Midland CT590 S Reviewed

Two-way radios like the Midland CT590 S come with a number of features that make them suitable for use in tough conditions. One such feature is the freedom and ability to function without relying on cellular networks. They only require you to be within the required radio range before using them. Additionally, unlike in mobile phones where you pay for the cellular network, using walkie-talkies is free. This means that you can connect with your friends for as long as you want.

Midland CT590 S

The manufacturers of Midland CT590 S describe it as one of the most reliable walkie-talkies for communication, even at long distances. This review covers some of its features, customer comments, and props and cons.


Some of the features listed for this device include:

  • A UHF and VHF tuner
  • Measurements of 12x5x3 centimetres
  • Weighs 196 g
  • 1 lithium-ion battery
  • The output power of 5W VHF/UHF
  • 128 storable channels
  • An FM radio receiver
  • An LCD screen and flashlight
  • A 1750 access tone
  • An external microphone sockets
  • A search function of 50 CTCSS and 208 CDS
  • Power save mode

The two-way radio operates on a frequency band of 144-146MHZ for VHF and 430-440 MHZ. According to Midland, this device is simple to use, especially for basic functions. If you have been looking for a less costly walkie-talkie with several functions and features, the Midland brand could be ideal for you.

Do the above features make this Midland two-way radio better compared to other devices? Here is a quick overview.

LCD Screen and Flashlight 

The Midland CT590 S promises simple navigation for anyone who has never used a radio station before. It has a triple-color lit screen that guides you on the frequency band. You can use it to select channels according to the frequency displayed. This feature also makes the radio suitable for use at any time of the day and in any condition. Most amazing is the flashlight that helps you navigate through different terrains at night.


The model comes with a 1500mAh lithium-ion battery that can last for up to 13 hours when fully charged. This is not good news if you need a device that can take you for long hours. However, you can take advantage of the battery economy feature to keep the radio on for a longer time.


The radio has a double-pin socket for a Kenwood audio accessory, a fast charger, and a longer antenna to support a greater wavelength. Since it is not packed with an audio device, you may incur an extra cost to acquire one for yourself.


The number of storable channels matters for any radio. A radio with more channels allows you more connection choices. This two-way radio has a better score on the feature since it allows you to store 128 channels.

Frequency and Range

On frequencies, the model has a better score since it operates on both UHF and VHF. UHF is suitable for indoor radios since it easily goes through hard obstacles like walls. On the other hand, VHF works efficiently for outdoor activities and is the most common. With a VHF of between 144 and 146MHz and a UHF of 430-440MHz, the Midland CT590 S can be one of the best radios for longer distances.

Does It Meet the User Expectations?

We logged into a number of online retailer websites to read some of the user feedback on the Midland CT590 S. According to the reviews section, many buyers were happy with the product’s standard. What won the hearts of many is the reliable broadcast and clarity of this radio. However, a number of users did not like the fact that it comes without an instruction booklet. We don’t know if this is true because, according to the manufacturer, the device should be packed with a user manual.

Pros and Cons

  • Efficient for both outdoor and indoor use
  • LCD and flashlight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Short battery life
  • Shorter wave range compared to other radios

Bottom Line

Our rating: 4.2 / 5

According to most verified owners, the Midland CT590 S radio is worth buying. With both UHF and VHF tuner, this device is ideal for your recreational activities and domestic use. You can also enjoy navigating through pathways using the 3-color LCD screen and flashlight. If you have been looking for a basic two-way radio for your next fishing trip, hill climb, or hike, you definitely have it here.

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