Motorola TLKR T80 Review | Is It Worth It?

The Motorola TLKR T80 is the newest pair of walkie-talkies released in the TLKR two-way radio line. When buying a pair of walkie-talkies, the first thing you need to take into consideration is what you will be using them for, where they will be used, do you need specific features, what range would be the most appropriate? Do you need a hands-free set of radios? There are a lot of questions to ask yourself before you make your final decision and purchase the radios.

Motorola TLKR T80

The Motorola t80 is ideal for outside recreational activities or extreme activities. This set of walkie-talkies are extremely durable for demanding environments. This is the walkie-talkie you want to take with you for snowboarding, skiing, jet-skiing, sailing- camping, hunting, fishing in the backcountry. This walkie-talkie is often the choice for people who work outdoors like forest/park rangers, lifeguards, any occupation that you would possibly encounter a dangerous or life-threatening situation. This is not the walkie-talkie you would want to spend the money to play with your children, take on a flat terrain hike, or go biking.

The TLKR T80 Extreme is to be taken on an outing or an activity where there may be an element of danger. Danger doesn’t imply you may be attacked by a bear. It simply means if there is the slightest possibility you may need help even for a twisted ankle that prevents you from walking when separated from your party. Of course, you should never rule out a bear or any dangerous situation. It should always be n the back of your mind. It keeps you vigilant while you’re having fun. Anyone who undertakes an adventure knows you can’t just assume anything. That’s when trouble can come knocking! Priority number always remains safe — if that weren’t the case, you wouldn’t need a walkie-talkie.

Our rating: 4.5 / 5

Features of the Motorola TLKR T80 Walkie Talkie

Here is a list of the main features the TLKR T80 offers.

  • PMR446 radios
  • License-free
  • Range up to10km (6.2 miles) may vary due to terrain and other conditions.
  • No subscriptions and Free Calls
  • 16 Channels (doesn’t seem like a lot of channels, but certain channels are better than other ones)
  • 121 privacy codes (standard)
  • Bright yellow (Easy to spot if dropped or misplaced.)
  • Durable
  • Hands-free
  • Carrying case
  • Scan/Monitor
  • LED torch (comes in handy at night)
  • Ten call tones (Each member of your party up to ten can have a different call tone, so they know who is possible in need of help.)
  • Group calling
  • VOX (hands-free)
  • Auto Squelch (great for when you don’t have time to be interrupted — this is an excellent safety feature.)
  • Bandwidth: 12.5khz
  • 500mW Transmit.
  • Room Monitor
  • LCD display with a backlight (great for seeing in the dark.)
  • Auto power off (nice battery saver option)
  • Splashproof IPx2 (Waterproof is especially important for water sports and if you drop it in the lake while reeling in your big catch of the day.)
  • Headset connector (for hands-free use)
  • Stopwatch
  • Keypad lock (Don’t lose your setting, lock the keypad)
  • Headset connector
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries — comes with the package)
  • Battery level indicator. (Never run out of battery)
  • Belt clip and a carrying loop
  • Weight: 140g (excluding batteries)
  • Dimensions: 5.7 × 17.1 x 4cm

You can also check a great overview video by HandRadio:

Walkie- Talkie Alerts

  • 10 Call Tones
  • Vibrate alert (great for hunting)
  • Talk Confirmation Tone/Roger Beeps
  • Keypad tones

Set up Your Walkie-Talkie

The TLKR T80 is quick and easy to set up and start using. The instructions are in small print but very straightforward and to the point.

Ease of Use

Once you have your walkie-talkies set up, they are extremely easy to use. Choosing a channel is easy, group channel is a little more complicated, but it’s not rocket science if you can read the tiny print directions. Codes and sub-codes are also easy to set up too. If this is your first set of walkie-talkies, it will take a little more time to get them set up and ready to go if you’re an advanced user, you will have them ready and be off in no time. Just makes sure they are working correctly before you set out, novice or advanced. It never hurts to try them first.


The Motorola TLKR T80 walkie-talkies have a range of 5km (6 miles) but remember, six miles in the city and six miles in a rural setting are entirely different. Because the radios have a 500 MW transmission capacity, you’re likely to only get up to three miles in the city because the buildings and trees, and other objects tend to block transmission at long ranges. In a rural environment, you should get up to five miles, and, in some cases, where there are clearings, you could get the actual six-mile range. However, you can’t depend on the six-mile range, so you should always assume it will be less.


The battery provides approximately eight hours of use with fourteen hours of charging to restore a full battery. It is always a good idea to purchase an extra set of batteries, so you always have one set that is fully charged and ready to be used.

Charging Equipment

  • Twin Charging Pod
  • AC Adaptor
  • Rechargeable NiMH pack

What’s in the Box?

  • 2 Radios (Walkie-Talkies)
  • 2 Belt Clips
  • The Main Adapters
  • 2 NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Charging Pod
  • Instruction Book

Pros and Cons

Now that we know what we are getting into, let’s check pros and cons.

  • Robust build
  • Long-range (up to six miles — closer to 3 in city and 5 in rural areas)
  • Excellent battery life (up to eight hours — charging time 14 hours)
  • Convenient carry case (belt loop and strap)
  • Bright color easy to spot.
  • Waterproof
  • Long charge time (14 hours for a full charge)
  • It doesn’t get a full six-mile range only 3 miles in the city and about 5 in rural areas
  • You need a magnifying glass to read instructions

What Do Users Say?

Generally speaking, users are pleased and at the very least satisfied with the Motorola tlkr t80 walkie-talkies. They have a lot of great features and are well worth the money. They are more challenging to lose with the bright yellow color and much easier to find when dropped.

The group calling feature is excellent, especially when you have more than a few people in your party, and you will be splitting off into small groups or going solos on your adventure. Vibrate alert is another excellent feature to have if it’s noisy, or you need to be quiet party members can still get ahold of you with any difficulty.

In Conclusion

Our rating: 4.5 / 5

Overall, the Motorola t80 is a good buy for the money. It has excellent features you don’t always find on other walkie-talkies. They are easy to use, hard to lose, and give you and everyone in your party peace of mind while you enjoy your adventures.

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