Best Walkie Talkies – Choosing The Best Walkie Talkie For Your Next Outdoor Excursion

Do you remember that time from your childhood when walkie talkies were a thing? Do you remember rushing to another room so that you could communicate with your friends or siblings without having to come face to face with them? What a time it was! Back in those days, walkie talkies were merely a source of entertainment or advanced toys that kids used to have a little bit of fun or perhaps pull pranks on each other. However, today, walkie talkies have found widespread use (not that they weren’t incredibly useful before, too).

Walkie talkies are an essential tool for hikers and campers, who often spend days in remote areas, where there is little or no connectivity. Even in the era where we’re all digitally connected, there are still some areas where you won’t find mobile connectivity. That’s where walkie talkies come in handy. Walkie talkies are also commonly used by policemen and other professionals who’ve got to stay connected with their teams spread across a large area!

If you’re looking for the best walkie talkies, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post talks about some of the best walkie talkies that are available in the market today. Go through our list of best walkie talkies and pick the one that you think will best suit your needs.

Best Walkie Talkies

1) Motorola TLKR T92 H2o 2-Way Radio

If you’re an adventurous soul who often sets out on wild adventures, the Motorola TLKR T92 H2o is what you need to get. It isn’t on the top of our list of the best walkie talkies for nothing, after all. With the Motorola TLKR T92, you can stay connected to your group mates up to an impressive distance of 10km!

Motorola TLKR T92 H20 2-Way Radio

What makes this walkie talkie by Motorola one of the best two-way radios available today is its waterproof design. You can use it even under pouring rain without worrying about damaging it and losing contact with your mates. You’ve got nothing to worry about even if you drop your walkie talkie in the water. The Motorola TLKR T92 won’t drown but will keep floating face-up till you pull it out. And guess what? It can withstand periods of as long as 30 minutes of submersion without getting damaged. What’s more to it is that as soon as you drop it in water, an emergency light is activated that makes it possible to trace it.

When we say the Motorola 2-Way Radio is an ideal option for adventurers, we totally mean it. It has red LED lights to help in your night-time journey. With the Motorola TLKR T92 H2o, you don’t really have anything to bother while you’re out on an adventure.

It also has an emergency alert feature. With this feature, you can inform your group mates if you sense impending danger and feel the need to warn them. As soon as you hit the button, an emergency siren goes off.

If you’re concerned about the batteries running out midway, you need not worry. It can run for up to 16 hours on rechargeable batteries. If you’ve 3 spare AAA batteries, you’re sported for a good 23 hours!

  • Impressive coverage of 10km in open terrain
  • Waterproof
  • Can withstand 30 minutes of water submersion
  • Automatic light activation if dropped in water
  • Emergency alert
  • Night-time LED lights
  • Can run for up to 16 hours continuously
  • Digital display of battery level
  • VOX function enables you to communicate without having to hold down the button continuously
  • The coverage decreases if there are multiple obstacles around
  • It lacks voice suppression

2) BaoFeng UV-5R

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose tool to accompany you on your next adventure, the BaoFeng UV-5R might just be what you’re looking for. It’s a lot more than just a walkie talkie! Offering a coverage range of 14 to 15 km, it sure stands out among all other walkie talkies!

BaoFeng UV-5R

One of the first features that we find worth highlighting is the VOX feature, which enables you to communicate without engaging your hands. The BaoFeng UV-5R has an automatic keypad lock, so you don’t have to worry about changing the channel or resetting it accidentally while the radio is in your pocket or backpack.

What makes the BaoFeng UV-5R a multi-purpose tool is its NOAA Weather Channel connectivity. No matter where you are, you can always stay ahead of the weather by staying updated about the weather at any time through your radio. The FM receiver sets this advanced walkie talkie apart from other products in a similar price bracket. With your BaoFeng UV-5R, you can enjoy listening to the radio while you’re hiking or simply want to relax after you’ve set up your camp at night.

And that’s not all. It operates on the VHF/UHF commercial frequency ranges, and hence support narrowband transmission (splinter channels included), making the BaoFeng UV-5R one of the best multi-purpose, multi-functional devices in its category. With access to 128 channels and selectable frequencies, you can use your radio anywhere you want!

Additional features include a backlit LCD display along with a keyboard. A flashlight makes it possible for you to use it to navigate at night.

The BaoFeng UV-5R is equipped with all the features that make it an ideal choice for professional adventurers and tourists!

  • Multi-purpose radio device
  • VOX function makes hands free communication possible
  • Coverage range of 14 to 15km
  • Automatic keypad lock
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Operates on commercial VHF/UHF frequencies
  • FM receiver
  • NOAA Weather Channels
  • Flashlight
  • Build quality could have been better
  • Configuration can be quite complicated

3) Retevis RT24

Although the Retevis RT24 isn’t as advanced as other walkie talkies on this list, it offers excellent value for the money that it comes for. The most noticeable feature of the Retevis RT24 is its sturdy design. Made from alloy metal, it’s one of the most durable walkie talkies that you’ll find at this price point. You don’t have to worry about it breaking upon falling off from height because it’s made to withstand that kind of impact.

Retevis RT24

The large-sized push-to-talk button is another feature that you’ll like. Unlike other walkie talkies with small push-to-talk buttons, you don’t have to take your gloves off to communicate. This feature is a game-changer for the Retevis RT24.

Apart from the regular features, the RetevisRT24 comes with a low battery alert, so you won’t find it turned off when you pull it out of your bag. You’ll always know when it needs to be recharged. If your walkie talkie is running low on battery and recharging it then and there isn’t a possibility, you can switch to the power-saving mode.

In addition, its squelch level feature enables you to control and minimize the background noises to enjoy clearer sound and communication. The Retevis RT24 also comes with a busy channel lock that keeps you from transmitting additional signals for as long as you’re receiving a signal.

The Retevis RT24 comes with most of the features that you’ll find in high-end walkie talkies but at a much attractive price point. It’s equally suitable for amateurs and professionals. Thanks to its rugged design, the Retevis RT24 is perfect for tough adventures.

  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Large push-to-talk button
  • Low battery alert
  • Power saving mode
  • Squelch level feature
  • Busy channel lock
  • Clear sound
  • Affordable
  • Comes with headphones
  • Not fully waterproof

4) Binatone Latitude 100

For someone who’s looking for a simple and straightforward walkie talkie for their next camping outing, the Binatone Latitude 100 is probably one of the most feasible options, or should we rather say a convenient option.

Binatone Latitude 100

The Binatone Latitude 100 has a very ergonomic design that offers a comfortable and secure grip for the user. A firm grip is fairly important when it comes to outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and skiing. Apart from its comfortable design, it has a superb battery life. It can provide you with unhindered service for up to 70 hours! Now, that’s something!

The Binatone Latitude 100 features a volume control button, which is often absent in other walkie talkies. The backlit LCD makes it possible for you to read the display even in stark darkness. Moreover, the scan function offers you an option to scan through various frequencies.

It also has a low battery alert, so that you know when it’s time to charge this rechargeable walkie talkie. So, you don’t really have to worry about your walkie talkie dying out of low battery without you knowing!

If you’re looking for a walkie talkie that offers convenience, comfort, and the basic functionality of two-way radio, the Binatone Latitude 100 won’t disappoint you.

  • Simple yet attractive design
  • Great signal reception
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Volume adjusting option
  • Features a belt clip and a sling so that you don’t have to hold it all the time
  • It’s not waterproof
  • The features are simple and basic, making it a suitable option for occasional campers and hikers

5) Cobra AM1035 Walkie Talkie

Are you an avid camper, hiker, or are fond of the wilderness? If the answers to those questions are “yes,” you got to find a way to stay connected to your friends or group mates when the mobile phone loses its coverage. The Cobra AM1035 walkie talkie can be your ultimate wilderness partner.

Cobra AM1035 Walkie Talkie

The Cobra AM1035 offers an excellent coverage radius of 12km. Apart from a long-range, there’s a lot more that this walkie talkie offers. It’s a rugged piece that’ll suit professional adventurers the best. No matter what challenge the wild throws at you, the Cobra AM1035 has got your back. If you’re concerned about dropping your walkie talkie during an intense session of water sports, you need not worry. It stays afloat, so it’s hard to lose it in the water.

It features an eye-catching, orange-colored core so you won’t find any trouble spotting it. AM1035 has an IPx7 rating, which implies it’ll stay safe in the worst of the conditions. The hands-free and voice-activation function ensures that you stay connected with zero hassle. The Cobra AM1035 is equipped with vibrating alerts, so you won’t miss any messages.

What’s more to it is that it is compatible with literally all PMR444 two-way radios. In short, it’s packed with all you could ever wish for in a walkie talkie!

You can read our full review of the R version here.

  • Rugged design
  • 12km range
  • Ipx7 rating
  • Waterproof
  • Vibrating alerts
  • Compatible with all PMR446 two-way radio devices
  • Hands free and voice-activation enabled
  • Coverage is fairly lesser in urban areas with more obstacles around
  • Charging system could be designed better

6) Mitex General Xtreme

As the name indicates, the Mitex General Xtreme is meant for extreme use in extreme adventures, under extreme conditions.

Mitex General Xtreme

Mitex General Xtreme walkie talkie is one of the best walkie talkies for outdoor, tough adventures. It’s water and dust-resistant, making it suitable for conditions where your walkie talkie might be exposed to these weather elements.

What brings the Mitex General Xtreme to our list of the best walkie talkies is compact design and the outstanding technical specifications. With an outstanding coverage of 25km, the Mitex General Xtreme is sure to keep you connected with your mates over long distances. The IP66 rating ensures it doesn’t give way when exposed to water.

The powerful 5-Watt batteries give a battery backup of about 8 hours, so you can rest assured that it won’t give way during your daily excursion.

  • Compact design
  • Dust and vibration resistant
  • 25km coverage
  • IP66 rating
  • Powerful batteries
  • 10 times more powerful than the PMR446
  • Comes with a scan function
  • It doesn’t come with an LCD display

What To Look For When Choosing A Walkie Talkie

Choosing the best long-distance walkie talkie can be tough. With so many options available, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. To help you make the right choice, we’ve listed down a precise guide so that you know what you should look for when choosing a rechargeable walkie talkie.

Radio Standard

The first thing you should look for in a walkie talkie is the radio standard. There are many radio technologies available today, out of which PMR446 is the most common and also quite sufficient for most of the applications. Two-way radios with a good PMR have sub-channels that make connections a lot more secure and clear. Sub-channels also mean a greater number of channels. So, make sure you check which radio standard a walkie talkie features before buying one.


The range is, without a doubt, one of the most important features of a walkie talkie that you shouldn’t miss. Some walkie talkies offer a range of just a few kilometers (3 to 5), while others can offer coverage as far as 25km. The coverage also varies with the type of terrain it’s being used on. The more the obstacles, the lesser will be the final coverage. Depending on what your coverage needs are, the range will be one of the deciding factors for you.


You may not consider quality as your top priority, but you should keep in mind that a walkie talkie is exposed to tough conditions during outdoor activities. A cheap walkie talkie won’t last very long, resulting in your money going down the drain. Make sure that the walkie talkie you’re investing in is of reasonable quality, at least, if not the best.

Power Supply

You’ll come across different types of walkie talkies; some powered by normal batteries, others featuring rechargeable batteries. You should be careful when choosing a walkie talkie. Nickel-metal hydride batteries are outdated, so a better option is a walkie talkie that runs on a lithium-ion battery. Charging a lithium-ion battery takes quite long and are also riskier, but you need to weigh the risk versus benefit ratio before making the final decision.


Now, you know best what functions and features will best satisfy your requirements. Depending on what you’re looking for, you should check if the walkie talkie you’re opting for is waterproof, has a VOX function, channel scanning option, LCD display, torchlight, etc. The list of functions is long, but you may not need a walkie talkie that has all of them. Choose a walkie talkie that has the functions that you need!


Two-way radios are a super-useful tool when it comes to outdoor activities and adventures. Choosing the best long-distance walkie talkie can be challenging, but not so much if you know what you need in a walkie talkie. Our list of the best walkie talkie covers some of the best walkie talkies, both in terms of features and price, to help you choose what suits you best.