eSynic Walkie Talkies Review | Is It Worth It?

Esynic Walkie Talkie

The Esynic Walkie Talkies two-radios under our review are powerful to use when phone signals are not as they should be. They can be used in a field or a remote area instead of a cell phone. Esynic two-way radio, walkie talkies are made with the latest technology. Yet, they have retained a very user-friendly model. There’s nothing complicated about it at all.  What you have to do is be on one of the same 16 channels available, push the button, and begin communication.

Features of eSynic Walkie Talkies

Not only does this come with English voice props, but it’s also made with Chinese props as well. You can program these benefits and others through a powerful PC software that connects to the walkie talkies.

You can choose from the single or dual frequency with 16 channels of communication that are CTCSS/DCCS functioning as well.

In each walkie-talkie, you will notice there is a built-in LED torch and it also includes a low battery alarm to make sure you’re not caught off guard and the device stops working at crucial times. Additionally, there are power-saving functions to help the battery last longer.

The VOX function is extremely handy. In the case that you can’t or don’t want to hold the walkie-talkie you can turn on the VOX function which allows you to use the walkie-talkie hands-free.

The Esynic two-way radio has amazing long-range contact that can extend up to 3km in range.

The powerful and unique encoding and decoding of CTCSS/CDCSS are programmed within to help avoid listening to the same channel on a call that is not relative to what you need.

The full manual operation is one that allows for the bright LED flashlight to be in operation. In the worst-case scenario if you find yourself lost, especially, in the dark you are able to reveal your location so that you can get help.

With this particular model, there are two ways to charge the Esynic Walkie Talkies. Even the charging mechanism has been designed for a user-friendly experience. The first way to charge is to charge the whole radio itself or the battery. There are signals built in to let you know when the walkie-talkies are still charging that is by the way of the red light, and the green light shows when the charge has been completed.

The Accessories

To add to this amazing walkie-talkie set there are some complimentary accessories that come with it.

  • 2x Powerful portable radios and two times ear-pieces.
  • 2x  lithium-ion battery packs accompanied by two stable antennas.
  • Two USB cable chargers for convenient charging.
  • Two self-explanatory user manuals, two belt clips into slings.

These accessories help to enhance and amplify the already professional and extremely convenient Esynic two-way radio, walkie talkies.

User experience

The overall user experience is incredibly positive. The owners have not only used this set of walkie talkies out in the wilderness or while camping, but they have also used them at work on building sites and construction areas.


A common positive comment is on the range itself with how sustainable and reliable it is. Some have even reported that it is also quite convenient for elderly people with limited mobility.

It is also reported that parents give these to their children to communicate with them while on excursions or doing something like playing golf. To keep in touch with exactly where they are on the parameters.

You can also check a quick overview guide by Dhoo Productions:


It has been reported that this walkie-talkie model has been great for birthday and Christmas gifts. The one thing to be mindful of is that if these are given as gifts to kids, battery monitoring is important. Users have revealed that it can be easy for the battery to run flat. The battery system is not one where you replace the battery, but it has to be put on its charger until the light on the walkie-talkie turns green.

One thing to note is that the batteries are ion lithium and they do not take a long time to charge. With that being said, messages can still come through and you can hear anything that needs to be heard, no matter what channel you have it programmed to that moment.


Users have also commented on the fact that this particular model can be used with other walkie talkies but at the same brand. This makes it great for going on trips with other people and though they do not have the same model, the same brand of Esynic Walkie Talkie is compatible. You just have to correctly program the channels to make sure everyone is on the same frequency.

Customer Service

Additionally, users tend to applaud the customer service department. A great customer service department often confirms that the product is good in it itself. Records show that any issue with the product or the delivery was swiftly dealt with in a way that was pleasing to customers.

All in all, owners absolutely love the value that they get for the money. This walkie-talkie set has been made at a high level, with great materials, and with the latest technology available. Yet, it will not break the bank.

Pros and Cons

Now that we are familiar with the features, let’s check out pros and cons of the eSynic Walkie Talkies.

  • Ease of use for any person at any age.
  • Connections sustain up to 2 mi apart.
  • Great to use while cycling or hiking with a friend.
  • It is easy and compact to carry around.
  • Great value for the price.
  • You can easily work on work sites like construction and farming.
  • The battery is lithium-ion and charges quickly.
  • The batteries are inter-chargeable. So, there is no need to have extra batteries on hand.
  • Some customers do report mis-advertisement on distance reach.
  • People have complained about wanting a higher range.
  • Sometimes the manufacturer forgets to include instructions.
  • The battery easily wears out.


Our rating: 4.5 / 5

So, to recap, this is a great buy for anyone who desires a high-quality walkie-talkie, at a price that will not cause regret. It’s user friendly enough for your older children, or an elderly person to use.

The ability to use the walkie-talkies up to two miles makes this a great option for work sites having to do with construction or farming.

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