Retevis RT388 Review | Should You Go For It?

Are you searching for the best walkie-talkie to gift your kid(s)? Retevis rt388 can be your best alternative. This radio is easy to use, making it suitable for young kids aged between 3 and 12. With this walkie-talkie, you cannot get bored. It is equipped with eight channels to choose from.  The PMR446 flashlight and excellent audio make the hide-and-seek game fun.

Retevis RT388

Besides, it is made of durable materials guarantying a long-life span as kids do not easily destroy it. Also, it is license-free, meaning you can legally use it without incurring any charges.  It is equipped with a VOX function allowing the kids to speak directly without pressing the PTT button.  For privacy purposes, it is equipped with privacy codes that ensure kids’ conversations remain private and block another stranger signals’ reception.

If you are still unsure what makes this radio suitable for children, read this review to the end. It has been prepared specifically to provide you with information about the product. It examines the features, pros, and cons, ensuring you make an informed decision before purchasing Retevis rt388.

Features of Retevis RT388

Here is a list of the main features these kids’ walkie talkies offer.

  • In-built flashlight: This feature makes the radio suitable for hide- and -seeks games.
  • VOX function: The children can speak directly to each other without pressing the PTT button as some walkie-talkie requires.
  • Eight channels: The kids have numerous alternatives to choose from
  • Durable material: As a kid toy, the manufacture has considered its possibility of getting spoilt quickly, and that’s why it is made of strong materials that are not easily spoilt.
  • Privacy codes: This feature ensures that the radio does not receive stranger signals while at the same time ensuring kids’ conversations remain private.
  • Equipped with a belt clip: The kids can clip their walkie-talkie at the waist or any other part of their body. This makes the radio not to be a burden while still maintaining communication with their playmates.
  • Key lock function: This feature ensures that the children do not interfere with the set channel while playing.
  • Ten call tones: Kids can change to whichever tone they like anytime. This makes the game more fun and interesting.
  • Small-sized: It measures 8cm x 6cm x 15 cm. Thus, the kids can hold it with a single hand without straining.
  • Lightweight: It weighs about 79g. This increases its portability, making it suitable for young children.

Here you can check a good overview video by CraigShipp:

Now that we are familiar with the features, let’s see what users found positive and what they found negative.

Pros and Cons

  • Portable: The Retevis RT388 talkies weigh about 79g. This makes it easy for kids to carry it around while playing.
  • Durable: It is made of durable materials. Thus, it cannot easily be destroyed while the children are playing.
  • It has a clear sound and excellent reception that allows kids to have fun with each other using this walkie-talkie.
  • License-free: This lowers any additional costs that users would incur while using other walkie-talkies.
  • Belt clip: It allows the kids to clip it as their belt or anywhere in their body as they play.
  • Privacy codes: This prevent the reception of stranger signals and keep kids’ communication private.
  • The key lock function: It prevents the kids from unintentionally changing the channels while playing.
  • The VOX function: This allows the kids to communicate with each other without having to press the PTT button.
  • Numerous walkie-talkies can be put on the same channel, and they will be compatible.
  • Easy to use for kids over three years old. It has very few buttons that are easy to learn and operate.
  • It has both one-way, and two-way communication function allows the users to communicate on the same channel and privacy code.
  • Headphones jack that allows kids to have a quieter chat at night.
  • Long lifespan of four AA batteries.
  • Long-range communication of up to 1km depending on the terrain.
  • Excellent device for fostering education among kids by improving their communication skills and fostering friendship among kids.
  • It does not come with batteries
  • Not suitable for kids under three years
  • Requires adult supervision while kids are using it
  • The instruction manual is a bit complicated, making it challenging to figure out how to operate the device.
  • The batteries tend to be sloppy in their slot and need to be opened all the time to fix the problem.


Our rating: 4.5 / 5

Retevis rt388 is the best present you can gift your children. It is not only a toy for kids but is education by harnessing effective communication skills at an early age. Its portability nature and ease of operations make this device a top-notch among other kids Walkie-talkie.

Aside from this affordable model, it can be used immediately after purchase as it does not require programming and is license-free. Aside from few shortcomings, this model is an excellent choice for your children.

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