Motorola T62 Review | Is It Worth It?

The Motorola T62 is remarkably like the “child’s version” the Motorola T42 Talkabout. The T62 is the adult version. It has a larger range, a USB charging port, and most importantly it is suitable for adult activities that may require the use of a walkie-talkie.

Motorola T62

When you venture out into the wilderness to go fishing, hunting, camping, mountain climbing, or any other recreational activity where you may need assistance from another member of your party having a Motorola T62 walkie-talkie on you is almost a necessity.

As most people known cell phones don’t work very well in areas that are surrounded by trees and in dense areas where a signal cannot be picked up, if you need help for any reason — if you used a cell phone you wouldn’t likely be able to get ahold of anyone. So, play it safe and invest in some Motorola T62 walkie-talkies and enjoy your outdoor recreational time with family and friends.

Motorola T62 Features

  • Dual power — rechargeable NiMH batteries (included) or you can use standard AA batteries just be sure to bring extra, so you don’t run out.
  • PMR446 radios
  • License-free — Doesn’t require a fee or permission to use.
  • Pairing — Quick and easy pairing of all walkie-talkies
  • Backlit Display, so you can see better in dark.
  • 16 channels — To choose from making it easier for everyone in your party to get on the same channel.
  • 121 privacy codes — This is a great feature for interference-free transmissions among your party members.
  • Dual power – Rechargeable NiMH batteries (included) or you can use standard AA batteries just be sure to bring extra, so you don’t run out.
  • USB charging — For quick easy charging.
  • Hands-free — You can attach your walkie talkie to your belt loop and use the headset it comes with an earpiece and microphone that way you have full use of your hands at all times especially if your busy reeling in a huge fish or hanging on to the side of the mountain you’re climbing.
  • Scan/Monitor — Helps you find a channel that is compatible with your Motorola Talkabout T62 radio.
  • Up to 4-mile range — A four-mile range is a decent to good range depending on where you are transmitting from. If you are in a dense area, you may not get the entire four-mile range you may only get 3 miles. When it comes to ranges you and your party members need to discuss what an ideal range is and stay within the range for everyone’s safety.

The one thing everyone must remember when spending time in the woods is that every tree looks the same. It is extremely easy to get lost/separated from your party. If you find that you are out of range, find a tree, take a seat, and wait for someone to reach you on the walkie talkie whether by voice communication or an alert tone.

If you don’t stay put you could be walking in the wrong direction and end up four miles out of range, and it gets chilly at night and the wildlife comes out for dinner — don’t put yourself in that situation. You bought walkie-talkies, so you would be safe so don’t add fuel to an already blazing fire — drop, sit, and wait!

The Motorola T62 comes in a two-pack of blue. Two packs of red and a three-pack of white. Seeing how the packs come in the same colors, stickers are included, so each user can identify their walkie-talkie.

Ease of Use

One of the best features of the Motorola Talkabout 62 is how easy it is to use. This version is modelled after the child’s version the T42, and they kept some of the same features such as the large buttons, which made it more durable, the buttons on this model are also marked with their specific purpose.

The walkie-talkies on and off button are right on the front of the radio, so you don’t have to search for it which is always a lot of fun to do in the dark. The button to change the frequency is also on the front, the volume buttons are on the side. These walkie-talkies set up is ideal for any user because it is very plain to see and use. On the side of Talkabout 62, you will find the transmitting button. It’s not ground-breaking, but it doesn’t hurt to have everything right there where you can see it, it makes operating it much easier in return making it user-friendly.

User-friendly Pairing

The Motorola T62 Just like the T42 model has an easy pairing button on the side for easy access. You can pair the walkie-talkies by pressing the button and holding it down on all the walkie-talkies at once, and they tune themselves and all pick up the same channel.

The manufacture does state there is a four-mile range however it is license-free and when you try to use it in town around your neighbourhood, you’re going to find that the range is not exactly four miles. It is close but the houses and buildings and other obstacles do take a bit of mileage away. However, that’s okay when you’re in town not so good when you’re in the woods.

Sufficient Range

However, the Talkabout 62, when tested, did have a good range, clear communications without interference or interruptions over shorter periods of space. Of course, when you’re using the walkie-talkies in an open area that doesn’t have very many trees or buildings, such as a lake, the beach, an open area at a campsite, or a field, you are more likely to get much closer to the two-mile range without any problems. Therefore, if you and a friend head to the lake for a day of fishing or you and your child go to the beach, the two-mile range is likely to work, as stated by the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to operate.
  • Plenty of charging options — USB port, rechargeable batteries, and the option to use throw-away batteries if necessary.
  • Durable
  • Belt clip with head seat
  • Easy enough for a child to operate as it is modelled after the Motorola Talkabout T42 which was created with a child in mind.
  • A four-mile range can be slightly difficult to get in densely wooded areas and in areas that have lots of buildings. However, it does come close to the stated four miles.
  • Only has 16 channels — The more channels the better especially when participating in outdoor recreational activities.
  • Could use more than 22 privacy codes.

In Conclusion

Our rating: 4.5 / 5

Users are happy with Motorola T62 for the most part. The radio is easy to operate, the buttons are larger than most standard adult walkie-talkies. They program easily and the keypad locks so the information you set in the walkie-talkie stays in it until you deactivate it and reprogram the settings.

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