Motorola TLKR T92 Review | Should You Go For It?

Motorola tlkr t92 is a two-way waterproof radio. This feature has been tested by placing it under one-meter height water for about thirty minutes, and it was not affected. It is small-sized, measuring 17.8×3.8×6.2 centimeters. This makes it a perfect single handheld device. After purchase and programming, the user is ready to use it without getting in trouble with the law as it is license-free.

Motorola TLKR T92 H20 2-Way Radio

The radio offers the user eight PMR channels. In this way, the user gets a variety of options to choose from. When it comes to security, this device is top-notch; it is equipped with 121 security codes. This prevents the third party from accessing your private information without authorization.  When it comes to communication distance, this device is fantastic. Users can communicate over a maximum of 10km distance based on the area’s terrain. It is equipped with an emergency warning button; this product becomes the best suit for emergency cases.

Given numerous walkie-talkie two-way radios available in the market, it can be challenging to find the best suit for your needs. That’s why this review is done just for you. It provides an insight into this device necessary to make informed decisions. It will examine the features, user views, pros and cons, and lastly, give a precise conclusion. Want to know more about this radio? Continue reading to the end.

Features of Motorola Tlkr T92

Here is a list of the main features:

  • Small-sized: It measures 17.8 x 3.8 x 6.2cm. This feature enables users to hold the device with a single hand successfully.
  • Lightweight: It weighs about 500g. Thus, making it portable, and users can carry it around with a lot of ease.
  • Waterproof: Even if it gets rained on or gets wet in whichever way, it cannot be spoilt and will continue to operate. Therefore, it is an all-weather device.
  • In-built floating core: This feature allows Motorola t92 to float on water if it drops. Therefore, it is your best choice to plan things like kayaking or a general water adventure.
  • Belt clip: This allows the user to keep the radio while not in use safely.
  • Carrying case: Each Motorola t92 comes with a carrying case for safekeeping or moving around.
  • License-free: After successfully programming the channels, one can immediately start using them without any contract, airtime fees, or any form of bills.
  • Robust security features: The radio is equipped with about 121 security codes. This prevents an unauthorized party from accessing your personal information.
  • Long-distance range: Depending on the land’s terrains, users can communicate clearly while they are 10km apart.
  • Emergency warning button: If you run into trouble, you can quickly press the emergency button for quick assistance.
  • 8 PMR channels: The user has the privilege of selecting the channel they like for entertainment.
  • Four AA rechargeable batteries: The user can recharge the batteries whenever they run out of charge.
  • In-built flashlight: This device, you do not need to have an extra flashlight. When the darkness hits, remember you have a ready touch with you.
  • User guide manual: It comes with a single user guide manual that instructs the users on operating it.
  • It has two USB cables: This feature allows the user to charge it from other devices or cars.
  • VOX function: This function allows the user to talk directly to the walkie-talkie microphone without pressing the PPT button; then, the voice is automatically transmitted after being detected.

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What Do Users Say About Motorola Tlkr T92?

The radio looks excellent; it is robust and well built. If it falls into the water, it has an ant-sinking feature that keeps it afloat. The product comes with eight enabled channels, but following the user manual enables up to sixteen channels. Each channel has 121 security codes preventing unauthorized persons from accessing your personal information. Thus, the users get access to numerous channels to choose from.

The battery life span is satisfactory. It can go for 12 hours while in use and 24 hours on standby mode without recharging. It is impact resistance making a suitable choice in a household with kids. Despite having an instruction manual, some find it easy to operate and use without consulting the manual. The communication distance is also excellent, and users find it satisfactory. Also, the sound seems fine, and users have no problems with the microphones.

They are perfectly suitable for kayaking as users have ascertained their excellent performance while on water. Also, one can reduce the volume to zero, and therefore it is a real mute with a blocked speaker logo. It has no squelch tail. While most two-way radios have a system of reducing the skeleton tail to a minimum, in this case, nothing is left.


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When it comes to distance coverage, it is just as described in the product description. It covers about 1.5kms in dense urban areas, 8kms in an open field or the mountains, and about ten floors in a building under construction. It is, therefore, suitable for more than just adventure purposes. The scan mode is excellent compared to other walkie-talkies. The iVOX works perfectly, and users can use it as a baby monitor as Ait perfectly reliable. Lastly, the fact that this device is waterproof makes it suitable for all-weather, and users love it for that.

Despite the positive things about Motorola tlkr t92, users have also had negative experiences. As much as it is a great device, users feel it is a little bit overpriced. Despite being described as a 10km range radio, over water, it proves only a range of up to 2.5kms maximum or less, and the voice is somehow distorted. While other two-way walkie-talkies are equipped with two lithium batteries, this model lacks that. Also, the design is a big disappointment. It looks like a toy instead of a pro-model. More so, the device is non-programmable.

Pros and Cons

  • Portable: It weighs about 500g thus, making it easy to carry around. Besides, its small size increases its portability.
  • All-weather device: It is waterproof and makes it the best device for users. Whether it is raining or in the water, you do not have to worry about getting spoilt.
  • License-free: It does not require licensing to operate like most other two-way radios. Therefore, there is no contract, and the user has no airtime fees and bills.
  • Emergency warning battery: This is a great feature that allows the user to seek help in an emergency.
  • Suitable for both adventure and work: It is a multitasking device. It is ideal for camping, kayaking, and in a construction site or other noisy industries.
  • Comes with eight enabled channels, and by clicking a few buttons, you will get access to sixteen channels to choose from.
  • Single handheld device: Its small size makes it possible for users to single handheld it.
  • Durable: it can fall into the water and not get destroyed is one proof. Also, given that children can use it is a clear indication that it is impact resistance.
  • Two changing systems: The users can use a charger or a USB cable. This is a significant feature as users do not have to rely on socket availability.
  • Easy to use: It does not require programming. One can use it just the way it arrives, or by clicking a few buttons, you get access to additional channels.
  • The distance range is in question: Not in all situations can one enjoy the 15kms distance described; it depends on the terrain.
  • It lacks lithium batteries: Unlike other two-way radios, this one does not have lithium batteries.
  • Looks like a toy: One can mistake it for a children toy
  • Quite expensive given its offerings


Our rating: 4.6 / 5

In addition to being a waterproof device, it can float on water. Despite the distance range being in question, it is excellent because it is a free licensed radio. Despite having shortcomings, it is clear that the advantages and unique features make Motorola tlkr t92 the best alternative for both work and adventure.

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