Retevis RT622 Reviewed | Is It Worth It?

The Retevis RT622 walkie talkie is one of the better entry-level walkie-talkies out there. It’s a non-flashy, no-frills, get-the-job-done kind of radio and most people would agree it performs better and is more durable than most of the units in its price range. It features a slim design, and it doesn’t weigh much. The walkie-talkie can cover a range of about 1.2km in a city setup and as much as 2km in a village area.

Retevis RT622

If you run a small company, or you regularly do outdoor events that require communication, the Retevis RT622 would be perfect for you. By default, it is compatible with all the Retevis 16-channel walkie-talkies. One of the best-selling points about this unit is its pricing which is quite low. If you are on a budget and need walkie-talkies, don’t hesitate to pick up a few of these.

The RT622 hooks easily and reliably onto any piece of clothing or your backpack, and because it’s lightweight, you won’t even feel it.

Features of Retevis RT622

Here is a list of the main features. If you decide to go for this particular walkie talkie, make sure it offers everything you need.

  • Brand – Retevis
  • Model – PRM-RT622
  • Frequency range – 446MHz
  • Memory channel – 16
  • Output power – 0.5W
  • Battery capacity – 1000mAh
  • Charging time +/- 3.5 hours
  • Audio jack – 2 Pin K Plug Type
  • Programming cable – C9018A
  • Maximum Range – 2km, 1-20 floors in a multi-floor building
  • Squelch level – 0-9level
  • Dimensions – 5.32 x 2.16 x 0.84 inches
  • Weight – 126g
  • USB charging methods – power bank, PC USB ports, wall charging
  • Features an integrated antenna
  • Programming cable – C9018A/C9055A
  • Battery – Comes with 4 Lithium-ion batteries, with a working time of about 8-12 hours
  • High-quality, rugged belt clip

Here is a good video by Normal Reviews that explains the features quite well:

Pros and Cons

Now that we are armed with the knowledge from above, let’s check out pros and cons.

  • There is no risk of dealing with legal issues.
  • You do not need to get a license to use the walkie-talkie
  • You won’t have to pay any frequency usage fees.
  • If you are using it for personal purposes, it will not interfere with public-service transmissions.
  • Compact sized walkie-talkie with an ultra-light and ultra-thin design
  • Crisp, clear sound quality. You can easily hear what the other person is saying.
  • Features hands-free functionality so you can multitask. That also makes it easy to use for some hands-free activities like cycling.
  • The device is very easy to operate. You will find that the frequency setting process is a walk in the park and you can easily master it in under a minute.
  • You can use it for personal purposes or in a business setting. It meets the requirements of both.
  • The high hardness and thick PC plastic shell make it pressure and fall-resistant.
  • The squelch allows you to reduce and remove background noise, ensuring clear call quality.
  • You can encrypt your calls to stop interference from other users.
  • The Retevis RT622 package does not include earphones.
  • Comes without a programming cable, so you will have to buy it separately
  • Does not have an LED display
  • Range is limited


Our rating: 4.5 / 5

The RT622 is purpose-built for both personal and business use. If you are an outdoors person, and you are on a budget, you can confidently jump on this unit. It has a near-perfect balance of features, good pricing, and simplicity. The walkie-talkie is fairly easy to use and setup. It’s a plus that it’s compatible with a lot of the other Retevis walkie-talkies. The radio’s body is at home hooked onto your clothing or backpack, and the slim, lightweight design, together with the hands-free feature, makes it easy to handle.

Its four rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries provide a battery life of about 8-12 hours, which is quite long. When it comes to range, it varies depending on where you are. In a crowded city-type setting it offers about 1.2km and in an open and clear area it can reach about 2km of coverage.

The radio is quite durable so you will probably have it for a while and as is expected for radios in its price range, the Retevis RT622 doesn’t feature the extensive features. For instance, you won’t find an LED display on it and it doesn’t have exceptional range. However, these functionalities might be a little beyond the needs of the average user. Despite its seemingly limited functionality, this radio will give you bang for your buck and you are less likely going to have any usability issues with it.

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