Motorola TLKR T50 Review | Is It Worth It?

Motorola is a brand that has created a stable reputation for itself in the communication sector. The company has produced several mobile phones that have greatly enhanced how human beings communicate. Walkie-talkies have gained popularity over the years because of their ease of use and convenience.

Communication at your home is inevitable, especially when handling outdoor activities, such as setting the TV antennae, fixing a leaking pipe, family outings, and camping excursions. Sometimes, you may be required to undertake such activities at night, and a two-way radio would be an effective communication gadget during such times.

Motorola TLKR T50

There are many Walkie-talkies in today’s market, and getting one that suits your needs and preferences may be a daunting exercise. Motorola TLKR T50 is a two-way radio that requires no license to be used around your home. It is easy to use, even by children, ensuring that you can effectively get in touch with your family around your home. This review gets into details of this product’s features and its pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Our rating:  4.2 / 5

Features of Motorola TLKR T50

The gadget comes with outstanding features that set it apart from other devices of its kind in the market. The best of such features include:

  • The gadget measures 16.5 x 5.5 x 3 centimetres in length, width, and height, respectively, and weighs about 103 grams. Such a compact size implies that the radio is easy to carry around.
  • License-free Walkie-talkies: You are not required to sign any contracts or incur any extra charges to operate these gadgets. Additionally, you do not require any SIM cards or airtime recharge to communicate using these devices.
  • 6-kilometer range: This implies that you can comfortably communicate with someone who is 6km away from you. That is quite an impressive range to be covered by a Walkie-talkie. However, the Walkie-talkies operate better in an open space rather than among buildings or other structures.

Here you can check a video of the range test:

  • 5 ringtone options: Unlike the traditional two-way radios, with this pair, you have the freedom to select your favourite ringtone from the 5 inbuilt tones.
  • Room monitor function: If you are worried about leaving your child alone in the room, then this gadget takes your worry away. With its room monitor function, you can get notified when your child needs your attention, for instance, when they wake up.
  • 8 channels and 121 sub-channels: Such a large number of channels and sub-channels ensure you always find a free channel to communicate with your loved ones. Additionally, there are more than 900 different combinations to help keep your communications private and safe.
  • 16 hours battery life: This outstanding feature is important as it ensures your Walkie-talkies do not run out of juice within a short time. This is important when hiking, camping, picnicking, and other activities that keep you away from a power outlet.
  • LCD display: If you are out camping or handling an outdoor activity at your home during the night, you might be aware of the importance of an LCD display on your Walkie-talkie. If you are using the two-way radio in a dark or poorly lit place, an illuminated screen will help you see how much power is remaining on the batteries, select your ringtone, and scroll through the channels and sub-channels without too much hassle.
  • Squelch sound: This technology is responsible for eliminating unnecessary noise, especially when the radio is not receiving the desired transmitter.
  • VOX function: This feature enables you to speak to the other person without necessarily having to press a button constantly. That is one of the areas where Motorola has improved the tradition of Walkie talkies.
  • Motorola TLKR T50 comes with extra features, including keyboard tones, channel scan, keypad lock, channel monitoring, battery discharge indicator, and an automatic Time Out Timer (TOT).


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Pros and Cons

Like any other product in the market, this communication device, too, has its benefits and downsides. The choice you make depends on how much the unit satisfies your needs, tastes, and preferences. Such pros and cons are explained below to help you decide whether this is a gadget for you or not:

  • Small and lightweight: allows you to carry the radio around without feeling like a burden conveniently.
  • Easy to use: The buttons are well labeled, and the LCD makes it easy even for children to interact with the device.
  • The 8 channels and 121 sub-channels ensure you do not miss a frequency for easy communication with the person on the other end.
  • The impressive 16-hour battery life ensures the gadget does not run out of power easily, even when there is no power outlet close to you.
  • The package includes 2 NiMH batteries used to power the Walkie-talkie.
  • 5 selectable ringtones enable you to choose the tune you like. Unfortunately, there is no option to upload any tunes from your computer or download them into the Walkie-talkie’s memory.
  • The Walkie-talkie can double as a room monitor. You can set it up to keep an ear on your child if they are left alone in their room.
  • An illuminated LCD display for convenience use even during the night.
  • A wide 6km range of communication between you and the person on the other end.
  • You do not need any license or permits to use the gadget.
  • 2 belt clips are included in the package for easy transportation of the two-way radios.
  • The gadget is not waterproof, which makes it not ideal for use in wet weather and places.
  • The 4 alternative AAA batteries needed to power the Walkie-talkie are bought separately. This implies you have to incur more costs in case the rechargeable NiMH becomes obsolete.
  • A carry case and charging dock are not included in the package, too. You will be required to purchase them separately, which means incurring more costs.
  • Although the sound is clear, you have to get as close to the speaker as possible to get the message from the person on the other end.
  • The 6-kilometer communication range might be hard to achieve in places with buildings and other obstacles.
  • The chargers included are two-prong, which means you will need an adapter to charge the radios with a UK 3-pin charger.

In Conclusion

Our rating:  4.2 / 5

Times have changed, and so has the communication technology from one person to the other. Besides cellphones, the use of Walkie-talkies has also become rampant in the last few years. That is because they just require a frequency to communicate with the other person. There is no need for licenses and recharge cards, as is the case with normal mobile phones. Companies like Motorola have tapped into this market and developed some unique products.

Selecting the best two-way radio has become challenging for many people, considering many Walkie talkies available in today’s market. The above review is about Motorola TLKR T50, one of the best two-way radios available. It is advisable to go through its features, pros, and cons keenly to get a clear picture of how this device can help you. Nevertheless, its ease of use is the key point because it can be used even by your kids. This makes it ideal for family outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and picnicking.

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