods for different tasks.

The convenience of having a collapsible fishing rod is also nothing to turn a blind eye to, regardless of how many a person might want to have. All of the above products are vetted for quality and reviewed by knowledgeable sources to ensure them to be the best of the best. Stronger telescopic rods have the slight drawback of tending to be heavier, but lighter rods are more likely to break.

The best choice from among the telescopic rods listed here for casual fishing would have to be the YONGZHI rod due to its lightweight and versatility. The Hurricane would be a better option for people interested in sport fishing or bringing in more extensive and more massive fish that require a sturdier rod. There is a rod for just about every fishing use one could want from among the telescopic rods listed here. So, grab the best and start fishing!

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