Klarus XT2CR Reviewed | Is It Worth It?

Looking for an excellent outdoor waterproof Ultra bright torch Klarus XT2CR might be just what you need. It is a tactical torch with a maximum output of about 1600 lumens with an LED USB rechargeable flashlight. It’s capable of illuminating up to a distance of 240 meters.

Klarus XT2CR

Th XT2CR has a quality battery capacity indicator and temperature protection system, all of which are great settings for your outdoor adventures. In other words, it is suitable for hiking, camping, and search and rescue operations. The lenses are AR-coated and scratch resistance.

Are you still wondering what makes this product excellent for your outdoor activities? This review is designed to help you understand some of the great features, benefits, and what other users say about the product.

What Are the Distinctive Features Of Klarus XT2CR?

  • Battery capacity indicator: This feature allows the users to know the battery energy levels at all times.
  • Overcharging protection: With this feature, users are not worried about leaving their torch in the charger for an extended period than required as it will prevent it from overcharging. In other words, once your torch is fully charged, it will automatically stop further charge intake.
  • Temperature protection system function: The system monitors internal temperatures and adjusts output to regulate heat and protect LED flashlight.
  • Small in size:  It measures about 25 mm x 139 mm. This makes it easy for users to carry it around for their outdoor adventures.
  • Lightweight: It weighs about 88g, excluding battery.
  • All-weather torch: This product is waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor activities at all times. With this product, users are not afraid of malfunctioning during rainy seasons, and they can just go about their activities normally.
  • AR-coated lens: The lens is made from hardened material that is scratch-free. This increases the torch’s durability.
  • Reverse polarity protection: This feature is essential in preventing battery damage when a user makes a mistake and inserts the batteries incorrectly. As such, if you are not sure how to correctly fix your batteries, you can try as many ways as possible without fear of being damaged.
  • Two interfaces; the tactical settings and outdoor settings: The tactical setting has a one-touch turbo, side switch control and capable of performing all tasks. The outdoor setting is specifically designed for harsh conditions such as camping or search and rescue operations.
  • Aluminium alloy material: This torch is made from aerospace aluminium alloy construction and CNC precision machining of durable high quality.
  • Both fronts are rear-mounted springs: They assist in preventing shock or damage resulting from drops.
  • Durable battery: It has a single battery with an internal capacity of 18650mAh capable of lasting several days without recharging.
  • Micro-USB charging system: This feature helps the user charge the torch without the need for a socket. In other words, you can easily charge it from your car or pc.
  • Stainless steel pocket clip: This feature not only safely stores your torch but also prevent it from rusting.
  • Two-user interface: The torch has a two-tail switch, the primary switch, and the mode switch.

What Do Users Say About Klarus XT2CR?

It is without a doubt that Klarus XT2CR has excellent features that make it top-notch. It has an incredible belt clip that users are happy about. They can easily clip it on the side while not in use. The brightness is also a significant aspect that makes this product an excellent choice for users. It is incredibly bright on turbo.  It is capable of illuminating up to a maximum distance of 240 meters.

Here you can check a video on how to fares at night (by Light It Up):

The ease of turning the torch on is an attractive feature that users have found interesting. The tactical function is essential when camping on the beach or doing other outdoor activities. It builds quality well so that it cannot be scratched even after falling to the ground.

Its small size and lightweight make it even more attractive. Also, the aggressive deeper bezel is another essential feature that cannot go unnoticed. The light source is further away from the surface, which might contact the bezel; thus, it is not easily burnt.

Some users have observed that the flashlight fails to stand firmly on its tail cap, thus not possible to stand-up while on an evening/ night picnic. The pocket seems shallow; therefore, no enough Velcro for the flap to close. Also, there are instances where users have experienced a malfunction as the light could not turn on. Manufacturers should ensure all products sent to customers are functional, and in case of an issue, there is an immediate replacement.


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There is the question of whether the light output is 1600 lumens. The light color is also put into question as it somehow yellow and not natural white compared to other brands. Lastly, not all items in the product description are included during the delivery of the torch. The manufacturers need to observe such negative feedback and improve on them for maximum customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons

  • Portable: The flashlight is lightweight, making it easy to carry around during your outdoor activities. Imagine carrying about 88g; it may just feel like nothing.
  • Small in size: It measures about 25 mm x 139 mm. This makes it possible to be a single handheld tactical torch.
  • High-quality material: The torch is made from aluminium alloy material. These are durable and scratch-free materials. Users are not afraid of leaving it near the kids as it cannot break.
  • Bright light: It is capable of illuminating up to a maximum distance of 240 meters. The users can see any danger lurking in the darkness.
  • Five-year warranty: After purchase, it is possible to return it in case of a manufacturer’s fault.
  • Thirty days return period: The users have a chance of returning the product within 30days of purchase if it not what they expected or if it is not functioning.
  • Comes with a belt clip: It acts as a carrier. When not in use, users can clip it to the side of the belt.
  • Long-lasting battery: Users have ascertained that the battery can last for few days without charging.
  • Has a micro-USB charging system: The system allows the user to use a USB cable to charge. While not near a socket, one can easily charge using the cable from a car or a PC.
  • Does not overcharge: It has an overcharging protective feature that goes off, preventing it from continuously charging after being full.
  • Waterproof: If it gets rained on or drops in a bucket of water, your torch will remain functional.
  • Tailcap not being full: Users have expressed their concerns over this feature. This makes it impossible to button it properly.
  • The light is not 1600 lumen: Most have questioned whether this product description is correct based on various facts. Manufacturers should ensure this is taken care of properly.
  • It does not stand firmly on its tail-cap, and hence users cannot use it as a stand-up light during outdoor activities.


Our rating: 4.5 / 5

The Klarus XT2CR is one of the best flashlights. It is said to have a maximum output of 1600 lumen. It has a single lithium 18650 battery that ensures users have a reliable light source for a reasonable period. The flashlight has two user interfaces; the tactical and outdoor settings to meet the user’s outdoor activities such as hiking, rescue, and camping.

The most exciting thing about this flashlight is its non-stretchable high-quality material and ability to illuminate up to a distance of 240meters. Its design is also impressive. The bezel is useful for self-defence or when breaking glass.

Despite the entire shortcoming, users have ascertained that this brand is excellent.

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