Motorola XT180 Review | Should You Go For It?

An investment that an avid outdoors enthusiast should make is in the purchase of a new two-way walkie-talkie radio. These handheld devices can provide you with the ability to communicate directly with other people that are in your group. These walkie-talkies are ideal for a variety of activities including if you are camping, hiking, skiing or even going on a kayaking trip. They can also be fun to play around with when you are in the comfort of your own home.

Motorola XT180

As you are looking for a new two-way walkie-talkie, there are a lot of options to consider. One great option to consider is the Motorola XT180 walkie-talkie. This is walkie-talkie that is black with a yellow trip and offers a variety of features that consumers and users will enjoy. It is important to consider the features and pros and cons of any walkie-talkie when you are looking to purchase a new one.

What Features Does the Motorola XT180 Have to Offer?

As you are looking for a walkie-talkie, you may find that each option available to you has a variety of different features.

Lightweight Design

The Motorola XT180 has many features that can make it a good choice. One of the advantages of this walkie-talkie is that it is small enough to fit in a pocket and is lightweight. It only weights around 139 grams and is 14×5.2×5.2 centimetres in size. This can make it easy to carry around with you in your pocket or in your backpack when you are on the move.

Good Battery Life

The Motorola XT180 is also well known for having good battery life. The walkie-talkie takes four AAA batteries, which comes included in the initial package when you purchase the device. While it is always smart to bring extra batteries with you on any trip, you can expect that a fully charged Motorola XT180 will last for up to 16 hours when it is in use.

Variety of Radio Frequencies

Depending on where you are going to use the walkie-talkie, having a device that will provide you with plenty of additional channels is important. The Motorola XT180 can be set to eight different radio frequencies, which will allow you to choose a channel with the other person on the dial to ensure you have crisp communication. There are also a range of different settings that can be turned on to help reduce channel interference, which can help to improve the clarity of your conversation.


When you are going to invest in a walkie-talkie, you are bound to be using it in an environment in which you will be active. Due to this, it is important to have one that is durable and reliable. The Motorola XT180 continues to be a very durable walkie-talkie option. Not only is it built with quality parts, but it also is splash proof and can withstand some light water. However, it is not considered waterproof and should never be fully submerged underwater.

Here is a comparison video of XT180 and Floureon FC200 (by Bradley 0212):

Pros and Cons

As you are looking for a new walkie-talkie, you should consider all the pros and cons of each option that you have. The Motorola XT180 has a variety of advantages and disadvantages that will make it a good option for you:

  • The range of the Motorola XT180 is impressive and better than many other options in the same price range. The XT180 boasts a total range of up to 5 miles when there is clear terrain or open water. This can decline when you are in a heavily wooded area or there are other structures in your way.
  • When using any type of walkie-talkie, you will want the batteries to last. Even when you leave the devices running, you can expect that the batteries will last for up to 16 hours. They are also easily replaced with standard AAA batteries, which are not very heavy to carry around in a backpack.
  • The variety of radio frequencies will make it easy for you to find a channel that you and the other walkie-talkie holder can tune into. There are other features included in the Motorola device that can help to improve the clarity and differentiate your signal from others. This can also provide an improved level of security.
  • Most people that are going to use a walkie-talkie will end up using it for recreational purposes, which will include a lot of walking around. Due to this, finding a way to minimize the weight of your backpack is important. When you use the Motorola XT180 you will quickly find that the lightweight design is ideal. This device weighs only around 140 grams and has a small design, which makes it easy to store in your bag.
  • The Xt180 is also an ideal device to use when it is dark outside. While some walkie-talkies do not provide you with a lit screen, the XT180 has a bright screen that makes it easy to see when you are in any environment. This can make it easy to scan channels and select features when it is dark outside and you need to communicate.

While there are plenty of advantages that come with this device, there are some disadvantages as well that should be considered. Some of the disadvantages that consumers have reported include the following:

  • While the volume level is acceptable in most situations, those that are trying to use it around heavy machinery or in a loud situation may find it is hard to hear. This may not be an issue for the average user that will use it in a rather quiet environment.
  • While the device is splash resistant, it is not completely water resistant. If you intend to use the device in areas that get a lot of rain or when you are on a boat, you will need to use precaution. Too much water at once could cause the device to break. However, light rainstorms are not typically an issue for the device.

Overall Conclusion and Recommendation

Our rating: 4.6 / 5

When you are looking for a new walkie-talkie, finding one that is reliable and has a good battery life is very important. The Motorola XT180 walkie-talkie is a great option for someone that is looking for a device for recreational use. While there are other devices that have more features, the long range and battery life, strong and durable design and clear sound can make it a great option for most people.

Further, most consumers that have purchased this device have had a good overall experience due to the variety of features. It is recommended that you do purchase the XT180 when you are looking for a new walkie-talkie.

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