Olight Baton Pro Review | Is It Worth It?

Most people think a flashlight is just a flashlight. If the light illuminates from it when you turn it on, you’re all set. That’s not true. Not all flashlights are created equally. The Olight Baton Pro 2000 Lumens is a compact flashlight that has a rechargeable LED light. It has a single 3500mAh-18650 battery that is customized with a magnetic charging cable.

Olight Baton Pro

The flashlight is made from aluminium and anodized a semi-gloss black. At the end of the flashlight, there is s magnetic charging port. A safety test was performed with steel wool, and there were no problems. You will also find a strong magnet that holds the flashlight horizontally on a painted steel surface. There is also an area on the cap that has a hole for the lanyard. The flashlight’s body and cap are all one piece with an exceptionally smooth grip-ability that will not rip your pocket or hands when using or storing the flashlight.

Features and Specifications

  • Length – 4.25-inches by 108mm
  • Material – Alloy Aluminium
  • LED – High performing white LED light
  • Weight – 3.77 ounces including clip and battery
  • Waterproof
  • Luminous Flux – 2000
  • Operate mode – battery

Three Color Power Battery Level Indicators

  • Green Glow – Less than 70% battery left.
  • Orange Glow – 15% to 17% battery left.
  • Red Glow – Less than 15% battery left.

Balanced & Soft Beam

  • 18mm diameter with a TIR lens.
  • This Baton Pro generation flashlight is about 28% bigger than the older generations.
  • Offers improved light with a balanced and softer beam.
  • The Magnetic Tail Cap
  • The cap has a small, square milling texture for better gripping and a smooth feel.
  • Tail cover for magnetic charging cable.

LED/Beam Shot/Runtime

Olight doesn’t identify the LED light being used in this flashlight. They state it is not a cool white LED.

  • The light beam shot pattern has a hot center but a steadier spill than the S2R Baton II. The new optic lens seems to create some misrepresentation, mostly in the tint.
  • Official Output of the Olight Baton Pro
  • Turbo has 2000 Lumens with a gradual drop to 600 Lumens.
  • High has 600 Lumens.
  • Medium has 120 Lumens.
  • Low has 30 Lumens.
  • Moon has 5 Lumens.

The mode spacing is normal for the modes except for the turbo, ranging from 2000 to 600 Lumens.


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When using the turbo mode, the 2000 lumens only last about a minute before dropping down 60% to about 800 lumens—600 lumens, last about 15 minutes. Once you reach the high mode of 600, the flashlight will maintain that 600 lumens for approximately 150 minutes before it drops down once more to medium mode at 120 lumens for an additional 40 minutes. The total runtime for the Baton Pro flashlight is about 200 minutes, which is a good runtime for an emitter of 18650.

User Interface 

The Baton Pro has the usual Olight user interface. The UIs are easy to use from the off position to the on requires one click of the flashlight switch. To turn on the moonlight mode, press activates take a little longer to come on than the regular on/off switch. To change modes, press the button, and the flashlight will go through each mode, starting with the lowest when you get to the mode you want to stop pressing the button. If you wish to get to the turbo lumens, double click the button. This flashlight also has a memory mode for high, medium, and low.

For lockout mode, press the button to turn the flashlight for about one second. It will turn on in the moonlight mode then you can go through the cycles. To lock your flashlight, press the button for about one second. When in lockout mode, the red-light LED indicator will turn on. To exit lockout mode, press the button under the power button again for about one second. This flashlight has timers, a three-minute timer, and a nine-minute timer. The timers must be programmed. You can find the instructions in the user manual. Once the timers have been programmed, the flashlight will turn off when the selected amount of time has been reached.

Charging the Flashlight

The flashlight has an MCC II (Magnetic Charging Cable). To charge a completely empty battery takes just over four and a half hours. The max charge rate is 0.80A, which could be better. However, with a 3500mAh / 4.185volt, it is a safe and moderate charge rate.

Here you can check a great video review by TheOutdoorGearReview:

What Do Users Say? 

Overall, customers are happy with the Olight Baton Pro. It has a nice sturdy clip, the perfect size to fit your hand, lightweight, suitable to charge in the car or the house. This flashlight is great for indoor and outdoor activities. One user said it is of excellent quality with great light.

Pros and Cons

  • The modified grip and design are much nicer than the older version. The increase in the texture is noticeable but not too rough.
  • The user interface is basic and easy to use—no fumbling around in the dark looking for buttons or switches to turn the flashlight on.
  • The nice shot beam pattern doesn’t overthrow or pour bright light out. The light is subtle and useful.
  • Not knowing what the exact tint or LED is – is disappointing. It feels like they have left important information out. However, for manufacturing purposes, it gives them flexibility.
  • The moonlight mode is too bright. Five lumens are as bright as some flashlights.
  • A commercial battery is needed for the recharging to work. The flashlight comes with on, but it is always best to have a backup, and they are expensive.


Our rating: 4.7 / 5

Baton Pro flashlight continues to receive small updates each year. It also has some great features, such as the quick full battery charging time and the clip. It has a lot of light for such a small, lightweight flashlight. The five-year warranty is a nice plus. Overall, the Olight Baton Pro is a good product.

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