6 Best Tent Heaters on the Market

When you are looking for a camping heater, there are a lot of different things to consider. You need to look at the materials, brands, safety features, fuel sources, and heat delivery to make sure that you get the best heater for your needs. Camping heaters can be used safely inside of a tent in spite of these differences, but they can also be used as a backup heater during a power outage or in the garage during the winter.

One of the best things about tent heaters is that you can comfortably extend the camping season. They make it possible to stay warm when it is cold and windy. Your tent will keep the rain and wind away, but tents don’t have a lot of insulation. However, a camping tent heater can change everything.

What to Look for

If you are looking for a tent heater to take camping, there are a number of factors to consider. It is important to understand all of the different options so that you can get the best tent heater for your specific needs. You should look at the heat output, the safety features, the fuel source for a camping gas heater, and more. Take a look at some of the important factors to consider.

  1. Size and Weight

The size and weight of your camping heater is important, and you need to consider how much hiking you plan to do. If you are going to drive to your campsite and set up your tent, you might be able to handle a heavier, bulkier camping tent heater. However, if you are hiking to get to your campsite, a smaller, more lightweight version might be the best tent heater for you. Consider how you plan to use the tent heater before you choose the one that is best for you.

  1. Safety Features

Different types of camping heaters have different safety features because they pose different risks. A propane heater might have an oxygen sensor that detects low levels of oxygen outside the heater. Many heaters offer tip-over protection so that you never have to worry that your camping heater will tip over and catch the tent on fire while you are sleeping. These are a few common safety features that you will find.

  1. Heat Output

Depending on what kind of heater you choose, the heat output will be measured in BTUs or wattage. A camping gas heater has a BTU output that can be anywhere from 2,500 to 20,000 BTU. You will want higher BTU for larger tents, and a low BTU will be fine for a small tent. An electric heater tells you the wattage, which is how much energy it uses. Make sure that the wattage isn’t too high to work with whatever outlets you plan to use.

  1. Fuel Source

The fuel source is what powers your heater, and you need to consider the kind of camping you do. If you spend most of your time at campgrounds with electricity, you can use an electric heater. However, if you go out into the wilderness, the best tent heater for you might be a gas or propane heater.

  1. Construction and Durability

As you search through camping heaters, it may be tempting to buy a super inexpensive one that you think will do the trick. The problem is that it might not be durable enough to last. If you spend time camping regularly and want something that will hold up over time, you need to try to find one that is made by a reputable company.

  1. Loudness

Finally, you should consider how loud the tent heater is. You don’t want something that is too loud and will disturb other campers out in the wilderness, as most people go camping to get away from the noises of city life.

Best Tent Heaters

Considering all of the factors above, here are some of the best tent heaters on the market today.

1) Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

This mini heater is portable and puts out a lot of heat quickly. It has advanced ceramic heating settings to help it spread the heat throughout the tent, and it has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to choose the setting that is best for the circumstances. It is an electric heater, so you need to have access to an electric supply, and it offers from 1200W to 2000W of power depending on which setting you use.

Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

This mini heater is portable and very light, so it is easy to take with you when you go camping. It is made using the advanced ceramic technology, which is what allows it to warm the tent more quickly and more efficiently. It is a great little heater that will get your tent warm quickly, and it is affordable and portable as well.

  • Easy, adjustable thermostat
  • Monitors temperature and switches off when area is warm
  • Has an anti-tip-over switch and overheat protection
  • Uses innovative ceramic technology to heat more quickly
  • Very small and portable
  • Only high or low setting, nothing in between
  • You need an outlet because it is electric

2) Highlander Portable Lightweight Gas Heater

This camping tent heater by Highlander is the perfect size for camping. It is lightweight and portable, and it allows you to heat your tent without any trouble. It has a temperature control knob so that you can make sure that you are comfortable throughout the night. In addition, the body of the heater swivels, which allows you to choose the direction of the heat without having to change the location of the heater.

Highlander Portable Lightweight Gas Heater

It’s a gas heater, and it uses a piezo ignition, so you do not need any matches to light it. It weighs only five pounds, and it has a sturdy carrying handle. Highlander heater will make your camping experience much more pleasant when the temperatures dip down at night, and you will hardly notice the extra weight if you are hiking any distance. All in all, Highlander is one of the best tent heaters on the market.

  • Portable and lightweight at just five pounds
  • Strong durable carrying handle
  • Single temperature control
  • Swivel body
  • Made with enamel coating
  • Easy to use: simply clip in an eight ounce butane gas cartridge
  • Only heats smaller areas

3) Igenix IG9514 Portable Upright 3 Bar Halogen Electric Heater

The Igenix IG9514 Portable heater is a great choice for anyone looking for a small, compact heater to take camping. It is made to be safe and efficient, and it heats effectively. You can use it in your tent when you go camping, but you can also use it at home. It’s a lightweight heater, and you will have no trouble carrying it along when you go camping. It also has a top-mounted heat resistant handle, and it is safe to move even right after it has been in use.

Igenix IG9514 Portable Upright 3 Bar Halogen Electric Heater

The heater is energy efficient and economical to use, and it has three power settings: 400W, 800W, and 1200W. You can choose the ideal heat output depending on the outdoor temperature. It comes with an auto cut-out feature built into the tip-over switch. IG9514 is very stable, but it will shut off if it tips over. Also it’s safe and offers everything you want in a tent heater.

  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Efficiently heats your tent
  • Affordable
  • Safety cut-off switch if it tips over
  • Safe to use indoors
  • Will not heat a larger space
  • Needs a power source

4) Topflame Portable Gas Camping Caravan Heater

The Topflame camping heater is designed to make nights under the stars more comfortable. You can safely use it in your tent, and it is light and portable. It uses butane, and it comes with eight refills. Each one lasts approximately three hours.

Topflame Portable Gas Camping Caravan Heater

This portable heater is compact and portable, and it has a handle on top that makes it easy to carry. You can take it with you when you are going out into the woods where there is no power supply. It can warm your tent in just a few minutes, as long as it is a small to moderate sized tent.

This is a gas heater, and it is safe, but you should not use it indoors and always keep a vent open to allow any carbon monoxide to escape. It does have a thermostat control so that you can choose the perfect amount of heat for the conditions. Definitely one of the best tent heaters available.

  • Compact, lightweight, and portable for camping
  • Runs on butane and comes with eight refills
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • You will need more than one if you have a large tent
  • The gas chamber is not really protected against cold

5) STAYWARM 2000W Upright and Flatbed Fan Heater

The STAYWARM fan heater is an electric heater that offers between 1000W and 2000W of heating intensity. It is an affordable heater that will work well in your tent or in your home over the winter. This is a small and lightweight portable heater, and it can heat a room quickly. It is slim, and it won’t take up much space in your tent.

STAYWARM 2000W Upright and Flatbed Fan Heater

In addition to giving off heat, it offers a cooling fan that will keep the unit cool while it is heating. It also has a frost watch protector inside, which will fire up the heater as soon as the room is colder than -5 degrees. This is great in super-cold places. You can set the thermostat to different temperatures, and the heater will heat until the room reaches the desired temperature. It automatically shuts off once it reaches this temperature.

This is a great compact heater that you can take with you when you are camping, as long as you have an electricity source. It works great at home as well.

  • It has a slim design to fit well in the tent
  • Frost monitor accurately detects temperature and switches heat on automatically
  • Comes with a three-year guarantee
  • Cooling fan to keep unit cool while it heats
  • Lightweight and portable for camping trips
  • There is no moderate heat setting
  • You need a power source

6) Mr. Heater 4K/9K BTU Portable Buddy

This portable camping tent heater by Mr. Heater is powerful and well-priced. It features dual sensors, and if the oxygen level goes down, it will automatically shut down. It is powered by propane, and it comes with a hose that you can attach to the propane tank. This heater will warm a space that is 225 square feet all night without difficulty.

Mr. Heater 4K-9K BTU Portable Buddy

Mr. Heater is known for making great tent heaters, and this one is no exception. It has a fold out handle that makes it easy to carry, and you can use this heater in a cabin, in the wilderness, or at home. You can use an extension hose and fuel filter to connect it to a larger tank as well. It weighs nine pounds, and it is a very popular camping gas heater.

  • Portable tent heater
  • Easy to store
  • Safe to use
  • Two temperature settings
  • Lightweight
  • Swivel-out fuel connection
  • Good quality
  • You need to clean it regularly
  • Some customers say that the buttons can stick
  • Uses a lot of propane

Final Words

If you enjoy camping, you can extend your season when you have a tent heater. When the nights are too cold to get comfortable, this handy device can be a game changer. You can choose from several different kinds of tent heaters, and you should select the one that is best for your style of camping and your needs.

Some tent heaters can double as an extra heater when you are home, and others should be reserved for camping. If you tend to camp at campsites with a power source, the electric heaters are great options. However, for those who enjoy hiking out into the woods away from everyone, you will want to select a gas heater.

No matter what your camping style is, there is a great portable heater that will ensure that you are warm at night, and you can enjoy camping without freezing at night.

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