Olight Odin Tactical Flashlight Reviewed

We are living in some interesting days when survival preparation should be on all of our radar. For most of us having to live with that on our minds is a new thing. Where to begin can seem like an overwhelming task.

Olight Odin Tactical Flashlight

However, one of the best things that you could start out with would be the Olight Odin Tactical Flashlight 2000. You most definitely need a light source. If you have never known where to start in coming up with a survival kit, starting with your lighting system is a good place to begin. The great thing about tactical flashlights is that they do more than just illuminate, but you can also use them on weapons like firearms.


The Olight Odin is one of the top options in the Picatinny rail mounted industry. A significant, and powerful battery type which you have probably not even heard of the 5000mAh 21700 battery.

The powerful capabilities and tools embedded in this Odin light are pretty much matchless to any other in the industry.

There is a rotate to lock system that also hosts two mounting slots all on one rail that makes it easier to keep it in your preferred position.

Don’t let the look of its innovation intimidate you. It is quite easy to detach or attach the flashlight to quickly illuminate any area.

The double security is amazing as it is efficiently stable, but yet easy to use. The magnetic attachments make for a swifter use and efficient.

What Do Users Say?

Overall 84% of customers rate this particular flashlight as a five-star. One of the things that customers tend to rave about is magnetic charging. It works great with an easy remote to switch to full power or to turn it off. The magnetic attachment is one that customers tend to be impressed by.

On the flip side, one of the complaints is that the beam of the flashlight is not as tight as it could be. Now that could be totally subjective and based on preferences, and you would have to try it to know for yourself.

The main concern is, does the light shines as bright as the brand brags about? Absolutely! There are resounding rave reviews about how robust and bright the Odin light shines.

Well, it’s not just your average flashlight it is a tactical flashlight. Here are a few uses for tactical flashlights:

Send Out SOS Emergency Signals

So, you can scream, shout, wave your hands or clothing, that is not always effective especially during the night. However, having a dramatically bright light can be a thousand times more effective and easier for your location to be identified.

You can even either wave the light around to draw attention, or you can wave your hand and from in front of the light being which will create shadows and a sense of movement. This helps people know that human activity is not too far away.

The strategy here is to get yourself to a place where there’s a path or area where people can spot you more easily.

Start a Fire

You can use a tactical flashlight like Olight Odin to set a fire. The method might take some practice in a few YouTube videos, but the basis is that you can use a flashlight to magnify the Sun. After you have prepared your highly flammable items that are dry and ready to receive the sunlight that comes through the glass lens.

The second way to use an Odin light to start a fire should be only used as a last resort. What you do is break the glass lens and the bulb without breaking the filament that is inside. Please, keep the filament whole and unbroken. Then you will find some of the driest tinder that you can find and place it around the filament. When everything is good to go, turn on the flashlight and the tinder will start to catch fire.

Use For Self-defence

The thing about the Odin light is that it has an incredibly focused being that is narrower than the typical flashlight. This helps you to see or aim any more accurate way when it comes to self-defence. Whether you have this light attached to a weapon or whether you use laser-focused brightness, it can totally disorient your target giving you time to decide what your next move should be.

In the dark, having such focus bright lights can temporarily blind your target or attacker whether human or animal.

Pros and Cons

  • Powered by an excessively powerful battery
  • A high rated magnetic USB charging cable
  • Gives off a robust and bright light
  • Offers great beam focus for use on weapons or to Target in an attacker
  • The beam could be tighter
  • A bit expensive

What You’ll Get

One of the great things to be impressed by is the way that Olight Odin does its presentation. They present everything in a well-to-do attractive manner on all their products no exceptions. Once you begin to unwrap your flashlight you will remove shrink wrap and then in a sturdy box, you will find a magnetic closure. Once you open that you will see all the instructions needed. He will also take note that there are accessories that are pristinely wrapped and set in their own compartments.

What’s in the Box?

  • Olight Odin
  • 5000mAh 21700 battery
  • Allen wrench and screws, with the zip ties
  • Mcc3 charging adapter
  • Picatinny rail mount that is preinstalled and dual position
  • A magnetic remote switch with a rail mount
  • A manual

The Odin flashlight does come with a remote switch. Which magnetically connects to the tail and has a dented ring that helps to keep it securely in its rightful place. There are two silent pressure pads on the remotes. One of the buttons allows for momentary functionality and the other one is the basic off and on the switch. Which does come mounted on a rail adapter that is quite easy to remove and attach to a gun, or you can leave it as is.

Though it is one that is easy to use, it is recommended to play around with how it attaches to a weapon. And to also understand the dual position, the magnetic charging, and everything. When you bring a tool into your survival preparation kit is best to get familiar with all your tools ahead of time.

Is Olight Odin Tactical Flashlight Worth It?

Our rating: 4.7 / 5

If you are looking for a high-quality, stable, and secure tactical flashlight he will probably not find a better tactical flashlight. Honestly, what could be disliked about it is probably more based on personal preferences than how it’s actually made or anything faulty. It is strong, robust, bright, and can be used to protect you and your family.

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