Best Trolling Rods – Choosing the Best Trolling Rods For Your Next Fishing Trip

Fishing is an excellent sport, whether you do it once per year or multiple times per year. There’s something that’s both calming and exhilarating about sitting on the water with your bait flung out, waiting patiently for a fish to latch on. You can do it with a group of your mates, or you can do it solo—which is an attractive option in these cautious times.

Now, if you’ve clicked on this article, it’s because you’re curious about troll fishing specifically. Maybe you know all about it and want to get to the rods; perhaps this is your first time hearing of it—and you’re intrigued by the concept. For those not in the know, trolling (as opposed to trawling) is when you pull multiple lines along the water to catch fish. This tactic is notably useful for catching fish like mackerel and salmon.

Whether you’re a seasoned troller or looking to start, you’ll need the right rods for the job. Thankfully for you, we’ve assembled some of the best rods out there into this handy buyer’s guide. We list some of the best rods, explain why they’re the best, and tell you what to look for in general when it comes to trolling rods. Come on, dive in, and see which rod is best for you!

7 Best Trolling Rods on the Market

1) Fiblink Heavy Trolling Rod

Here’s a popular choice! The Fiblink Heavy Trolling Rod is a hit among fishers, and it’s not hard to see why. This rod can handle ocean waters and reel in some huge catches!

Fiblink Heavy Trolling Rod

You shouldn’t think the Heavy Trolling Rod is rigid, either. Fiblink applied science to make sure this gadget is both forceful and tractable. What materials go into something like that? Carbon fibre, aluminium, and EVA—among other things.

There are five models of the Fiblink Heavy Trolling Rod. The shortest one is five and a half feet; the longest is 7 feet. The Model 601 comes in three different line weights, with the strongest allowing weights up to 120 lbs! These things are substantial, but with the largest model weighing only 36.08 ounces, they’re not unwieldy in the slightest.

  • There’s a wide array of lengths and line weights
  • It’s ideal for boat fishing on the open sea
  • Considering the available sizes, these rods are relatively light
  • Assembly might prove difficult for inexperienced customers

2) Sougayilang Surf Glass Portable Travel Trolling Rods

Want a rugged trolling fishing rod? Try Sougayilang’s Surf Glass Portable Travel Trolling Rods. Fishers love this model for its strength—and for being pleasantly light (and affordable) at the same time. Sougayilang designed this offering for agility; materials like glass fibre ensure the rod lives up to its promise.

Sougayilang Surf Glass Portable Travel Trolling Rods

This dynamic product is available in four sizes: 1.5 m, 1.8 m, 2.1 m, and 2.4 m. It’s available in four different colourways, too: red, yellow, white, and blue/green. Not only are the Surf Glass Portable Travel Trolling Rods highly functional, but they’re stylish, too!

  • Robust construction is the name of the game
  • The rods are lithe and agile
  • A wide range of sizes for all sorts of fishing trips is available
  • The product is reasonably priced
  • It’s got a lovely aesthetic
  • More experienced fishers are prone to find these rods a bit basic

3) Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod

A bit different from other rods on our list, this is a very popular choice by many fisherman. The Bent Butt Fishing Rod, also from Fiblink, is a troller’s dream. If you want something with a robust spine, won’t corrode in saltwater, and is still easy to handle, look no further.

Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod

Like the Fiblink Heavy Trolling Rod, this set comes in an assortment of sizes, ranging from five to seven feet. Unlike their sibling rods, though, the Bent Butt Fishing Rods are all “extra heavy” in terms of force. Each model’s line weight is 80 to 120 lbs, and the heaviest model weighs a fair 56.4 ounces.

  • They’re the strongest rods on this list
  • It’s suitable for various types of water
  • Hauling in giant fish won’t be a problem here
  • You’re able to handle it on the water without a hassle
  • Some customers report difficulty aligning reels

4) Daiwa Big Game Travel Trolling Rod

How do you feel about titanium oxide? If you’re a fan, then try the Daiwa Big Game Travel Trolling Rod on for size. The fantastic metal oxide makes sure your rods can handle salty, oceanic waters. It’s also got ceramic parts and EVA, making it a strong trolling fishing rod.

Daiwa Big Game Travel Trolling Rod

Not only is the rod strong, but it’s compact, too. Though it stretches out to five and a half feet, it stores at 27.16 inches. The whole thing weighs a little over half a kilogram, which you’ll find to be perfectly reasonable for a rod this dependable.

  • Daiwa built this rod for resiliency
  • You’ll have an easy time storing it
  • The range is admirable
  • Assembly is a snap
  • Made for fish weighing 20 to 30 lbs, which may be on the weaker side for some outings

5) Fisher Scientific Billfisher ST2050 Trolling Rod

Are you looking to troll in rough weather? Consider the Fisher Scientific Billfisher ST2050 Trolling Rod. Made of aluminium, graphite, e-glass, and more, Fisher built this trolling rod for durability. It extends out to five and a half feet and weighs about 431 grams, which you’ll find to be a very amenable size for your trolling expeditions.

Fisher Scientific Billfisher ST2050 Trolling Rod

Another notable feature of the Fisher Scientific Billfisher ST2050 Trolling Rod is that it’s suited to all adults, regardless of sex or gender. In a market where finding versatile trolling fishing rods isn’t always easy, this explicitly inclusive rod is a real standout.

  • The rod’s design is one of durability
  • It’s of a convenient size and weight
  • It’s got a sleek black look
  • The manufacturer made it inherently suitable for any adult user
  • You can only catch fish weighing up to 50 lbs with this rod, making it disadvantageous for larger fish

6) FLADEN Celtic Boat Rod

If you only need a short reach with your rod, consider the FLADEN Celtic Boat Rod. Users love the way it fits conveniently inside smaller boats, like kayaks. Moreover, you can pull in fish weighing between 20 and 30 lbs with this one’s line. Made of graphite and foam, it’s a little light rod for your trolling needs.

FLADEN Celtic Boat Rod

The FLADEN Celtic Boat Rod lists itself as a “men’s” rod; however, customers say it’s great for women, too. In that respect, it’s quite adaptable. As another plus, it’s easily the least expensive piece of equipment on this list. As long as you aren’t planning on catching anything huge, why not try this trolling rod?

  • Lightweight materials make for a light rod
  • Storage is a snap
  • It’s great for small boats
  • Any adult can use it
  • It’s inexpensive
  • You won’t be bringing in any substantially-sized fish with this rod

7) B’n’M Three-Piece Pro Staff Trolling Rod

The B’n’M Three-Piece Pro Staff Trolling Rod is a lightweight trolling fishing rod made of fibreglass and graphite. It extends out to six feet, but it can collapse to fourteen or sixteen inches, depending on the model you choose. Meanwhile, the inserts and the reel seat are made of stainless steel to keep everything looking and working well.

B'n'M Three-Piece Pro Staff Trolling Rod

This trolling rod is excellent for your typical fishing trip. While you won’t be pulling in any giant squid with it, the B’n’M Three-Piece Pro Staff Trolling Rod will have you reeling in some brag-worthy specimens.

  • The manufacturer uses strong materials for this product
  • Storage is easy with the rod’s compact size
  • The extended range is terrific
  • It’s lightweight
  • Two different storage lengths are available
  • It’s not the best for catching heavier or more powerful fish

What to Look For When Choosing A Trolling Rod

We’ve given you a fair number of trolling rods to consider here. Ultimately, though, you’re the one who’s going to choose which one is best for you—and that can be tricky. To make the decision a little bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind when buying trolling rods.

Line Weight

What kinds of fish are you looking to catch? That’s an important consideration. You’ll need a rod whose line can support the weight of your prospective prize. To wit: if you’re looking to catch an enormous sturgeon, don’t go out with a 20 lb line. Alternately, if you’re going out for salmon, you might want to skip the extra-strong lines in favour of a line less rugged (but still durable).

If you’re not sure what kind of fish you’re looking to catch, it couldn’t hurt to get a rod with a mid-range line weight. Most of the Fiblink Heavy Trolling Rods fall into this category. Give them a try.

The Build of The Rod

Different rods come with different components. On this list, that distinction is most evident between Fiblink’s Heavy Trolling Rods and Bent Butt Fishing Rods. One has a bent butt; the other does not. Is that accessory vital to you? Can you do without it? It’s something for which to account.

Of course, the bent butt vs. straight butt dilemma is only one of the many questions of accessories you’ll have to go over. Again, what kinds of fish are you looking to get? That’s going to influence which type of rod you’ll want. Bigger fish are best caught with long poles with roller guides, for instance. How much room have you got to carry and store the rod? Someone with minimal storage space will want a rod that collapses small, like the fourteen-inch B’n’M Three-Piece Pro Staff Trolling Rod.

Your Experience in Trolling

You might be surprised at how much your level of experience in troll fishing will impact the kind of rod you’ll want. Certain materials, for instance, are better suited to beginners than they are to experienced fishers. Case in point: rods with graphite line counters are more beginner-friendly than their aluminium-based counterparts.

This part is where it’s beneficial to read customer reviews before you buy anything. Product listings won’t always say which level of fisher a trolling rod is for, but customers will often voice their opinions. If you find the reviews indicate that a given rod may be out of your depth, steer clear of it.

Conversely, if the reviews suggest it’s right up your alley, go for it! Some beginner-level rods on this list include the FLADEN Celtic Boat Rod and the Sougayilang Surf Glass Portable Travel Trolling Rods.

The Cost

This point might seem like an obvious one to consider, but it’s easy to get caught up in the other details and neglect the cost of a rod. If you’ve got all the money in the world, then, by all means, go ahead and get the most expensive model on the market. (In this case, that’s going to be either the B’n’M Three-Piece Pro Staff Trolling Rod or the Fisher Scientific Billfisher ST2050.)

If you’re looking to save money, though, there are more affordable options. (Think, for instance, of the FLADEN Celtic Boat Rod or the Sougayilang Surf Glass Portable Travel Trolling Rods.)

Remember that a high price isn’t necessarily the same as high quality. The Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod is not the most expensive rod, but its quality surpasses some higher-priced ones. Only go for the expensive stuff if you can afford it and think it’s worth the cost.


Troll fishing is a magnificent outdoor activity. That’s why you’ll want to get the best equipment possible for it. Choosing a trolling rod isn’t the simplest thing; that’s why we put together this list for you. We hope that it’s been helpful and that you can find the best rod for your fishing style and expertise.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is buy a rod and hit the beautiful sea!

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