Olight Seeker 2 Pro Reviewed | Is It Worth It?

One item that should never miss in any survival kit is a flashlight. Technology has brought flashlights inside every pocket in the form of mobile phone flashlights. Still, one might need something beefier when there is a need to illuminate more than the 40 to 60 lumens, beam more than the usual three feet, and have a stronger light than the paltry lighting provided by the phone’s flashlight. One could use a headlamp. Headlamps tend to shine the light in the wearer’s direction, and they tend to have smaller lamps and batteries. One would need a more robust yet compact solution.

Olight Seeker 2 Pro

That is where the Olight Seeker 2 Pro comes in.

The Olight Seeker 2 Pro is an upgrade to the older R50 Series flashlight. It is a side-switch, triple LED, powerful flashlight. It utilizes three super-bright LEDs, paired with a TIR optic lens, and has multiple brightness levels. An enormous rechargeable battery powers it. All this, packed inside a stylish, compact, premium body. Included in the box are various accessories to make it easier to use the flashlight. Wanna know more? Then keep reading or skip directly to the pros and cons.

What Are the Distinctive Features of the Olight Seeker 2 Pro?

In this section we will check the main features and specifications.

Features and Specs:
  • The Olight Seeker 2 Pro features a very innovative design, crafted from black aluminium alloy.
  • Visual indicators are straddling the large switch, four on the right to show the battery levels promptly, and four on the left to display the brightness levels, ensuring that the flashlight status is visible at all times.
  • The milled finger grooves, crafted from non-slip dermatoglyphic silicone, show that the designers were going for comfort and effortless use.
  • Dimensions are 12.8 x 3.5 x 2.8 cm, which shows how compact this flashlight is compared to others in its class.
  • The flashlight tops out at only 560 Grams.
  • To protect the lens is a sapphire blue PVD coated stainless steel bezel clamping ring.
  • There is a lanyard hole on the device so that one can be attached to secure the flashlight further
  • The Olight Seeker 2 Pro’s is IPx8 certified for water resistance for up to 2 meters and can withstand splashes and light rain.
  • Rated to survive drops from up to 2 meters.
  • Complies with the RoHS CE for consumer safety, environmental protection, and health.
  • Powered by a massive 3.6V, 21700 5000mAh battery.
  • The L-dock, included in the box, is used to dock the device while charging securely. The dock can be fixed next to a dedicated charging point using 3M tape (also included).
  • The 3.9-foot-long USB 1A charging cable attaches magnetically to the L-dock for optimum charging and is compatible with most USB power points, making it suitable for use at home, in the outdoors, or even while on duty.
  • Depending on the mode, the flashlight is rated to last up to 12 days of use on a single charge.
  • The Olight Seeker 2 Pro can output up to 3200 lumens. This is more than enough to cast the maximum 250-meter-long beam boasted by the unit.
  • Uses three high-quality LEDs rated between 5700-6500K Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT).
  • The brightness levels can be adjusted using the switch.
  • There are five modes of brightness, perfect for every lighting condition and most use cases. This can be changed using the switch.
    • Turbo mode (mode 1) outputs a maximum of 3200 lumens and can run for 150 minutes.
    • Mode 2 outputs 1200 lumens for up to 600 minutes.
    • Mode 3 outputs 300 lumens and can last up to 9 and a half hours.
    • The final mode 4 outputs 50 lumens for up to 50 hours. The final mode outputs 5 lumens and can last up to 12 days.

What Do Users Say?

The Olight Seeker 2 Pro has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from its users. Most users praise the design and peak brightness of the flashlight relative to its compact size.

They say that if Apple were to produce a flashlight, it would be the Olight Seeker 2 Pro. Users intimated that the flashlight was “bright as daylight,” with one comparing it to professional studio lights as he uses his unit for photography. The addition of multiple accessories inside the box was also why some users gave the flashlight good reviews. Some praised the easy-to-use magnetic charger cable and the addition of a belt case.

Here you can check a quick overview video by Flashlights UK:

Some users complained of a lack of a means to change the focus on the lens, and others complained of the unit tending to heat up during normal usage, especially when in high lumen mode. One user disliked that the included battery is custom and not easy to get a replacement if the one shipped in the box fails. Other users lamented the nonintuitive operation of the flashlight.

Overall, the unit has received positive reviews attributed to the design, brightness, and ease of use. Since the flashlight has multiple-beam modes, there are enough modes to suit every lighting need, and users will not miss the lens focus ring.

What’s In the Box?

  • The Olight Seeker 2 Pro flashlight
  • One customized 5000 mAh, 3.6V, 21700 rechargeable battery
  • One MCC1AL magnetic cable for charging the 21700 battery
  • One Cleaning Cloth
  • A user manual
  • One belt strap/carrying case
  • The L-Dock


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Pros and Cons

Now that we are familiar with the Seeker 2 Pro, let’s check out advantages and disadvantages.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Multiple accessories packed in the box
  • Inclusion of an L-Dock for mounting conveniently near a charging point
  • The included magnetic USB type 1A cable works with most power outlets and snaps on efficiently to the back of the unit
  • Multiple beam modes for every lighting situation
  • The controls are not intuitive, and the single button operation is cumbersome when changing lighting modes as you have to press it multiple times.
  • There is no way of focusing the lens on controlling the width of the beam
  • On the brightest modes, the unit tends to heat up and is hot to the touch
  • The battery depletes quickly when on the brightest setting

Is The Olight Seeker 2 Pro Worth It?

Our rating: 4.7 / 5

The Olight Seeker 2 Pro flashlight is a fun, feature-packed flashlight. It ticks all of the boxes for a flashlight in its class. The premium build and multiple accessories that come packed in the box make it a first-rate addition to any survival kit. The ease of use, compact size, and massive battery help cement the flashlight as the best in class.

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