George Foreman Medium Grey Steel Grill 25041 Reviewed

The George Foreman 25041 medium grey steel grill is a compact grill with a classy look. It is a more durable grill and can cook a maximum of five portions. The upper steel lid is grey and is not only well-designed but also powerful in performance. Give your kitchen an exotic look with this product. It has a simple design making it super easy to use. It has a clip-in drip tray and adjustable rear foot that provide support while cooking. Also, it has a fixed temperature setting and non-removable grill plates.

George Foreman Medium Grey Steel Grill 25041

If you are out of space in your kitchen, the George foreman 25041 can be stored vertically, even the drip tray with cord storage. It is fitted with non-stick plates, removable grills, and a try making it easier to clean. If you are still unsure whether this is a great grill for your household, this review is developed to provide you with the reliable information necessary to make the right decision. It covers the product’s features, pros, and cons.

Our rating: 4.8 / 5

What Are the Features of George Foreman 25041?

Here is a list of the main features the 25041 offers.


Adjustable rear foot: This feature allows the user to cook with this grill while flat or angled. This further allows you to cook a variety of meals. You can enjoy everything ranging from nutritious meals to all types of toasties.

Power and temperature indicators: This feature is essential as it helps the user know if the power is on or off while at the same time keeping tabs with temperature levels. If the power indicator goes off, it is an indication that there is an issue with the socket or electricity shortage. The temperature indicator will help you to regulate it to the desired level for effective cooking. It will also help you know when the grill is ready to use.

Color: It is gunmetal grey

Weight: It weighs about 3.18kgs

Small size: It measures 34.8×31.8×10.9 cm

Sloping design: This ensures that excess fat slides easily to the fat drip tray.

User manual: It comes with a user guide to help new users navigate easily to full operation.

It has non-stick plates: This George foreman 25041 new models make your clean work easier. It comes with non-stick plates that you can effortlessly wipe off after use. The manufacture knows best that the last thing you need is after a flavoursome feast is tedious cleaning.

Faster heating up non-stick plates: These plates heat up very fast, allowing the user to prepare their meal in a matter of minutes.

Removable fit drip tray: It is fitted with an improved perfect drip tray slides and clips in place. This allows the user to remove it after use and pour excess fat that might have been deposited after that grilling your yummy steak.

Removable grill plates: After use, you can easily remove the grills and wipe off or clear the dirt.

Store upright: With this grill, you can surely save space in your kitchen for other utensils. This is because it can be stored vertically while not in use. This includes even its drip tray and grills.

Cooking quantities: This grill is capable of cooking up to five portions at the same time.

Easy-grip handle: It has a handle that you can hold while moving it from one point to another.

Contemporary design: The George foreman 25041has a unique design that other models do not have. The strong grey stainless steel and sleek back, removable grills, non-stick grill plates, and removable fat drip tray make it all different. It is also a perfect size for cooking a family meal. With its ability to be stored vertically, it can easily be stored away in your cupboard.

Warranty: It comes with a two years warranty. This allows the user plenty of time to return the product if it develops a manufactures issue for replacement.

Do the above features of George foreman 25041 make it a better choice for cooking than other models? Let’s have a glance at what the users are saying.

Here you can check a good overview video by Mum Makes Daily:

What Do Users Say About George Foreman 25041?

After evaluating user’s feedback from several online stores like Amazon, where this product is available, the review section reviled that users are happy and satisfied with this new model. One of the things that users are excited about this grill is its ease of operation. You do not require technical know-how to operate it successfully. If you are planning on buying this product for the first time, I would recommend you go for it as with the help of a manual it will be very easy to use.

Its brilliant look is another thing that users are excited about this product. They are happy that this model does not produce excellent meals and has an exotic look making your kitchen look smart and classy. Another thing that tops why this model is more preferred to others is its ease of cleaning. It is fitted with non-stick plates, a grill, and a removable fat drip tray. Thus, after use, you can wipe off the dirt and fat deposits, and it will be ready for use next time. Its heating time is super faster. This allows you to prepare a meal faster than you would with other models. It is, therefore, a product that has been manufactured with the user’s interest at heart.

While cleaning is easy, if you are grilling meat and oil spills between the plates, cleaning might become tricky. There is a need for the manufacture to improve this for customers to continue enjoying this great product.

Pros And Cons Of George Foreman 25041

Now that we are armed with the knowledge from above, let’s check pros and cons.

  • Durable: It is made of non-stick grills and plates, increasing its lifespan.
  • Portable: This product can easily be moved from one point to another as it weighs about 3.81kgs.
  • Easy to clean: The compartments are made of non-stick material, and hence after use, you can easily wipe off the compartments with a serviette instead of using water and soap.
  • It gives your kitchen an exotic look: The upper lid is made of contemporary grey, giving it that magnificent appearance that most grills do not have.
  • Excellent size: With this grill, you can cook up to five portions at once.
  • Faster cooking: since the compartments heat up very fast, you can easily cook within a short period instead of using previous models of George foreman.
  • Saves storage space: This grill can be stored vertically, saving up the storage space for other kitchen appliances. Also, it is small in size as it measures 34.8 x 31.8 x 10.9 cm.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty and a one-year plus if you register the product online. Buy yours today and enjoy a return period of two years and an additional of one year by simply registering the product online to encourage others to buy.
  • Affordable: In all the online stores, this product is pocket-friendly compared to other grill models.
  • Equipped with red and green power and temperature light indicators to know when it is ready to use.
  • Easy to use: Who wants a complicated cooking device anyway? With this grill, you do not need online tutorials. Just connect to the power and wait for the light signal and place all up to five portions on the grills and wait. The user manual can also help where you are unsure of what to do.
  • It is not easy to clean if the oil drips between the two plates. It is essential to be careful when dealing with fatty foods if you do not want to get tired of cleaning.


Our rating: 4.8 / 5

Based on user reviews from numerous online stores like Amazon, this upgraded model of George foreman grill is worth every penny. With the ease of use and exotic look, you are assured of not only having a quality grill but also one that makes your kitchen look classy. Also, it is cost-friendly, saves storage space and fast cooking are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you start using this grill model. If you are looking for a medium-sized, inexpensive, and classy grill, George foreman 25041 has you covered.

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