Midland XT60 Review | Is It Worth It?

Any serious survivalist will tell you that a pair of walkies is more valuable in the field than any flagship smartphone. Smartphones require cell towers to work, but walkie talkies, otherwise known as two-way radios, work even in areas without cell coverage. For any budding survivalist out there looking for a decent pair of radios, meet the Midland XT60.

Midland XT60

The Midland XT60 two-way radios come from Midland’s heritage of over 40 years of radio communication experience. The XT line of products is their high utility line, boasting unmatched performance in the duty line. These radios come with multiple features packed into a stylish and compact form factor that is not the norm in their class.

Features of the Midland XT60 Two-Way Radio

  • It comes in a Metallic Blue elegant and dynamic body
  • Supports up to 69 LPD channels with additional of 24 PMR446 channels
  • 83 DCS codes and 38 CTCSS tones in bot transmission and reception
  • The units have an effective communication range of up to ten kilometres based on the terrain
  • CAN Function
  • CALL button
  • Side Tone end-of-call silencer
  • VOX Function for hands-free communication with up to nine levels of sensitivity
  • Walkie talkies are Rechargeable via a micro-USB port
  • It comes with a two-pin plug to add a hands-free microphone headset
  • High or Low power choice for PMR446 channels
  • LCD Backlit display
  • There is a fast charger in the box, which can fully charge the device within 3 hours
  • Built-in battery power pack that extends battery life by up to 50 percent
  • Compact body weighing in at just 112 grams
  • A low battery indicator lets you know when you are running low on juice

Here you can check an overview video:

What is In the BOX?

  • Two transceivers with belt clips
  • One micro-USB to USB type A cable
  • 1x 220 Volt double fast desktop charger
  • 2x rechargeable battery packs 700mAh (type AAA)

What Do Users Say?

The Midland XT60 has generally received positive reviews from users. Users praised the walkie talkies for their excellent price to performance ratio. Another highlight of these units is the maximum range of ten kilometres. The two-way radios have the roger beep functionality, which was a key selling point for a user.

Users have acclaimed the devices to be better than their older units while performing even better than the competition. The ability to lock the keypad to prevent accidental presses was hailed by one user who works in construction. The ability to use the XT60s while charging via the USB cable was described as a gamechanger by one reviewer. One user claimed he could use the radios for a whole day before needing to top up the power. Some users said that the Midland XT60 offers freedom and accessibility.

However, some users complained that the units were not compatible with other makes of walkie-talkies as you cannot set privacy codes. Another user criticized the build quality terming it as a cheaply made item. Other users opined that the included accessories were unimpressive as they just fit the bare minimums to get you going.

Pros and Cons

  • Compact and stylish design
  • Massive 10-kilometer range
  • LCD Backlit Display that shows usage information including battery status, active features, and selected channel
  • Roger Beep functionality to signal the beginning of transmission or end of one to avoid cutting talkers off
  • Easy channel scanning
  • VOX Function with up to nine sensitivity levels
  • Fast Charging via Micro USB charge from Zero to 100 percent in 3 hours
  • Multiple accessories in the box, including a USB Cable, a double desktop charger, and belt clips
  • Uses regular AAA batteries (3.6 Volts for rechargeable batteries and 4.5 V for Alkaline batteries)
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • License-free, no call charges, no contract fees
  • Inclusion of a two-pin plug for the addition of a headset for real hands-free communication
  • The build quality is not premium
  • The Midland XT60 is not compatible with other makes of two-way radio as you cannot change the privacy codes
  • Battery life is shorter than competitor models
  • Fewer accessories packed with the devices on shipping compared to the competition
  • No official IP rating for waterproofing or dust proofing and thus may be unsuitable for wet conditions
  • The included manual is not very detailed


Our rating: 4.2 / 5

The Midland XT60 two-way radio brings a fresh perspective to the entry-level range of products. Their impressive 10-kilometer range, fast charging via micro-USB, VOX functionality, with up to 9 levels of sensitivity, for hands-free usage, makes it an ideal choice for any active duty professional and enthusiast alike. If you are looking for a pair of walkie talkies that work hassle-free, look no further than the Midland XT60.

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