Retevis RT649 Walkie Talkie Reviewed

Technology has advanced so much over the last few years. With the introduction of smartphones, communication has become easy and convenient. However, before the invention of these gadgets, the use of Walkie-talkies was rampant. Although smartphones and tablets are readily available, they may not be as convenient as Walkie-talkies because of some signal issues.

Retevis RT649 Walkie Talkie

Some years back, Walkie talkies were mainly used while camping by security people and police. Today, manufacturers have brought you a wide variety of Walkie-talkies you can safely use for different purposes around your home.

These gadgets have helped a lot, especially communicating with someone indoors when handling an outdoor activity, such as setting the TV antennae. Choosing the right Walkie-talkie for your needs may be overwhelming, thanks to the wide variety in the market. This brings us to the Retevis RT649 family Walkie talkie, one of the best of its kind. The following article will give you adequate details about what this gadget has to offer. Let’s dive in!

Features of Retevis RT649

This device comes packed with incredible and exciting features to ensure you get the best from a single unit. The following are some of the characteristics that make Retevis RT649 stand out from the rest;

  • An LED flashlight comes in handy when handling an outdoor activity at night, in a poorly-lit room, or when you require additional lighting.
  • LAMP button, which is conspicuous and easy to find.
  • 3 AA NiMH 1200mAh batteries for each Walkie talkie which are rechargeable and recyclable. They can run up to 12 hours continuously and up to 5 days on standby mode.
  • No license is required. You can use the Walkie-talkie anywhere freely without worrying about legality issues.  
  • 2 charging methods, which include desktop base charging and using a USB cable. The desktop base charging option can charge two gadgets at a go.
  • 20 ringtone options to help you select the preferable sound for your gadget. Reduce the surrounding noise effectively and get clear sound as you use the radio.
  • Class 5 Waterproof and class 6 dustproof. The gadget can be used in humid or dusty environments without any issues.
  • 725 grams in weight makes the product lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Long Distance – This radio can be used between 1 and 1.5 km in urban areas and between 1.5 and 3km in open regions. Those differences arise courtesy of the surrounding environment.
  • User-friendly keyboard to help you click any button swiftly with one touch.
  • The Dual-watch function allows the Walkie user to receive signals from two varying frequencies at a go.
  • Non-removable antenna for efficiency and proper signal reception

That summarizes the main features. I’d say that considering the price, the RT649 offers quite a lot.

You can also check an overview video by JMFilm Jörg Meixner here:

Pros and Cons

By now, you understand that everything available in the market comes with its bright and downsides. This Walkie-talkie is no exception. This part of the article will give you detailed reasons that make this product a worthy consideration. Additionally, we will provide you with a few things we think could have made Retevis RT649 a better product. All the following points have been compiled using online reviews from people who have used this device.

  • Easy-to-use. This gadget’s interface is user-friendly and simple. It only contains the required buttons that are quickly activated/ deactivated in a single click. The screen is also quite legible.
  • The necessary accessories are included in the package. Such include 6 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, 2 RT649 two-way radios, a user manual, a micro USB cable, a Desktop charger, and 2 belt clips.
  • Lightweight. You can carry this radio anywhere because it weighs just 725 grams. Additionally, you can carry it in a small bag, thanks to its compact size.
  • The batteries are rechargeable and recyclable, contributing to the gadget’s durability.
  • You can select your most favourite ringtone from a range of 20 ringtones.
  • Being waterproof means, you can use the radio conveniently under the rain or in a humid climate.
  • The scan button allows you to search and pause where there is a signal in one-click.
  • The radio can receive signals from two varying frequencies, thanks to its Dual-watch function.
  • 2 charging methods allow you to choose one that suits you better.
  • The fixed antenna can be a barrier when putting the radio in a bag.
  • Some clients have complained that the batteries are not long-lasting.
  • Some have also complained of the insensitivity of the VOX hands-free function. Although the radio is close to you, you have to speak loudly for the other person to get what you say.


Our rating: 4.4 / 5

From the above-detailed review, you can side with me that the Retevis RT649 is one of the best Walkie talkies in its category. It is affordable, and its ease of use makes it ideal even for children. The gadget is packed with excellent features, which contributes to more pros than cons. Apart from the few cons we found, this gadget is definitely worth your money.

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