Best Webbing Yokes | Reviews & Buying Guide

Webbing yoke is used across various travels, from hiking to hunting and outdoor sports, but most prominently, military applications. The survival yoke, which fits over your shoulders, goes along with a belt, pack, and pouches for carrying items and is an essential part of your mobility.

When it comes to choosing the best webbing yokes, look for quality design as well as longevity. Some soldiers may operate in the yoke for up to 48 hours, emphasising the need for a comfortable and long-lasting design.

Here are the best-reviewed yokes and webbing you can buy. You will find that in most respects, the Kammo Tactical MTP Webbing Set ranked highest. However, there were a few runners-up that are hard to ignore.

6 Best Webbing Yokes of 2021

To find the top products, we compared the quality of design, customer reviews, and technology.

1) Kammo Tactical MTP Airborne Webbing Set

“Best Overall”

Made with cadets in mind, this webbing yoke set is made from 1000D nylon with an air mesh tactical yoke and waterproof material. The belt is fully adjustable, and there is a cushioned hip pad for comfort.

Kammo Tactical MTP Airborne Webbing Set (3 POUCH)
  • Cadet Branch-approved design
  • Constructed from tough 1000D MTP waterproof nylon with a airmesh...
  • Two double ammunition pouches capable of carrying six magazines...
  • Integrated cushioned hip pad
  • Fully adjustable waist belt

This Kammo set has many modern additions made for cadets on a mission, such as drainage eyelets and the yokes which are naturally cooling because of the mesh material. What’s nice about this particular webbing is that it’s lightweight and comfortable, as well as efficient. The cushioned hips, in particular, protect the skin from chafing or even repeated rubbing.

However, efficiency is not compromised, and the quick-release buckles keep the webbing very easy to take off and provide easy access to magazine pouches. You have your choice of three or four pouches, each one lined and with 30mm quick-release buckles and internal drawstrings. The design makes sure that even though the system is lightweight, it stays practically immovable.

  • Quick-release buckle for easy removal
  • 3-4 pouches that can carry 5.56 mm NATO magazines
  • Double ammunition pouches that can hold six magazines
  • One size fits all, which may not fit everybody

2) Marauder Special Forces Webbing Set

“Best for All Terrain”

Built for special forces operations, the Marauder Special Forces webbing is made for Special  Forces, or fieldcraft missions, which require stealth travel, strategic movements, and all day or night travelling. That means the webbing is waterproof and can hold up in practically any terrain or weather circumstances.

The webbing is easily adjustable and foam-padded for comfort, while the tactical yoke offers balanced weight distribution with mesh lining and Molle (Modular Lightweight) straps. The 1000d MTP fabric is Multi-Terrain, and pouches use the Airflow spacer fabric for breathability.

The double ammo pouches connect with Velcro and remain very spacious. You get three bottle pouches, two smaller pouches, and loops for a knife.

  • Quality webbing and stands up in all weather and terrain
  • Larger ammo pouches can also be rolled into smaller pouches
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Some complaints about noise and also slightly too big of a yoke for some people

3) MTP Airbourne Army Tactical Yoke

“Affordable Option”

Ammo and Company’s MTP Airbourne Webbing has a tactical style design, meaning it’s durable, well-padded, and excellent for comfort even in various missions. The model comes with four large ammo pouches and three smaller utility pouches so you have plenty of storage space. The value is a highlight, too.

The material is made from 600D high-performance coated polyester, which is resistant to fading, and protects against mildew, even in rougher weather and terrain. The webbing is PLCE quality, double-layered and long-lasting. This is ACF (Army Cadet Force) approved webbing and high quality, despite its low price.

  • Affordable
  • Quality material and waterproof
  • Adjustable belt for users taller or bulkier than average
  • Some complaints of over-padding

4) 1157store KitPimp Para Webbing Set

“Most Versatile”

1157’s KitPimp Para MTP set offers quality webbing, a snug fit, as well as a variety of nice accessories. The quick-release is handled by a Cobra-style belt buckle, which provides the unit with above-average durability when compared to plastic alternatives. The belt order, as well as hip padded pouches (padded with foam), keep things comfortable and stable even during a trek.

1157store KitPimp Para MTP Airborne Webbing Set - With Yoke...
  • Extremely comfortable and stable belt order which features a very...
  • Pouches stitched onto the foam-padded hip pad for stability.
  • 2 x Double Ammo Pouch with Velcro and press stud closure
  • 3 x Utility Pouch and features an FFD pouch and a multi-tool...
  • Features quick release Cobra style buckle which is more durable...

Pouches are Velcro and press stud closure, with two double ammo large size and three smaller sizes. The FFD style pouches are big enough for multi-tools and even have loops for a bayonet scabbard.

  • Comfortable and stable thanks to a higher quality belt buckle
  • Foam padded hip bad, providing running/trekking stability.
  • Loops for a knife
  • Some complaints of lacking enough pouches or insufficient Molle loops

5) Army US Military British Combat Full Webbing System

“Highest Quality Material”

Zip Zap Zoom’s Combat Webbing Belt System combines the best of both US and British military designs, starting with true 1000 Denier quality material. The webbing is water-resistant and “Multicam”, which is the United States Special Operations forces’ chosen pattern, allowing cadets to trek and stealth travel while concealed and crossing various terrains.

Army US Military British Combat Full Webbing Belt Set System...
  • Full Webbing Set - Genuine BTP Multi Camo (British Terrain Camo)
  • Fully Integrated Cargo System - Fully Adjustable - One Size Fits...
  • 4 x Molle Utility Pouches + Medic / Admin Pouch - All Fastenings...
  • SA80 Bayonet Frog + 2 x M4 Double Ammo Pouches With Velcro &...
  • Includes Water Bottle Carabiner Clip Holder - Ideal For Travel Or...

The material also comes with a Crye Precision designation, a very high-quality make based exclusively on soldier complaints and suggestions. The durability matches the comfort level. The US/British distinction refers to the webbing’s usability with both Multicam (US) and British MTP materials. The camouflage pattern makes it easier to stealth move.

The one-size-fits-all system is fully adjustable and padded with Airbourne yoke, which is wider at the shoulders for comfort. The Molle belt is more versatile than a standard belt, while the four utility pouches and two M4 double ammo pouches let you take along a host of items.

  • All fastenings are quick release and quick fastening
  • Comes with a water bottle clip holder
  • Bayonet “frog” style pouch
  • Possibly too heavy a design for some missions

6) Flyye Force Recon Vest with Pouch Set

“Best for Younger Cadets in Training”

The Flyye Force Recon Vest with Pouch is made to military specifications and has some of the best modern design features. For example, Molle webbing, an adjustable system for size, quick release, a double ammo M4/M16 pouch, grenade pouch, medical pouch, radio, and even EVA foam soft armour plates.

Flyye Force Recon Vest with Pouch Set ver. Mar MultiCam size...
  • MOLLE webbing. Adjustable size. Quick release system. Made to...
  • Double pistol mag pouch. Double M4/M16 mag pouch. 2x single...
  • Admin pouch. Smoke grenade pouch. Medical pouch. Utility pouch....
  • Front and rear EVA foam Soft Armour plates included. Duraflex...
  • Material: CRYE Precision Original MultiCam 1000D Cordura Nylon....

The material is CRYE Precision Multicam and 1000D Cordura, which is military capacity. The waterproof nylon makes it all-terrain and three times the industry standard, and the modular vest design offers superior load-carrying potential. The vest is Maritime or CIRAS-style, with a central panel and two flaps with hook and hoop panels.

While the wear is designed for paintball and war simulations, the material is top-notch. You can expect this vest set to withstand the same forces as military wear.

  • Waterproof and the material can survive up to almost 900 degrees!
  • Highest quality material, even among its competitors with 600D
  • Designed for maximum pouches and ammo capacity
  • Better for training an actual mission

Choosing the Right Webbing

Before making your first purchase, make sure you understand the most important factors in survival yoke.

What Makes Quality Webbing and Survival Yoke

While there is such a thing as high-quality material (like 1000D or 600D), and it’s great to be durable and protected by elements, not all designs are equally ranked. Some yokes work better than others, depending on the mission.

Senior military personnel explain that different roles call for a change in webbing. The worst-case scenario is that gear falls apart, or perhaps, just becomes uncomfortable for your specific mission. The mission determines the gear. According to one military blogger, some crucial pouch items include:

  • Double ammo
  • Water bottle
  • Utilities
  • Water bladder
  • Multi-tools
  • Lighter
  • Map
  • Camouflage cream
  • Duck tape
  • Compass
  • Glow sticks
  • Torch

The consensus is that you don’t need to fill your pouches with items. All you need is what the mission requires, otherwise, you weigh yourself down. Comfortable material is relative to how many items you decide to carry.

For preparation, load your survival yoke and walk up some hills to see if it’s too heavy, or if it chafes against your skin.

What Goes Wrong with Webbing Yoke

Besides fall apart, which is only a concern if you buy generic and cheap, the most common complaint is the clips chafing and rubbing the skin. No wonder many products (including ones we’ve reviewed) have foam padded pouches.

However, foam is not everything. It’s usually a matter of deciding what items should be put where. If items are not positioned properly you end up fighting against your kit too, rather than focusing on your mission goals.

The modern design is the “yoke”, which connects the belt and the pouches and stabilises it across the wearer’s shoulders. The design ensures that weight is balanced and that pouches remain still and are not moving towards the hips, which might make them an obstacle.

How to Choose the Right Yoke System

When buying your first tactical yoke and webbing, look for a product that offers good capacity and pouch storage, such as with Velcro. Choose a design that takes most of the weight off the shoulders and distributes it to the hips. Too much weight at the hips could weigh you down, so distribution is important.

If you need to reload, can you easily reload from a prone position – which is lying flat chest down and back up?

Can the yoke be worn under or over armour? There may be circumstances that require one or the other, so a yoke system should be versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about choosing a model, read our FAQ on webbing.

What is the most common mistake made in choosing a yoke?

Overloading the pouches. Pouches were originally developed in the 1970s to address how bulky armour was to carry around. The armour was so heavy it would often cause problems in soldiers trying to manoeuvre around and reload from items in the beltline area.

While not overloading items is common sense, it’s also important to keep the rig of the outfit high. Carrying too much equipment throws off the weight distribution and can be distracting.

Some users complain that they want removable pouches but this causes the webbing to bounce and it’s frustrating to someone on the run. Sewn-on is the best option.

What role does the environment play in choosing survival yoke?

While most competitive tactical yoke systems are waterproof and all-terrain level, it’s still worth mentioning that temperature can play an essential role in the victory. Specific rigs and some webbings could make you feel hotter than usual, especially if they trap sweat next to your body.

Bulking pouches and webbings can also make travelling down holes and windows challenging, and in this case, lighter vests or rigs might be preferable.

Is it better to have a 4 point yoke or 6 point survival yoke?

Many soldiers agree that a 6-point yoke is easier to carry than a 4-point yoke. That advice might seem confusing since less is usually more. However, many argue that six-point yokes distribute the weight more evenly, hold the pouch items easier, and give you more roof for adjusting and reloading.


Our research found that the Kammo Tactical MTP Webbing Set was the most impressive all around. It not only fit comfortably, but it also felt versatile and easy to carry, even when packed full. The price was standard, not too high, and many other reviewers agreed with our assessment, offering a stellar reputation for the Kammo brand.

In closing, it’s a long-standing military lesson that the “vital pyramid” strategy of survival is A: Mindset, B: Tactics, C: Skills, and D: Kit.

While the bottom of the pyramid is most important, your kit (and webbing) is still a deciding factor in completing the mission comfortably and safely. Your mind and body are protected by your webbing, armour, and gear. You are only as effective as you are mobile and versatile in the way you can react. Consider buying multiple yokes and rigs as you take on more missions and try to compare which kits are best for the job at hand.

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