Retevis RT22 Mini Walkie Talkies Reviewed

Investing in a long-range two-way walkie talkie is a good option for anyone. When you have one of these, you will be able to communicate with someone on the other end through an open radio signal. These can be great options when you are camping, hiking, skiing or doing other outdoor activities where a cellular signal may not be reliable or you would like a quicker and more direct form of communication.

Retevis RT22 Mini Walkie Talkies

When you are looking for a walkie talkie, there are many options to consider. A great option is the Retevis RT22 Mini Two-Way Long Range Rechargeable and Portable Walkie Talkie.  This walkie-talkie offers a variety of features and benefits that can make it an ideal option for you and your situation.

What Does the Retevis RT22 Mini Walkie Talkie Have to Offer?

The Retevis RT22 Mini is a hand-held radio walkie-talkie that has a variety of features that can make it a great option for you. One of the advantages of it is the compact and lightweight design. With dimensions of only 13.5 x 5.5 x 2.1 in centimetres and a weight that is just over 110 grams, the walkie-talkie will not take up too much space in your bag and it is easy to even carry around in your pocket.


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The walkie-talkie also offers an encrypted service. There are 16 different channels that you can choose from, which the other person you are communicating with can choose as well. The encryption process can help to keep your conversation private. It also helps to filter out any interference and can help to ensure that you continue to have a clear conversation no matter where you are located.

The Retevis RT22 Mini is also easy to use because it does not come with too many challenging functions. Other modern walkie talkies today do have additional features, but many are challenging to use and can be inconsistent when you are far away from someone else. The functions available are easy to turn on and can include a hands-free mode, which is ideal in many situations.

Here you can check a cool video (by Jacob Explains) on how to program RT22 properly:

Pros and Cons

The Retevis RT22 Mini Walkie-Talkie has a variety of pros and cons that should be considered when you are looking to purchase one:

  • The lightweight nature of the product is ideal when you are going to be on the go. If you are skiing, hiking or camping, you may not have the space necessary to pack the device and the lightweight nature makes it easy to carry around for hours at a time.
  • Users of the Retevis RT22 Mini have also continued to experience a clear sound at long distances. The range can last for well over a mile, even when you are in woods and other areas with plenty of signal blockage in the immediate area.
  • The battery life of the device is also quite impressive. When on standby, it can be left on and last for up to three days. It is estimated that the continuous use of the battery life is around 12 hours.

There are many pros that can make the Retevis RT22 mini a great walkie-talkie option. Overall, the device is considered a great walkie-talkie option, but there are a couple items to consider when using it.

  • One challenge for some has been that it relies on lithium-ion batteries. While these can be recharged with a USB and be replaced when needed, they are not as abundantly available as AA and AAA batteries found in other devices. Due to this, you should ensure you have plenty of charged replacement batteries when taking an extended trip.

Overall Conclusion and Recommendation

Our rating: 4.5 / 5

When you are going to purchase a walkie-talkie, you will want to have one that is reliable and easy to use. The Retevis RT22 Mini will provide you with a great option. This is a lightweight but durable walkie-talkie that you can easily carry around with you. Further, there is good range that works well in any terrain and environment. To ensure that you are able to use the device as long as you want, you should bring replacement batteries or ensure you have the ability to charge it through the use of a USB.

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