Olight Warrior X Pro Review | Is It Worth It?

There are numerous flash-light brands in the market today to choose from. However, if you are looking for one that will give you bright lighting when the button is maximally pressed, consider Olight brands, specifically warrior X pro. Each year, Olight produces many flash-lights, warrior X pro being an upgrade of warrior X. While the previous model had 18650 battery type flash-light, the Warrior X pro uses 21700 Olight batteries.

Olight Warrior X Pro

More so, the packaging looks fantastic. It is something that has been designed and crafted to suit the consumers’ needs. As an improvement from the previous model, warrior X pro differs in providing the user with maximum performance and the beam distance as it is fitted with NW LED. It is fitted with a battery vibration indicator that warns the user of a low battery. Are you still not convinced that this model is the best in the market? Let’s examine what features make it great and what users’ have to say about this product.

Features of Olight Warrior X Pro

Warrior X Pro comes as a single unit of all tactical classics, including silicone tactical ring and vibration battery indicator making the user feel the sensation of complete robustness in the hands. The updated design has taken effect in two stages: the magnetic metal tail switch, which ensures easy operation while on cloves, and a tail standing providing momentary-on both modes.

The customized 5000mAh 21700 battery, enabling it to produce an incredible amount of 2100-lumen output in a distance of 500 meters allowing the user to see even in harsh conditions.

The materials used are heavy-duty, as it has a built-in thick IPX8 related aluminium alloy body. This makes it tough to endure a harsh 3-meter drop test.

Features and Specs:
  • Total length of 5.875 inches
  • Lightweight as it weighs around 8.43oz, inclusive of the battery
  • Customized 5000mAh 21700 battery
  • MCC3 charging cable capable of holding 2A current for 100% twice faster charging compared to Warrior X
  • Two brightness modes: 2100-lumens and 300 lumens
  • Beam light intensity of 62500cd
  • High-output neutral white LED
  • Battery lifespan of 8 hours on continuous usage
  • Includes an optional silicone tactical grip ring that ensures slip resistance even in cold or wet conditions
  • Simple and automatic tail cap switch
  • Smooth reflector (without hotspots optimized for a long reach)
  • Scratch and waterproof resistance
  • The head has diffusing fins that prevents overheating while running light on high mode for a long time
  • Suitable for law enforcement search and rescue team and tactical among other intensive usages where complicated switching hinders safety
  • Turbo that regulates the amount of light piercing through the darkness, ensuring it drops to 1000 lumens within 2 minutes to avoid being damaged by strong heat from the light
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Five-year warranty

Here you can check how it works in dark (video by DefenderOfFreedom).

Users’ View of Olight Warrior X Pro

Olight brand is the leading producer of flash-lights given their remarkable technology in the world. The users of Olight products have a lot of good things to say about Olight warrior X Pro. For one, they are excited the touch is made from heavy-duty material, sturdy and IPX8 alloy material, which make it durable and able to withstand all weathers. Compared to others, Olight warrior X Pro is the brightest they have come across this size.

The distance through which the light travels is remarkable. Most of all, everybody is happy concerning the quality of this product. They also love the fact that it gives a warning when the battery is running low through vibration. I believe you would not appreciate the touch going off while you are in the dark without warning. In general, this product bears all the features as advertised and as outlined above. It is suitable for walking during those dark and cold nights.

However, while everyone seems to love the brightness, it is disappointing that it goes off after 20 minutes and requires an immediate recharge. For such an excellent product, the manufacturer needs to address to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Despite this shortcoming, this product enjoys lots of positive feedback.

Pros and Cons

Now that we are armed with the knowledge from above, let’s check out pros and cons.

  • Pronounced intense lighting that allows the user to illuminate a larger area
  • Tactical mode: It is fitted with a removable tactical grip ring
  • Impact resistance on a 3-metre drop test as such you are not worried that the children will drop it and break off if it falls from your waist, it will break
  • Vibration feature giving the user the headlight that the battery is running out
  • Rust-resistant as it is made of aluminium alloy material, giving the user a prolonged life span without being damaged
  • Water-resistant, and therefore, users are not afraid of it being damaged if it falls into water or gets rained on while on the field
  • Firm handle grip: the handle texture ensures a strong slip-resistance grip under all weather conditions, and hence it is not easily lost
  • Portability: it is lightweight as it weighs about 240 grams with a battery in it, making it easy to carry around
  • Included flash charging cable that charges twice as faster as the previous model
  • It might feel a bit big since other models are a bit small in sizes
  • The battery runs out very fast given its high output of 2100-lumen: In this way, users feel it’s challenging to keep changing after every twenty minutes while in the field
  • Compared to other brands, it’s a bit more expansive than other models in the same category

Is Olight Warrior X Pro Worth Your Money?

Our rating: 4.7 / 5

Olight Warrior X Pro is an excellent flash-light in terms of various factors such as quality and brightness. You are assured of a clear vision through the dark for a distance not less than 550 metres. Most of the users have attested to this product being remarkable in all dimensions.

Despite being a bit expensive, the value is fully felt in this case. However, it is undeniable that there exist some shortcomings that manufacturers ought to consider to ensure customer satisfaction.

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