Retevis RT45 Review | Should You Go For It?

The Retevis RT45 two-way radio is license-free, allowing users to operate without incurring extra charges throughout Europe. The LED flashlight allows you to illuminate in dark places thus, boosting its effectiveness. When it comes to power sustainability, you do not have to worry about a thing as it is rechargeable.

Retevis RT45

The Retevis rt45 talkie is easy to use as you can use it straight from the box after setting on the same frequency. It provides the user with a long-distance range. It has a VOX function that allows users to communicate without pressing the PTT button. Besides, it is compatible with other two-way talkie-talkies.

If you are searching for a quality short-range communication radio, retevis rt45 might be what you need. This review has been prepared to offer adequate information about the product. It specifically outlines the features, pros, and cons, ensuring you make an informed decision before buying it.

Features of Retevis RT45

Below is a list of the main features the RT45 offers.

  • Small-sized: It measures about 17.5cm x 5.5cmx 2.9cm making it a suitable single handheld walkie-talkie.
  • Lightweight:  it weighs about 242g thus, increasing its portability.
  • LED flashlight: Allows the user to operate even in a dark environment. With this radio, no need for an extra flashlight.
  • Excellent quality circuit components
  • Two-way radio: both a transmitter and a transceiver allow users to communicate and yet receive information.
  • Easy to use: It has few buttons, and the user manual is easy to follow.
  • VOX function: Users do not have to press the PTT button to communicate. After connecting with other channels, you can go ahead and speak to your colleagues.
  • License-free: Users can use it immediately after purchase without worrying about incurring an extra cost
  • Rechargeable 3 AA batteries: You do not have to worry about power running out as long as you are near a socket or a device like a laptop.
  • Features 16 channels: the radio comes with 16 channels that do not require programming to function.
  • Excellent communication range: The device provides the user with a reasonable distance of up to half a mile.
  • It is equipped with a scanner: It scans every channel that you select.
  • Dual-channel monitor: This feature enhances the clear reception of weak signals.
  • CTCSS&DCS that encrypts your calls to prevent interference from others.
  • Battery saving function: This extends the standby time of this walkie-talkie.
  • Comes with a USB charger: You can charge it using various USB charging interfaces. Both 2inch and 1inch cables can be used at the same time.
  • Non-removable antenna
  • Single user manual
  • Time-out timer (TOT): this function enables the device to end the call that takes more time than required.

You can check a quality overview video by HiTechKing here:

Pros and Cons

Now that we are armed with the knowledge from above, let’s check out pros and cons.

  • Portable: This device is easy to carry around as it weighs about 242g. Thus, kids find it easy to use it as a toy.
  • Small-sized: This makes it easy for the user to hold it with a single hand as it lacks a belt clip.
  • Excellent communication range: It offers a reasonable communication range of about half a mile. As a kid toy, it is just excellent for their activities.
  • Easy to use and operate compared to other walkie-talkies: You just need to tune to the same frequency, and you are connected immediately.
  • License-free: Yours are guaranteed direct use after purchase without incurring extra charges relating to airtime purchase and licensing. You can use it throughout Europe.
  • Sixteen channels: It offers numerous channels to choose from: It comes with eight channels but with few button clicks, you gain access to sixteen channels.
  • A monitor enhances its weaker signals.
  • While not in use, you can extend the battery’s lifespan by removing them.
  • The calls end to end encrypted, preventing interference from other transmissions.
  • It’s capable of connecting with other two-way radios. This allows kids to use different models while playing.
  • Comes with 6 AA rechargeable batteries.
  • Automatic squelch function that reduces background noise, and other stranger signals around that might interfere with your transmission.
  • Comes with a belt clip: Users can clip it to their belts or shirts while not in use.
  • It does not come with the BL45 battery
  • Not suitable for kids below three years
  • When in use, there is a need for direct supervision from an adult.
  • The time-out timer can terminate an important call without warning.

Is Retevis RT45 Worth It?

Our rating: 4.4 / 5

If you search for an easy-to-use and free licensed walkie-talkie, rt45 is an excellent choice for you. It comes with a whole lot of features and benefits. There are some undeniable advantages to this model that makes it an excellent choice.

While there are other advanced models, for its simplicity, this model requires no training before use. Are you planning on using them for a short distance? They are your best option.

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